What did Registration cost you

What did Registration cost you

I live in Las Vegas Nevada. I paid $62.273.00 for my Model 3. Registration cost me $1,040.00 and personal plates (TZLA3) were $97.00. Smog check is required every year which of course I’ll be exempt but not sure about registration.

Alex_SD | 2018年5月22日

In California I paid Vehicle License $367 and first year registration $242. Oh! Also, $7 Tire Fee...

jjaroundtheclock | 2018年5月22日

$607 in Los angles show on paper with license plate

Frank99 | 2018年5月22日

$98.65 for Registration/Titling/Transfer fees, plus a $4 Tire fee.

And in AZ, that Registration fee is good for 5 years. That's our EV incentive.

jlau168 | 2018年5月23日

You guys are lucky. Here is GA i'm estimating over 4K for taxes and registration, but then again we only pay $20 for tags after that no ad valorem.

reed_lewis | 2018年5月23日

Here in Mass, you have to pay sales tax of 6.25% of the sales price of the car (which is lowered if you trade in something). Then every year you have to pay excise tax on the current value of the car. That is $25 per $1000 of value of the car. So in the first year, you will most likely have to pay around $1000 and it goes down from there.

Regular registration is under $100 for two years. It also needs inspection which costs $35 a year. In the case of my Model S, they scrape the old inspection sticker off, and put a new one on. They can see the car is in great shape.

CASEMAN | 2018年5月23日

@jlau168 - discussion is only about registration fees. Tax in CA will be as much or higher than GA.

dyefrog | 2018年5月23日

registration $82.50
license fee $25
tire fee $10
supplemental fee $20
8% taxes on MSRP less NYS rebate of $2k ($54,000)

Just_Ted | 2018年5月23日

Here in the great state of Maryland:

$100 MD title fee (to generate a title)
$20 MD security filing (lien) fee (puts bank on the title)
$135 MD Registration/Plates (good for 2 years, includes a surcharge for 911/EMS)

FWIW, Tax is 6%, no yearly excise tax, inspection only for used vehicle at transfer of title.

Nexxus | 2018年5月24日

Bu ku bucks, and lets just leave it at that. :-)

ebmcs03 | 2018年5月24日

Los Angeles California: LR, PUP, Aero, EAP $56,000
Tax: $5,320
Registration: $610

Total Rip off fee: $5930

dewy89 | 2018年12月24日

@ebmcs03 is that every single year you pay $5930 for just registration??

stevenmaifert | 2018年12月25日

That was the one time tax and registration at purchase. I just renewed my M3 annual CA registration for 2019. $542.

donnafr | 2018年12月25日

Ojai, California (inland from Santa Barbara). My Model 3 cost me $61,167 before rebates ($3,000 from Edison). The taxes and fees were $4,967.

Tesla2018 | 2018年12月25日

In FL I transferred the registation and license plates from my other car that I sold. Otherwise its about $275 for a new registration and an annual registation fee that varies from about $25 to $60 depending on the weight of the vehicle.

If you live in FL and had more cars in the past than you do now, tell them that you want to transfer over an old registration. My mom died and I was able to tranfer her car into my name for hardly anything since I was the exector of her estate. I had 2 cars at the time so I sold the car to a neighbor that needed an extra car. She thought she was going to have to pay the $275 charge but the person at DMV checked and saw that she had an old registration from 10 years ago that was in her name and her sons name from when she bought him a car when he was 21. He's now married and lives out of state so she was able to use that registration and even get the old personalized plates reissued that were on the original registration.

I now have 2 cars but since my moms car was registered in my name, I have 3 cars on record, so if I decide to buy another one then I will avoid the $275 fee.

-TheJohn- | 2018年12月25日

$75 and tax for 5 years of registration here in AZ woo!
An ICE car of similar cost would have incurred me a $2400+ bill according to the DMV fellow who was ever so jealous of the 3.

coleAK | 2018年12月25日

Tax+registration+custom plates $90

consult.richard | 2019年8月12日

589 for renewal in California. Crazy.

azbrit | 2019年8月12日

Arizona is $154.00 for 5 years and get to use the carpool lane .

CRAIGJFIFTY3 | 2019年8月12日

I think I paid about $225 for a 2 year registration with new plates in New York.

gmkellogg | 2019年8月12日

I think my initial registration was 17.50, but Illinois just voted to increase to 248, which is what I'm expecting to pay in December.

bjrosen | 2019年8月12日

In MA the registration fee is the sales tax, $3121.25 for my AWD. EV plates are no additional charge. Tesla handled the registration for me and put the plates on so I didn't have to do anything except transfer the money to them. MA collects the sales tax at registration because we live next to NH which doesn't have a sales tax so even if you buy a car in NH, which I did for my Volt, you can't avoid the sales tax.

cmh95628 | 2019年8月12日

$616 in Cali for a LR AWD, which costed me $61,000 (less $10,600 in various credits/rebates) a year ago.

lbowroom | 2019年8月12日

cosult.richard - The fee in CA is based on purchase price. Nothing to do with being EV or a Tesla if that what you're worried about. Any other new car at that price has the same fees. You can still think it's crazy, just making sure you're not attributing that be being an EV or Tesla

stevenmaifert | 2019年8月12日

True, until model year 2020.

kutoroff | 2019年8月12日

In New Jersey, I paid $308 (from memory no paperwork to look over) for license, title, registration. I think this covers three years of the registration. No inspections needed for an EV. There is also no state sales tax on an EV here.

