Wrong location for San diego Super Charger

Wrong location for San diego Super Charger

The Qualcomm building in Sorrento valley? A better location would have been near a shopping center. Mission Valley at Hazard center, a vacant corner lot at Ruffin road and Gramercy drive( Was once a neighborhood shopping center, and is a main thoroughfare between Kearny mesa and mission valley.) that is just waiting for the right developer.

james.nicklin | 2014年12月16日

Maybe Qualcomm wants to try to change the name of the NFL team to the San Diego Super Chargers.

carlgo | 2014年12月16日

There we go! Hopefully there will be many Superchargers in the area before too long.

holidayday | 2014年12月16日

If it's near the Karl Strauss brewery, I'd stop there.