You Tube "Downfall" Parody of TSLA Short Sellers

You Tube "Downfall" Parody of TSLA Short Sellers

Now that the weekend is here, relax and and enjoy the latest YouTube parody of a scene from the film "Downfall":

ian | 2013年8月23日


Great stuff! Thanks for sharing Curt!

Pricee2 | 2013年8月23日

Hill air e us!!!

JZ13 | 2013年8月23日


risingsun | 2013年8月23日

The market is forecasting that Elon Musk is the new Messiah and I believe it. Tesla/Space X/solar city are so exciting to watch. GO ELON!!!!!

Brian H | 2013年8月23日

Given a truly superior car that everyone wants, there's almost nothing you can't accomplish. Tesla has a fistful of trumps.

Curt Renz | 2013年8月24日

Glad you folks got a kick out of the video. The producer cleverly demonstrated how ordinary stock valuation methods overlook ten-baggers disrupting established industries.

teslajolt | 2013年8月24日


Teslation | 2013年8月24日

Lol, what a riot, funniest I've seen.