Why 'Wrap' Your Car?

Why 'Wrap' Your Car?

For those who have done it or are considering it, what's the thinking behind 'wrapping' the car in another color? I guess I get it if it's an odd color, but some people have recently posted about wrapping satin white over a black paint. Why not get the pearl white car?

How much does a wrap cost?
How long does a wrap last?
What does the wrap do to paint/chrome/plastic it covers when removed?
How do you do it at all those areas like door jambs with lots little crinkly spaces?
Who does a wrap?
Why not repaint every few years instead?

Just curious, no agenda. I obviously am not a 'wrapper'!

Brian H | 2013年4月20日

Far cheaper than repaint, and can be removed. Google vinyl wrap.

Brian H | 2013年4月20日

Here are before and after pix from the following thread:

Before, black:

After, satin white:

Brian H | 2013年4月20日

Notice the nose cone and trim were done, too.

ian | 2013年4月21日

Trim was actually repainted gloss black.

Cattledog, as the owner of the above vehicle stated, he didn't realized what a pain it was to keep a black car looking clean. Which is odd considering his handle is "Porschedealer".

Also, matt colors are "in" and, as Brian stated, it's cheaper to wrap than it is to repaint.

I've owned black cars in the past and will never again. At least not until I can afford to have it detailed once a week (or more often). They do look awesome when clean!

Wait, you've got a blue one don't you? Doesn't it look dirty quickly? Dust just seems to show more on dark cars IMHO. Love that blue too though. So deep and rich.


ian | 2013年4月21日


Brian H | 2013年4月21日

There's also the repair factor. If the wrap shows scratches or marks, no biggie. It can be replaced entire or in part. Paint, not so much. At least not oven-baked multicoat "with a piano finish".

ian | 2013年4月21日

Found another one, *matte*.

Really wish I'd had the front of my current car wrapped with clear bra. It's taken quite a beating the last 9 years.

Brian H | 2013年4月21日

But French research has discovered a 7mm decline per year from their use.

Just sayin'.

Carefree | 2013年4月21日

As an aside, in Germany most of the Taxi cars are wrapped in that awful off-white color. This way it is easier to sell the car later on - just remove the wrap and you have the "original color back - like blue, black, red, etc. and it is more resilient to scratches and much cheaper to replace.

Cattledog | 2013年4月21日

Cool, good to know, doubt I'll ever do it but it does look cool. Good luck to 'wrappers'!

mtom007 | 2013年4月21日

how much does wrapping model-s cost?

.. and do you get the wrap in that signature red color? ;)

glenster | 2013年4月21日

Attn Goneskian

Cattledog, as the owner of the above vehicle stated, he didn't realized what a pain it was to keep a black car looking clean. Which is odd considering his handle is "Porschedealer".

I knew that someone would catch onto this...yes I have been selling cars for 21 years and have been telling people for at least 20 of those years that black looks the best as long as it is kept clean! I obviously did not take my own advise! I assumed that by having my porters clean the car 2x per week that I could live with the black car...I could not!

Once you go'll never go back! LOL

glenster | 2013年4月21日

P.S. The wrap cost about $3k depending on shops and attention to detail (extremely labor intensive) !

Robert22 | 2013年4月21日

I've found that wrapping the high impact areas on the front of the car, mirrors, and back bumper have been more than enough. I put 3M Autobond on a Mercedes S-class in 2001 and it still looks like it rolled off the showroom floor save a pebble mark or two on the upper hood, which was easily addressed with a dab of touch-up paint. Wrapping the whole car is like putting a screen protector on your iPad or iPhone- great if you're OC, but otherwise of little real utility.

ian | 2013年4月21日

@glenster - Sorry to point that out but the irony was just too delicious. ;-)

On the plus side, if you hadn't made that choice we might not get to see what a matte white wrap looks like! So a big thank you because it's pretty f'in awesome!

So I take it you don't sell Porsche's any longer? If you did I presume you'd be driving a 911 or perhaps a Panamera. ;-)


Dan@NWAS | 2013年4月25日

Hey Tesla enthusiasts, just wanted to share a photo of a wrapped Tesla Model S with you all that was recently completed by NorthWest Auto Salon in Lynnwood, Washington. To my knowledge, it is one of the first "satin clear" wrapped Teslas in existence! We utilized XPEL Stealth paint protection film, which is an extremely durable clear bra material with a flat, frosty, diffused finish.

The full coverage wrap will keep your paint in pristine condition, and it adds a new level of dimensionality to the factory color.

If you have any questions about vehicle wraps, the complexity of wrapping a Tesla, or anything car care related, shoot us an e-mail and we would be happy to assist.

eAdopter | 2013年4月25日

Please post prices for these xpel wraps:

front (all front panels,front fenders,front side of mirrors)
full hood
front bumper
rear bumper
doors, each one
rocker panels, both sides

Also, a price for each of the above with a similar, next-best material (3M?).


skulleyb | 2013年4月25日

Im getting my full front end done with xpel at sticker city in Sherman Oaks Ca on Monday for 1400.00

Then looking to opti-coat the rest of the car. My g35 got ruined by seagull shit over 5 years working at my office in Santa Monica.

ian | 2013年4月25日

Awesome work Dan!

Is that a blue one under there? Is the trim wrapped or painted?

I know you guys do great work. You satin wrapped a friend of mine's black Audi Q7. The one for the Audi Cycling team.


Brian H | 2013年4月25日

width="600" in the HTML matches to the column width.

Brian H | 2013年4月25日
Brian H | 2013年4月25日
Brian H | 2013年4月25日


Brian H | 2013年4月25日

Had to go to the original site to grab the URL:

glenster | 2013年4月25日

Attn Goneskiian,

Still at Porsche...been selling Porsches since 2003 first in Woodland Hills and now in Beverly Hills

Until they give me a free Porsche demo to drive the product that I sell...I'm keeping my TESLA !

Dan@NWAS | 2013年5月7日

Sorry for the lack of response, everyone! I guess I was expecting to get some sort of a notification in my inbox when new messages were posted.

Pricing information for vehicle wraps & paint protection can be found on our website, or of you would like a specific quote for a full XPEL "Stealth" wrap like the one pictured, feel free to email We tend to carry a variety of films, which each have different prices, including clear bra, so the range for installation can vary depending on what you want to have done. An XL sedan wrap such as this one could start at around $5000 depending on film & complexity of installation.

I will check back here & include a link to the article on our site with the full wrap installation, pictures & video once it's up.


Dan@NWAS | 2013年5月7日

Just to add - yes, this car is the factory blue paint option with clear, satin PPF. Not fully opaque, matte finish vehicle wrap film.

Unique Auto Films | 2013年5月7日

Beautiful matte finish on the blue Tesla Model S, Dan. Even though this option is quite costly for consumers, not only does it protect the paint, but it also adds that uniqueness by altering the factory color just so slightly. Great installation Dan!

We did this on a customer's f10 m5 months ago. For those of you contemplating betweeen a PPF or vinyl wrap, there are many differences. For one, vinyl is applied in dry form where clear bra is not. Here is a video of the full bmw m5 we did, from beginning to end. Enjoy :)

We wrapped glenster's satin pearl white Tesla s. More pictures can be found here:

FLsportscarenth... | 2013年5月7日

Ever see a urban camo wrap? Low profile = less tickets...

Unique Auto Films | 2013年5月10日

On a Tesla? No I haven't seen one.

ArieK | 2013年5月10日

I've never had a car fully repainted but the above price mentioned by Dan for a full wrap starting at $5000 would seem awfully close to the price of a full respray. Or am I way off here?

elguapo | 2013年5月10日

It wasn't something I ever considered until I spent $80,000+ on a new car. I usually buy used cars and drive them forever. In this case, I don't need a full wrap, but for $1,700, I can wrap key parts like full good, fenders, bumpers, mirrors, etc. these are most susceptible to chips. I chose not to do doors as two were $1,200, so everyone has a limit. This is my biggest investment in a car by far and I feel like te wrap is a little extra insurance to keep it in great shape.

elguapo | 2013年5月10日

Sorry, full "hood". Autocorrect strikes again!

RedShift | 2013年5月10日

Blacked out nose looks better than original, IMO.

5000$ to keep paint chips away is too much money.

I could get the problem parts repaired and reprinted for may be a third of that cost when and if I need to.

RedShift | 2013年5月10日

Repainted not reprinted.

MandL | 2013年5月10日

@ RedShift - Don't speak too soon! By the time you need to get that front fender fixed it may well be re-printed. With a 3d printer laying down the aluminum body panel and the clear coat at the service center over night so you can come in and get it swapped out while you wait. :-)

ian | 2013年5月10日

Now that would be impressive.

Dented a panel? No problem, we'll print you a new one in a day or so.

Brian H | 2013年5月10日

Protective wraps are one thing; full-body wraps can be a new color, too.

Dan@NWAS | 2013年5月28日

Here are a few more shots of the Model S wrapped with XPEL Stealth!

To see more of the installation process, check out the video montage on our blog:

justinpateautowrap | 2013年12月18日

These are some cool wraps! I know some people pay lots to have someone else wrap their Tesla for them. You can learn to wrap cars yourself!

ITSelectric | 2013年12月18日

justin, that's hilarious...I can't even put a stamp on an envelope straight and you want me to wrap my brand new Tesla on my own! LOL

Good luck to the rest of you though as you may be more coordinated with your fine motor skills.

Brian H | 2013年12月18日

I assume you ended every session with, "That's a wrap."

And then ran for it.

2050project | 2013年12月19日

@Dan - some of those pix here and a few more great photos and info on wraps:

gem.stickoutart | 2014年3月31日

Wow @Dan, that's really awesome. You did a really great job there.

I have a vinyl 3m sticker on my car for over a year and it is very durable. It was very easy to take off and it didn't leave any residue. This is one good alternative that instead of wrapping your car all over it, putting a character onto it is something good to consider.

There are a lot of things and designs.

KidDoc | 2014年3月31日

I got a clear bra on my Silver and the line on the hood is buggin me. Does it fade or improve with time? Or do I just need to either deal with it or get it peeled & get the entire hood done?

It was just placed on Saturday.

Red Sage ca us | 2014年3月31日

I was thinking that once the Model X appears, I expect a lot of them will be wrapped, company cars, complete with logos. It would make for a rather impressive (though rather expensive) delivery/courtesy vehicle or cab/shuttle. But having a fleet of high end EVs would not be a bad thing for certain hotels in the Los Angeles area to invest in...

ir | 2014年3月31日

@KidDoc: Over time, more crap will get stuck on the line. I doubt it gets any better

Ralph_G | 2014年3月31日

I bought black, swore I wouldn't do it again but it looks so good clean I couldn't resist. Two months later I had the whole car wraped in 3M stone guard. All I have to do is lightly heat up the wrap and the scuff marks go away. Now if I can figure out a way to protect the windshield from pitting I'll be happy.

KidDoc | 2014年4月1日

Eh the more I look at it you can only see the line if you are behind the hood or at a 90 degree angle, from the front it is literally invisible. I think I'll try to live with it for a while.

NomoDinos | 2014年4月1日

Dan - wow. You guys do amazing work. I was really sad when I realized you were in Washington.