"Unknown error" trying to connect to model 3 via the Tesla App

"Unknown error" trying to connect to model 3 via the Tesla App

Haven't been able to connect all day today. I finally really want to cool off the cabin, but can't do it. Anyone else having issues today? (first time I've had issues since the last big Tesla outage.)

badaman | 2018年5月23日

Yes, can't connect to stop charging remotely.

Alex_SD | 2018年5月23日

Yeap! Same problem since 12PM PDT... Another one of those days...

Kathy Applebaum | 2018年5月23日

Getting the same just now.

dd.micsol | 2018年5月23日

Server is hosed due to software updates being rolled out.
-An educated guess

pq3 | 2018年5月23日

Yay...mine is connecting again! Just in time to pre-cool the car!

martinbogo | 2018年5月23日

There was a service glitch on the app oday. Not just Model 3 -- Model S as well.

TBlue | 2018年5月23日

Just downloaded the Tesla app to my new phone, and thought the 'unknown error' had to do with same password being used as my shattered phone. Oh well, I'll just have to use my access card to pull the M3 out of the garage, so I can fix the number plates before sundown. Oh wait - - sign in successful - its alive, its alive!!! :-)

Haggy | 2018年5月23日

I suppose it's better to get an unknown error than to get a message saying that you got an error that they knew about but never bothered fixing. I take issue with other apps that tell me about unexpected errors, as if there should be expected ones.

Kathy Applebaum | 2018年5月23日

It's resolved now for me.

wsjarriel | 2018年5月24日

Last time this happened, Tesla's account with AWS was hacked.