Teslynn | 2019年8月12日

$89.50 here in NJ. 0 sales tax.

jimmyk667 | 2019年8月12日

After a year, the registration renewal was $775 on a P3D in NorCal.

lbowroom | 2019年8月12日

It was slightly higher for the first year, which you paid at the time of purchase, so it really shouldn't be a surprise...

nwfan | 2019年8月13日

Renewed Mar in TX - $72 registration fee plus $7 for car inspection.
New cars purchased through dealers in TX good for 2 years except
Tesla we have to renew after 1 year due to TADA powerful lobbying in Austin.

State govt is pushing hard for EV tax. Did not make it out of committee.
See what happens in the next legislative session in 2021.

Anettles | 2019年9月19日

MN in Sept. 2019, 55k model 3: $480.25
- Reg. Tax: $376
- Filing Fee: $7
- Surcharge: $77.25
- Wheelage: $20

sfrom | 2019年9月19日

Hey if u r in OHIO I paid 59.00 per year for 5 years. Effective 1/1/2020 all electric vehicles will pay an additional $200.00. If you have a birthday /expiration in early 2020, keep in mind you can re new your plates 90 days early. If it pushes your renewal date before Jan can save $200.00 or do like I did renew for 5 years and save a grand.
Tell your Ohio hybrid friends they will be paying $100.00 more for license plates in 2020. The governor snuck this on the back of gas tax bill that went to effect July 1, 2019

LostInTx | 2019年9月19日

$72 annual registration in Texas.

Sofie | 2019年9月19日

Just paid almost $300 in Washington for 1 year. $225 of that is because it's an EV. There's legislation to increase EV registration by another $200 to promote more EVs on the road. Hmm...

pjwheeler83 | 2019年9月19日

Southeast Michigan here, $210 out the door for plates/registration but there was a small hiccup when they asked me for a separate bill of sale for the battery. Took them about half an hour to sort me out but bet enjoying Fury for over 6 months now!

3500HDP3D | 2019年9月20日

$775 after one year in California

Daryl | 2019年9月20日

@azbrit "Arizona is $154.00 for 5 years and get to use the carpool lane ."

I paid $85 for 5 years in April 2018, in Tempe. Either they have raised the rate or different metropolitan regions have different pricing.

Even so, $154 for 5 years is an incredible deal.

neilhamrin | 2019年9月20日

Just got renewal notice. Minnesota-$473.

jebinc | 2019年9月20日

$138/year - Renton, WA (Unincorporated King County). No RTA BS

TnTnZ0715 | 2019年10月11日

@azbrit @Daryl
We live in Gilbert and just pulled trigger on Model 3 last night online. As far as $100-$200 registration goes, anything special we need to do to get that price?! Sounds absolutely awesome!

Joe M | 2019年10月14日

If you live in Massachusetts you should carefully review your excise tax bill. Most are incorrect. My partial year bill was reduced from $770 to $654 and the agreed up reduced assessed value will lower the bills for the life of the car. The RMV knows they are overvaluing most Tesla’s but if you dont challenge it won’t be automatically reduced.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2019年10月14日

In Pennsylvania the rates are almost as low as @Daryl’s Arizona rate. Both my Camry and my M3 were each $43 per year. I opted for a 2-year renewal for the M3 just in case they try to inflate the price next year.

BuffaloBillsFan | 2019年10月14日

A LOT! I don’t have details since my wife does the bookkeeping. My daughter’s Prius was around $200 (bought new last year). My wife’s was around $200 (7 year-old Ford Explorer), and mine was over $500 (bought new this year). We live in NC BTW.

Pg3ibew | 2019年10月14日

NYC. 2 year Registration.

Registration/Transfer/Titling Fees $187.50

Shesmyne2 | 2019年10月14日

‘18 M3 was $668 in August
‘12 MS $448 due in December.
One year in CA.

Still Grinning ;-)

dwejr99 | 2019年10月14日

Colorado sucks. $1048. 1 yr.

howard | 2019年10月14日

dwejr99 | October 14, 2019
Colorado sucks. $1048. 1 yr.

+1 $1,400 first year new. Just had second year renewal at $1,200. Something is wrong when it cost $100 month in taxes per year to drive my car. Don’t get me started on my CO commercial and residential property taxes. with the tax changes last year I lost a boat load of tax deductions.

rehutton777 | 2019年10月14日

Paid $505 in OC - California for 2019 SR+ on initial registration. Just read a news article that beginning July 1, 2020, DMV will add $100 to the registration for all "zero-emission" vehicles for model years 2020 and beyond in order to compensate for not paying state gasoline taxes. I personally am shocked that it will be only $100. Given the State gasoline sales/use tax in California, I would be saving a lot more than $100 per year by not having to pay the gas tax. However, since mine is a 2019, I guess I will be exempt from the "add-on" registration fee?