Yes/No - Charging Regularly With 120V Standard Outlet

Yes/No - Charging Regularly With 120V Standard Outlet

Has anyone been told by Tesla representatives that charging regularly with a 120V (standard outlet) is bad and should only be used as an absolute emergency? To my understanding there had been situations with the Roadster about that problem, but with the Tesla Model S being a different type of battery tech, it shouldn't be a problem?

Boca Steve | 2013年11月5日

I think that they are referring to the excruciating amount of time it takes to charge using a standard outlet. I have charged my MS85 using a NEMA 14-50 outlet and a standard outlet and I can test that it takes at least three days to fully charge a battery on a standard outlet compared to 6 hrs using NEMA 14-50 outlet. It's just not practical to do it.

shop | 2013年11月5日

People who have short daily commutes have done it for months, but it really should only be used as a stopgap until a 240V solution can be provided. It isn't a problem, just limits what you can do.

Gizmotoy | 2013年11月5日

If your round-trip commute is 30 miles or less, you'll have no problem using 120V most of the time, though you'll have to make trips to more powerful chargers if you, for example, have a lot of usage one weekend.

There's some benefit to charging slowly, in that it balances the cells, allowing maximum range. That said, you can charge slowly even on a high power source using the controls on the dash. It's just that being limited to 120V forces you to :)

nickjhowe | 2013年11月5日

One thing to note is that 120V charging is very inefficient (c. 64%) vs 240V (c. 86%). In other words for every 6 kWh you put in the car using 120V you'll pull 10 kWh out of the wall.

2kids10horses | 2013年11月5日

I parked at a lot near the airport that offered 110 volt charging. Sure, it took a day and a half to charge. But I was gone 5 days.

Worked perfectly for me!

ir | 2013年11月5日

Nothing harmful to the car with 120V charging. I have a short commute and will use 120V to avoid congestion at the J1772 stations (where the spaces are sized for tiny cars) which are constantly full.

Olof | 2013年11月5日

I am always plugged in at 120V and have no complaints. I have a 35 mile commute and the car is 90% charged (or max charged if I want) for the weekend if I need to go somewhere.

It is a public garage and installing 240V just for my spot isnt really feasible.

Leeo | 2013年11月5日

"Gizmotoy" What is a good low charging rate to balance the cells? My commute during the week is 21 miles each way. At work the 240v station is limited to 15amps. At home I charge at 40amps. Could I just set the home charger to 15amps or would it be better to drop it to 12amps like 120v charging?

shop | 2013年11月5日

The "low charge rate" = "balanced cells" idea, as far as I know, hasn't been proven or been recommended by Tesla. I would love to see data on this...

Gizmotoy | 2013年11月5日

I don't have my car yet, so I can't say. There are several threads around, one of which where the SC recommended an owner charge slowly to balance his new replacement pack. Several others who had significant range degradation saw range restored by doing a full charge slowly. So, anecdotal at this point, but so far repeatable.

Leeo | 2013年11月5日

I know batteries of all types "like" to be charged slower then faster. So 40amps (10KW), when compared to a supercharger (120KW), is a low charge rate. Data on Tesla would be interesting.

SamO | 2013年11月10日

Inefficiency is the only reason not to use 110 if you have a short commute. I used it until I installed 250V.

byoung71 | 2013年11月10日

I have a short commute and charge almost 100% on a 120. (I installed a 14-50 but due to the fact that I have an impenetrable fortress detached garage, it's much less convenient for me to plug into the 14-50 than the 110 that is in my garage).

My service center advisor said there was no reason not to do that. Sure, it's slow, but I am able to keep it pretty well topped up off the 120.

michael1800 | 2013年11月10日

YES (charge regularly ok)

wcalvin | 2013年11月11日

If your daily commute is less than 30 miles, 120v will give you a full tank each morning. If 50 miles, your morning range will decline by 20x5 miles, which you can make up over the weekend.

The need for 240v home charging is when you run down the range into double digits and need a full tank the next morning.

djm12 | 2013年11月11日

I've been using a 110V outlet since May with no problems. I have two EVs and use my Level 2 for the BMW AE and the 110V for the Model S. The Tesla has the longer commute, but because it has a bigger battery, we don't need a full charge every night.

carolinagobo | 2013年11月11日

I use 120V no problems it charge 4 miles per hour and average of 40 miles per night, my commute is 30 miles, if I need more miles I charged in my office building! but I don't do it because 120v it works for me.

Brian H | 2013年11月12日

Any EV can handle those distances. The TM range advantage shows up in flexibility.