100's of Teslas stored at Burbank airport

100's of Teslas stored at Burbank airport

Mostly 3's, but not all. I first saw them several days ago, but didn't get a picture. Could they be waiting until July 1st?

johnyi | 2018年5月26日

Watch, the latest FUD now will be that all these pics of Tesla's piling up in various places like Toronto, Montreal, Fremont, and now Burbank are all the same parking lot just from different angles. Because Tesla can't possibly be making this many cars. It would mean they actually are ramping up on schedule. And they couldn't possibly be delaying US deliveries to push out #200,000 in the US to July, as that would prove they aren't money-grabbing. Oh wait, just check out the panel gaps on these cars "rushed" into production! Honest there's something bad in here somewhere...

jjgunn | 2018年5月26日

All the fun begins July 1st.

Get in TSLA stock now & if you're a short? You should be off that position like rats off a sinking ship

lilbean | 2018年5月26日

I saw that a couple weeks ago!

Elizabets07 | 2018年5月26日

Yes, cars are pretty dusty. They've obviously been there a while.

djharrington | 2018年5月26日

The other FUD story would be: Braking (I know) News! Consumer demand for Tesla cars evaporates, leaving thousands of cars to sit in parking lot without home.

lilbean | 2018年5月26日


jjaroundtheclock | 2018年5月26日

look like they are waiting for boarding pass to fry.

Caligirl | 2018年5月26日

I’ve noticed that the lot has been full, emptied and full again for almost a month. They are “flying” off the lot. Pun intended. :)

Maxxer | 2018年5月27日

oh boy TSLAis gonna fly up

Shock | 2018年5月27日

"And they couldn't possibly be delaying US deliveries to push out #200,000 in the US to July, as that would prove they aren't money-grabbing."

Actually it would prove they were lying about why people were delayed until July.

dyefrog | 2018年5月27日

It's also possible that the legal or PR departments advised them to not admit to gaming the credit for fear of taxpayer fallout. Could leave a bad taste in the mouth of Joe Sixpack.
When asked a while ago about it, Musk was vague and ambiguous when he responded, "they will do the right thing". Not something the anti-EV crowd can really hang their hat on when looking for ammunition that Tesla is only surviving due to taxpayer bailouts. Not that GM ever did that.

rtzmd | 2018年5月27日

The new model 3's are being shipped to Canada to fulfill the large amount of orders that Tesla is saying.

Madatgascar | 2018年5月27日

Which also serves to delay the 200,000th US delivery.

Madatgascar | 2018年5月27日

But Fremont to Canada via Burbank?

mos6507 | 2018年5月27日

"Oh wait, just check out the panel gaps on these cars"

So let's say, for the sake of argument, that someone did photograph every one of these cars and they all had bad panel gaps. Would that knock you off your fanboi sarcasm pedestal?

dyefrog | 2018年5月27日

Can i play too? Let's say someone photographed every one of these cars and they didn't have bad panel gaps. Would you go away?

lilbean | 2018年5月27日

Never going away

dgstan | 2018年5月27日

> Could leave a bad taste in the mouth of Joe Sixpack.

I'm not sure they're worried so much about Joe Sixpack (he'll come on board around the time of the Model Z 4x4 super-torque rock climber truck). I think it's more of an issue with the in the White House. If Fox and Friends runs a story on it, he'll want a piece of the action. Like his ZTE deal.

Ross1 | 2018年5月28日

Didn't Mr Trump invent the Electric Car?

ebmcs03 | 2018年5月28日

@dyefrog: Wait. Doing the right thing is to not scam the government and tax payer money. Hummm what is Musk doing?

johnyi | 2018年5月28日

@mos, have you ever actually seen a Model 3 in person, ever been in one? Or are you forming your opinions only based on headlines you read?

I've now seen 2 dozen up close, between several trips to the sales/delivery center, work parking lot, grocery store, etc. Walked around every one. And I don't even live in CA. Only panel gap issue I saw was an early delivery several months ago, and it was a trunk lid misaligned (easy to fix; they probably fixed it before they delivered it to the customer). I also went to the Service center last week, to chat with them about Tesla's services and ask about reliability on some MS options like the sunroof and 21" wheels. You know how many Model 3's I saw there? NONE.

johnyi | 2018年5月28日

@ebmcs03, um, have you been paying any attention to what all the multinational companies have been doing all these years with accounting tricks to avoid paying taxes in the US? In particular stockpiling profits overseas to avoid taxes? Have you never made a decision based on taxes, such as to buy something online instead of locally? Or whether to buy versus rent a house to get the mortgage tax break?

