XM Radio and solid roof

XM Radio and solid roof

I was informed by my delivery specialist that all orders prior to the announcement will still have XM capability with the solid roof. No explanation for the change.

David Trushin | 2014年12月18日

What announcement would that be?

BigBlueLou | 2014年12月18日

Not much of an announcement, but change in option. Now, you need the pano roof for XM capability, per Design Studio.

Sokolmd | 2014年12月18日

picking up my P85D with solid roof and XM sat on 12/20. I was worried about my order when I noticed the change on the website saying that pano was necessary for XM, so I called Tesla. The person I spoke to told me that the change occurred to streamline the build process and that he could not hear any difference in quality with XM with the pano vs solid roof. Tesla obviously wants to crank out as many cars as possible for now.

TytanX_ | 2014年12月18日

This still seems so silly to me. I haven't fully decided if I will order the pano roof or not but I'm leaning against it. If I decide not to, I will be buying a solid roof car with XM satellite or I won't be buying. I don't like Sunroofs in cars, I don't want the sun shinning in (even if it is 80% blocked) or heat getting in and out. It's not a question of just paying more it's about the feature that I would prefer not to have. Satellite radio is a must for my wife.

AmpedRealtor | 2014年12月18日

@ TytanX,

You will not be able to order a Model S w/ solid roof and XM. If you want XM, you must also order the pano roof or no XM. You can fill this void by streaming XM from your smartphone. Unfortunately these are your only choices based upon Tesla's configurations unless you want to purchase an inventory car, loaner, or on the used market.

TytanX_ | 2014年12月18日

Yes I understand that is Tesla's stance right now but are they really willing to loose a sale on $135,000 car for the sake of a $2 antennae? When I put down the deposit they'll have 2 weeks to approve an exception. I understand their need to streamline the production line but I have to listen to my boss (my wife) who wants Satellite radio.

For the cost of it, I don't know why they didn't just standardize to all cars being XM ready.

AmpedRealtor | 2014年12月18日

@ TytanX,

Are you expecting Tesla to stop the assembly line in order to re-route an antenna that is now built into the pano roof, just for one specific customer? If this is nothing more than a bundling scheme by Tesla, an exception might be granted, but if it is due to what I think - that they have relocated the XM antenna into the pano roof - no exception will be granted. The amount of money you spend has no relationship to the issue you are discussing here. The car is not hand made to order, it is built on an assembly line with pre-configured components.

If they do make an exception, by all means let us know. But I doubt it will happen and you should not get your hopes up or let that be a deal breaker. As I said earlier, you can easily overcome this issue by streaming XM using an app on your iPhone. That should not be the determining factor for purchasing this car, and you should be able to veto your wife here. There is more to a car than XM.

wrinkledoc | 2014年12月18日

I assume that the car I finalized on 10/31 with hard top and XM will have the XM and that XM requiring the Pano is only since a recent change. Please let me know that I am correct.

mrodman2 | 2014年12月18日

So is good XM reception incompatible with the antenna placement in a solid roof car? I ask because in my new P85, all I get is a "check antenna" warning on when I call up XM.

TytanX_ | 2014年12月18日


No I'm not expecting them to stop the production line but a service center install should be possible. They have all the components because they have offered this before.

Ultimately I think it would be a smarter move to just put the antennae in every car at the factory. I imagine if enough people kick up a fuss they will backtrack on this. They have a gps antennae somewhere so I don't see why they can't also put a satellite radio antennae in the same spot.

David Trushin | 2014年12月18日

Actually, I'm getting close to ditching xm because there is only 1 channel they have that i can't get on tune-in. Plus, if they ever give us the capability to run apps, i can stream it.

However, i do have a spare xm radio if anyone is willing to give me $135,000 for it.

buickguy | 2014年12月18日

I thought hard about getting the upgraded sound system just so I could have XM radio. I have lousy ears, so the upgrade would otherwise go to waste. Eventually, I passed on XM. Fortunately for me I discovered the depth of internet radio after taking delivery. These days I listen to nothing but internet radio, even when listening to my local stations! XM antenna? Not needed!

teslabayarea | 2014年12月18日

Hmmm I was mainly wanting the upgraded sound for the subwoofer and not for XM at all. Now I am reconsidering and thinking maybe I should cancel the premium audio. I mean I listen to spotify and pandora, and a lot of time, I like silence!

$2,500 sounds like a lot just to get some extra bass every now and then!

NOT AN ICE | 2015年3月19日

I was not thrilled when this thread hit the forum, my 5 head (there is to much there to be a forehead, but it is aerodynamically designed and someday all cars will look like me)does not like the sun - so no pano roof - but I love XM

Needless to say my P85D was delivered yesterday with solid roof and low and behold XM no problem, account all transferred from one of my kids cars, they won't miss it for a year then go UH?

pnajar | 2015年3月19日

Wonder if this change coincides with a new set of electronics such as LTE?

I've had Sirus/XM on my last three BMWs. Each had a plastic trunk lid not only for the Sirus/XM antena but for other antenas such as GPS and telematics.

Brian H | 2015年3月20日

lo and behold

Means "look and see".
Low is what cattle do.

douglasstuckey | 2015年3月20日

How many ICE cars have X/M?

sbeggs | 2015年3月20日


layne | 2015年7月11日

Reviving this thread. I have a 70D, well equipped (including spout upgrade)but no Pano...I hate XM. I assumed the streaming workaround, but my drive takes me through two canyons every day and a couple of other crap reception areas, so pretty inconvenient.

Has any other solution been discovered for we pikers who only paid $95K?

jcrad | 2015年7月12日

@layne, when you're going to be going through an area with bad reception, just stream music from your phone. Of course, that music would likely need to be stored on your phone, unless you get cell reception from a service with better coverage in those areas.

ashokrs | 2015年7月12日

I received my S85D recently. Whats up with XM Satellite Radio with TMS? Do we have to get our own coverage? I haven't activated anything yet. I thought Tesla will activate it for me! | 2015年7月12日

No XM subscription is included. You'll need to purchase one from XM.