Yesterday's update

Yesterday's update

I noticed there's an update but I'm out of town so I can't install it. Are there any new features or just bug fixes?

jordanrichard | 2015年8月6日

nope, just bug fixes.

garygid | 2015年8月6日

Some small "tweak" improvements, not necessarily all bug fixes.

EESROCK | 2015年8月6日

I read today in the news that Tesla has released an update to prevent hackers from getting control of the car.

bak_phy | 2015年8月6日

Everybody should have the hacker prevention update as of today.

jackson.bender | 2015年8月6日

Thanks guys

Grinnin'.VA | 2015年8月6日

Please tell us which update you're talking about. Is it (2.5.21)?

DLebryk | 2015年8月6日

Don't know about changes. After the update, Nav worked really weird today. It insisted on shortest distance, not shortest time. Kept taking me on surface streets when highway didn't have traffic congestion. It's done this route many times - this is the first time it did this silliness.

Made in CA | 2015年8月7日
TwinMaTesla | 2015年8月7日

This Wired article confirms the update was to address vulnerabilities exposed by the hackers: