Powerwall recall

Powerwall recall

Does anyone know more about the Powerwall recall? I got mine here in the SF Bay Area back in December and it has worked fine until recently when it suddenly went kaput. The Tesla app showed no power flows any direction, but I could still read the battery charge percentage. Did all the normal troubleshooting and called Tesla tech-support but they couldn’t fix it. After a few days they said parts needed to be replaced.

Now even the powerwall percentage is unreadable, not sure if the battery ran out. But our utility shows that we're sending a lot of power out to the grid, so it’s good to know that the panels are still working. Saw my installer today and asked him when he expects to get the parts to fix this and he is optimistic it will be next week. (At that point we will have been without a battery for more than three weeks. ) He says there was a recall of the earlier powerwalls but since we got ours installed so quickly, back in December, we got one of the lemons. Tesla has been great, if perhaps a bit slower to get the parts out then I was hoping, but I’m just curious to know more about the situation. Does anyone know why the powerwalls were recalled around the turn of the year?

Patrick | 2018年6月23日

Powerwall 1 or 2?

Tesla-David | 2018年6月23日

We got our PW2 installation (2 batteries) last Thursday, and so far everything is working perfectly in Self Powered mode. No grid electricity at all past two days, entirely from solar (13.2 kWh) and PW2. Hope you get your PW2 back up and running soon! I have heard nothing about PW2 recalls, and hope ours continues to work as it presently does.

brian.rtl | 2018年6月26日

Haven’t heard anything else about a recall, other than the original comment by my local installer. In any event they finally fixed things today and my Powerwall 2 is back up and running again which is great.

The issue turned out to be in the gateway. Tesla had my installer swap out the original Neurio with the radio communications, for a replacement unit with the RS-485 serial wired connector. So about a month without battery back up for a part replacement that took roughly an hour to install. Frustrating that the loss of this Neurio means that the battery was inoperable. I would’ve thought the powerwall could have still supply power but apparently I need to learn more about Neurios.

Tesla-David | 2018年6月27日

@brian.rtl, Our PW2 installers advised me to remove our Neurio-Solar app, which I did, as the Powerwall app provides everything the Neurio app was giving me, and I don't miss it at all. The Neurio-solar app I mentioned was an aftermarket app I purchased to give me real time solar and usage data ( prior to PW2 installation.

We are six days with our two-PW2 system, and everything is working perfectly, and I couldn't be happier. We have not drawn any electricity from grid in past five days, and have been 100 percent sufficient with solar + powerwall, home useage, EV charging (MS and M3), and exporting quite a bit of electricity back to grid.

Patrick | 2018年6月27日

We've been using the add-on Neurio monitoring system with our PV generator for about a year now. Was surprised to see a recent picture of one installed inside a Tesla energy gateway box.

Do all new PW2/gateway installations come with an internal Neurio system to feed data to the Tesla app?

brian.rtl | 2018年6月27日

David, haven’t used any third party party apps myself including from Neurio. The installers just replaced the Neurio hardware device internal to the gateway.

Enjoy being grid-free! We went a good six months without pulling any power from the grid, so it was rather a letdown to have the PW off-line this past month. Glad to have it back.

Patrick: I’m not really clear on the technical aspects, but all the pictures I’ve seen of the Tesla gateway internals show the Neurio in the top left corner. I am 99% sure that is standard but I’ll let one of the more EE-type folks chime in.

Tesla-David | 2018年6月29日

@brian.rtl and @Patrick, they uninstalled our Neurio-solar app, when they did our PW2 installation las week. They indicated that my third party Neurio app was redundant with the Gateway, although they said nothing about there being a Neurio app inside the Gateway. I will ask them about that when they are out to install the slow-start device to our heat pump next week. Eight days in and I am absolutely blown away with our PW2 system. Our utility demand meter has not budged in last seven days (100 percent self sustaining), and we are exporting ~51 percent of our solar back to grid, after covering our home usage, EV charging, and PW2 charging. Our batteries are only drawing down to about 80 percent at night and the PW2 are charged back up to 100 percent by 10 a.m. Life is Good! ;0)

Brentt | 2018年12月21日

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RocTesla | 2018年12月24日

I’d experienced the same issue where the power flow stopped after 6 months of being in service. After 2 weeks of diagnostics, they found it to be a faulty neurio meter as well. However, because of poor communication and the holidays, it took a total of 2 months for it to be fixed. I’m happy that it’s back online now.

Tesla-David | 2018年12月24日

Six months of excellent performance with our 2 PW2’s. Totally blown away and deeply satisfied. No performance problems.

rheaumes2011 | 2018年12月29日

Is there an active recall on powerwall

khivateam7 | 2019年1月21日

Enjoy being grid-free! We went a good six months without pulling any power from the grid, so it was rather a letdown to have the PW off-line this past month. Glad to have it back. So that then i visit on this and

zubinanary | 2019年1月31日

(a) There is NO active recall on the Powerwall.. Some units are faulty and Tesla are replacing them. Apparently one of the pumps are bad. Version 1.23 now does "preventative maintenance on it's thermal control system". The results are then fed up to Tesla and they can determine which Powerwalls may need to be replaced if they have that bad pump.

(b) My setup has two Neurio, each with four ports, and I'm currently using 5 of the 8 ports. I have noticed that one of my Neurio does crash/hang, but luckily that one is on it's own 15amp breaker, so I just reset the breaker and all is well. If it continues to occur, I'll have to call it in to see if they get replace the Neurio.

khivateam7 | 2019年2月13日

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jaycarsman | 2019年2月14日

I've had a problem with the Powerwall 2 transfer switch tripping randomly 4-6 GFI/ARC panel breakers when the Powerwall engages. I resets the affected breakers and the problem only recurrs if the Powerwall kicks in again; The transfer to the PG&E Grid does not cause any problems at all. Tesla Tech Support is trying diligently to figure-out why this is happening. I wonder if if could be related to the extremely wet weather we have been having for the past several weeks.

jaycarsman | 2019年2月14日

Odd Powerwall 2 connection behavior.

