Windshield/Moonroof combo

Windshield/Moonroof combo

Even though I've watched the reveal several times, looked at all the pictures/renderings, and seen the beta mule pictures, I just noticed something for the first time.

The windshield is huge! It goes all the way up to the falcon wing doors, and it looks like there is an interior headboard/structural beam of some kind that is beneath the windshield where a normal one would normally end.

Fascinating, I'm not sure how I kept missing that.

Remnant | 2015年3月5日

It does not seem to be able to open though.

As it does not seem to show visors either, it might include a driver-controlled shading mechanism.

proven | 2015年3月6日

Yeah, it definitely looks like it wouldn't open since it appears to be all one piece of glass. I bet that gives a very airy feel on the inside. | 2015年3月6日

The apparent oversized windshield design, if a fact, might be an artifact of the effort to reduce drag.
OK, if it doesn't compromise safety.

carlgo2 | 2015年3月22日

The X prototypes show a vast amount of glass, normally something to avoid because of weight and structural issues.

Perhaps the top of the windshield can be blacked out selectively so that a rectangular area could "open up" back where a conventional sun roof would be.

And you wouldn't notice the high-brow design so much with the front top part blacked out as it would normally be.

Maybe the tint "follows the sun", all the way down through all the windows. I love the mechanical shades on my X5 both for shade and to hide stuff in the back seat area, but a selectable/auto tint feature would be better yet.

aljjr2 | 2015年3月22日

Wouldn't the space between the left and right "A" pillars require a cross-member structural support? It is difficult to imagine glass being the only structural cross-support for the "A" pillars. Given the Falcon Wing doors at the rear, the structural integrity between the A and B pillars seem critical to crash worthiness and rigidity.

Will have to wait and see......

ian | 2015年3月22日

There is definitely a cross member there. Check this photo from the reveal.

Svenssons | 2015年3月23日

If one is allowed to dream... What if they use metallic glass? Might be a bit expensive unfortunately.

Brian H | 2015年3月23日

Transparent aluminum!

vandacca | 2015年3月23日

"It would take years just to figure out the dynamics of this matrix..."

proven | 2015年3月23日

Yeah it still has a cross member for structural support. It's just under the glass that extends to the falcon wing doors.

carlgo2 | 2015年3月24日

The X-member would give a "separate" sun window effect over the front seat area and that could be provided with selectable tint or a shade.

This design might have been chosen because:

It is cheaper than having both a WS and a sun roof.

Allows for more headroom.

Less wind noise.

No chance of water leaks.

Better aerodynamics.

The styling is interesting, but we would all have our opinions of that once we see them in person.


Really expensive windshield replacement. Not every glass shop could install it correctly.

No actual opening type sunroof, revered by many.

Styling might not be beloved by all.

Remnant | 2015年3月24日

It's worthy of note that without the rearview mirror -- a relic made unnecessary by the rearview cameras and due to disappear along with the side mirrors -- the whole panorama before the car becomes visible, hopefully with a driver-controlled, electronic tint or shade available also, as suggested by carlgo2 above.