Come on dude, making decisions based on tax rules is a common everyday occurrence and is totally legal. Can you imagine how many tax dodges our President has done (that's all we can do is imagine, as he won't let us see!)
? Why hold Tesla to a higher standard?

K-D-R | 2018年5月28日

If my experience is any indication, the local delivery centers don’t have room for all of the cars they are scheduled to deliver. The cars are going from the factory to a temporary holding lot and from there to the delivery centers just prior to delivery.

fholley | 2018年5月28日

Ross1, yes right after Al Gore invented the internet.

Tesla2018 | 2018年5月28日

As far as taxes, a lot of people might only be considering buying a Tesla because of the tax incentives. If they were thinking they could get a Tesla for 27500 or even less with the tax incentives that some states are offerring then they might consider a Tesla instead of a loaded Honda or a base model BMW. Will be interesting to see if the Bolt starts outselling the base model3 once the tax incentives go away for Tesla just because people think they are getting a bigger break on it.
The BMW i3 with range extender is about 47500, and dealers are discounting them, but even without the discount they are giving most companies or groups 1Ok off. My neighbor is a teacher and she can get it through their union, and the company I work for has some type of deal with them so I am eligible too. Then add the 7500 federal rebate and the cost is down to 30K. But used ones are going from the hi teens to low 20s. The interior is nicer than most cars for that price and it gets better mileage, yet I see more x1 and x3 BMWs which have the same suv type configuration. And Honda just came out with an all electric car. But if we were playing Family Feud and they asked 100 people to name a company that makes electric cars, over 90 percent of the people would say Tesla. Seems like most people that want electric go to Tesla and people that want a gas car go to the dealerships. But since 99% of their sales are gas cars and they make more in repairs and servicing, their profit margin is lower, so they push gas cars instead.
I think California and some other states made laws that a certaint percentage of car sales have to be electric or hybrid. Am curious to what would happen if people in NY or some other state didnt by enough cars to meet the quota. What happens? Does the manufactuer get fined or prohibited from selling cars in that state or are they forced to heavily discount the cars or make them as cheap and crappy (smart car or fiat 500e sized econoboxes for midgets) in the hope that people will buy them?

jjgunn | 2018年5月28日

GM is also close to the 200,000 limit. GM is currently trying to "unsell" the BOLT even though demand is still out there for it. ~178,000 at end of April for GM - They report their sales end of quarter so we should have a pretty good idea after June 30th.

I assure you, big oil will be fighting tooth & nail to end this tax credit after 200,000 even though Elon (hopefully GM too) will try to get it extended.

Shock | 2018年5月28日

^ "As far as taxes, a lot of people might only be considering buying a Tesla because of the tax incentives."

This must be beyond dispute. The raw number of threads and discussions online about the $7500 break and when it expires and other state or provincial rebates and when they expire enforces the view that this is an extremely important consideration for many people.

jjgunn | 2018年5月28日

Let's see....get my ass kicked or collect $7,500.00....hmmmm.....I could use a good ass-kicking....I'll be very honest wit you......Nahhhh.....I think I'll just go with the $7,500.00

SamO | 2018年5月28日

Demand will grow after the expiration of the tax credit. Like, say . . . .when you can get a test drive and every store has a display car. Oh. And when you can order and get the car delivered in 6 weeks.

Good luck with the “demand will go away once the tax credit expires” thesis.


Mike83 | 2018年5月28日

China has spent $2 billion buying Tesla with extra costs. The MX sold out in 24 hours and when the M3 is being made at the rate of 1/minute they will also sell out. Sorry shorts but you are coming into a world of pain.

noleaf4me | 2018年5月28日

IMHO -- the credit should begin to be rolled back for EVERYONE equally. No way the ICE slackers deserve that sort of competitive advantage in a few years. Extend or end for ALL....

Oddball | 2018年5月28日

Shock "Actually it would prove they were lying about why people were delayed until July."