Tesla-David | 2019年3月20日

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Tesla-David | 2019年4月23日

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andnewsindia82 | 2019年5月27日

Some units are faulty and Tesla are replacing them...There is NO active recall on the Powerwall...

massenbg75 | 2019年5月27日

Received an email today that Tesla will be turning off the old SolarCity web site. Supposedly the documents and billing portal have been ported over to our Tesla accounts, but I do not see anything. Real time usage monitoring is much better in Tesla app, but the SolarCity web site will allow a user to share their output performance (for each inverter) against daylight hours available and cloud cover. I use the data download feature A LOT which provides output figures in 15-minute increments to a comma separated value spreadsheet. Local energy provider also provides 15-minute increment data for download. Hope to not lose this feature in a post-SolarCity environment.

Tesla-David | 2019年6月9日

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Tesla-David | 2019年7月21日

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paralyzedcrow | 2019年8月8日

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Tesla-David | 2019年8月8日

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shawncordell | 2019年8月13日

I had 2 powerwalls installed on August 6th. Turns out one is faulty and will have to be replaced. When the faulty powerwall is turned on, half of my solar production is dumped to the grid even though my powerwalls aren’t close to being fully charged. The other half of my solar production powers the house and charges the working powerwall. As a result, my powerwall would never fully charge and would completely drain each night. Turning the faulty powerwall off allowed the other powerwall to function properly and now, by noon, it manages to charge to 100%.

I hope Tesla is able to replace it soon as I’m really enjoying the one working powerwall right now.

millerberumen | 2019年8月16日

I am confused now. We had our solar roof installed (not panels) along with two powerwalls. Then waited 3 weeks for LADWP to issue the PNO we were able to turn the system on two days ago. Our Powerwalls have yet to fully charge no matter what the charging routine is chosen and it has been very sunny here in Studio City. The system has a gateway installed near the breakers and I was also given a SolarCity external gateway. Do I need to have both gateways running in order to have the system operating properly? I ask because the last two days the app shows that no solar generated power has gone to the house but 90% is being sent to the grid and the remaining 10% is going to the powerwalls. What is the proper setup in order to get the power to the house and not the grid.

shawncordell | 2019年8月16日

My Powerwalls were dumping the majority of my solar production to the grid also. Then I went out to the garage and noticed that only one powerwall had a pulsing green light. The other one was just a solid green light( they are supposed to pulse when charging or discharging). That’s how I figured out one was faulty. When I turned the faulty powerwall off, the remaining one began to function properly. By this, I mean it stopped dumping energy to the grid and started charging. Only after my powerwall is charge does it dump energy to the grid now. I’m waiting on Tesla to replace the other powerwall.

shawncordell | 2019年8月16日

Also, under customize, self-powered should be checked and “reserve for power outages” should NOT be set to 100%. If set to 100%, it’s the same as backup only. Tesla recommends setting it to 20%. And keep in mind it takes about an hour for settings to update.

shawncordell | 2019年8月16日

I’m not sure about the gateway question as I only have one.

smaches | 2019年8月17日

Well, I've had my 2 PW2's for just over a year. They're coupled to a modest 4.8kW array feeding a 4.2kW ABB inverter. Other than a minor issue with the powerwalls after turnup (needed to have the two units *bonded* together to report properly), it's been trouble free. I use them in self-powered mode to maximize my savings and at true up last month I owed my grid operator a whopping 8 dollars (minus the monthly meter fees). Couldn't be happier with my system or the decision to purchase outright.

Tesla-David | 2019年8月17日

@smachws, I would second your positive comment. We had 2 PW2 installation 14 months ago to complement our 13.2 kWh solar PV system, also operating in self powered mode. We have been completely self sufficient operating our all electric home, charging our 2 Tesla’s, and exporting 55 percent of our excess solar back to grid since mid February. Our electric bill was only $180 for the entire year. Not much more one can say except the PW2’s are outstanding.

Tesla-David | 2019年8月18日

@millerberumen, responding to your post about PW2's not charging, and dumping power from your solar roof to grid, something is seriously amiss. You need to get Tesla-Energy out to see what is going on. After our installation, our 2-PW2's started charging immediately after they were turned on and only sent energy back to grid after being fully charged. This time of year our PW2's drain down to ~80 percent during the night, and are generally charged back up to 100 percent by 10 a.m. Let us know how your Tesla solar roof is working out. I would have gone that route, but had our solar installation in 2012, before that option existed. I can't really comment about your gateway question.

shawncordell | 2019年9月5日


My faulty powerwall was replaced today. Took less than an hour. Both of my powerwall are working perfectly now!! Thank Tesla and Good Faith Energy!

gregbrew | 2019年9月6日

Smatches, Sounds like your system is nearly identical to mine, except I have one more PV panel than you do, at 5.035kW DC. Same ABB inverter, with 2 PWs. Interestingly, my ABB inverter box actually contains two 2.1kW independent inverters inside it, which each report to the inverter front panel, but report their production as a single value through the little gateway box. Is yours the same?

My experience has been exemplary since the PV was installed in December 2015 and the PWs were added early this year. Tesla Customer Service has been very responsive to my concerns, and I've experienced zero hold times on the phone mid-week in the morning. I'm in So. CA.

dinukaqwe12 | 2019年11月2日

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