Actually, all it proves is that you are resentful you will never have enough money to afford a Tesla.

(And folks, he never had a reservation. Ever.)

/Shock's smarter older brother

Coastal Cruiser. | 2018年5月28日

Thanx for the post Elizabets007

jjgunn | 2018年5月28日

LMAO!! >:-D

Shock | 2018年5月28日

"Actually, all it proves is that you are resentful you will never have enough money to afford a Tesla.

(And folks, he never had a reservation. Ever.)"

That's a lot of butthurt for one post. Thank you for sharing your struggles with the group.

SamO | 2018年5月28日


Will you please tell dipstick that he's never going to move out of the basement if he has no skills. His writing, thinking and critical observation skills are to the point where I wonder how he dresses himself without self-harm.

johnyi | 2018年5月28日

@Noleaf4me, the rules for this tax incentive were made, and companies placed their bets. Tesla went all-in and build EV's supported by a supercharger network, so that by the time they hit 200k they would have "moats" in place and not need the incentive anymore. Most of the others sat back and let Tesla go forward, knowing they'd have the incentive advantage to help them catch up if EV's did take off.

I personally think it would be unfair to change the rules now. It would be like changing the rules in a game after halftime, and penalize the team that played conservatively in the first half. And IMO it's unnecessary. And very unlikely to happen with the current leadership in DC.

djw21 | 2018年5月28日

While test diving the Model S at the Orlando, FL showroom, there were about 20 Model 3's (with the extending smart screen) waiting for owner delivery.

The auto pilot really works.

Great American

SamO | 2018年5月28日

It would be totally fair to just make a credit for the next 10 years, but it's not going to happen with current DC "leadership" which includes Ds also. It would do more for the transition to sustainable transportation than the phase-out.

But Model 3 is already better than anything in its price class, so Tesla will survive.

GM . . . I'm not going to bet any money on their survival. It's going to be a bloodbath and many automobile manufacturers will go bankrupt or be acquired by a self-driving technology company . . .not going to miss their execrable products.

ebmcs03 | 2018年5月28日

@johnyi yup you’re right. Guess musk chose the trump way. Avoid taxes haha I would choose trump way too.

ebmcs03 | 2018年5月28日

I agree. Tax credit should roll away for everyone after the first company hits 200k. But then that would leave me no tax incentive to buy my Electric Porsche or Electric BMW down the line.

Elizabets07 | 2018年5月28日

CC makes me laugh once again! Thanks!

Tesla2018 | 2018年5月28日

If Shocks Smarter Old Brother and Bayareakids Mother had a baby would it be SamOs nephew? :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2018年5月28日

mos666: The great thing about sarcasm is that it only works when you are correct. Luckily, you never will be. That's why you must use rhetoric instead. Me? Sarcasm is my primary form of communication. ;-)

mos6507 | 2018年5月28日

"Let's say someone photographed every one of these cars and they didn't have bad panel gaps. Would you go away?"

There's another thread here talking about a guy who recently got a car with messed up hood alignment and the hood is now worse than it was before. So what do you think the odds are every car on that lot has flawless alignment?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2018年5月28日

mos666: I'm thinking that odds are you were the first person that Han Solo ever told to never tell him the odds. Oh, and also highly likely we won't be rid of you until whichever benefactor supports your effots here goes out of business.

SamO | 2018年5月28日

Who cares? Panel gaps? That's the big Tesla issue? A stamping machine that needs tolerences corrected.

Jesus these trolls are running out of material . . .

So, what if I told you that you could have the best car ever made. Drives itself. 0-60 in 2 seconds, sexy, costs $5 to fill up and your worst problem is 1/16" panel gap . . .

Please, please, please come up with some new FuD . . . this is just pathetic.

By the way . . . love my Model 3 . . . panels, gaps and all :-)

Ygor81 | 2018年5月29日

A little bird at the local service and delivery center told me that they are gearing up to have 13 Model 3 deliveries PER DAY starting July 1st. That does not include S and X. One can infer a lot from this information, assuming it is accurate ;)

Shock | 2018年5月29日

YGor81 you probably mean 130 per day :)

Shock | 2018年5月29日

Or 13 per hour I have no idea 8-)