Power Window Issue

Power Window Issue

Anybody having any issues with their power windows? My car is 2 weeks old and has been running flawlessly. It was a hot day and I forgot to precool the car before I got in. I pressed down on all 4 buttons to lower all the windows at the same time to let the heat out. After a few minutes I pulled back on the switches one by one to bring them back up. Front passenger and rear passenger worked fine. The ones on the driver side wouldn't come up. After tinkering I figured out that if I tried to raise the ones on that side simultaneously they would come up. Now when I try to lower the driver's side with just the one button, the passenger also goes down and I have to use both buttons to bring them back up. Rear driver side passenger button still works normally so it's just the driver's control that's messed up. I called support and they are going to arrange a ranger appointment. The typical trouble shooting reboot steps didn't do anything. Anyone see anything like this.


minervo.florida | 2018年6月17日

On my S the driver window speed au/down would not work after rebooting by last update.
Called service and I had forgot these windows can be recalibrated. So I am going up click, then down click, not move the window full cycle and while I am doing this on the phone with him, it works perfectly.
So cool.

Michael B | 2018年6月17日

Can you elaborate on how you recalibrated? I don’t follow your steps.

minervo.florida | 2018年6月17日

What he wanted me to do was pull up (and down) on the switch so it would just touch the second click (auto up or down mode) and do that a bunch of times, I went both directions. After a bit it was fine.

On the S the windows move down 1 inch while closing the doors to relieve the pressure.

I bet Model 3 does not have that feature, your cabin has an open vent I believe.

So yours may not calibrate like the S.

jwitkin | 2018年6月17日

The Model 3 DOES have the same quick down-movement on door open to get out of the way of the seal. Should work the same.

davidbrenner1 | 2018年6月17日

I tried what you described and it didn't do anything. Buttons are still messed where driver side is making both windows go down and both are needed to make the windows come back up.

minervo.florida | 2018年6月17日

worth a try.

dfried | 2018年8月3日

I have this exact problem that started yesterday on my Model 3 that is 4 weeks old. Any solution or do i just call for service??

mos6507 | 2018年8月4日

...and so it continues.

Atoms | 2018年8月4日

Sounds like a hardware issue. Ranger needs to fix it. My windows work perfectly. Just tested all 4. I just love the window button feel. Someone did an awesome job on the window switches.

guslopeziii | 2018年8月13日

I opened my car door from the outside today and the window didn't go down as normal to clear the trim, scratching the trim. Has this happened to anyone? It was about 90 degrees here today.

dfried | 2018年8月16日

Update from my August 3rd post. The ranger came out, took off the interior door panel and hooked up a new switch which did not solve the problem. He said it was a control module issue and i need to go to my service center and have it replaced. Appointment made; I will update when I have some results.

Brentt | 2019年8月20日

Has Anyone gotten the window issue resolved. It's 100 degrees today and it's like the passenger side of my car has gone to sleep. The passenger mirror won't extend and neither the front or rear passenger windows will roll up or down.
The doors won't shut because the glass hits the door frame. I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago and after setting overnight it resolved itself. Ironically I had mobile service scheduled to take a look at it today, but Tesla cancelled the service after they began working again :-(

Brentt | 2019年8月20日

Another side note: The A/C doesn't seem to be functioning properly. Normally, even on a hot day the A/C is more than adequate, but I noticed going down the highway it's struggling to keep the interior cool, but when I stop and plug into charge the A/C works fine. I've also noticed the outside air temperature gauge is mis-reading by about ten degrees cooler.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 2019年8月20日

Hi Brentt,
Some issues are resolved with a reboot (hold down thumbwheels while pressing brake, release after T logo appears on screen). I’ve heard ov people fixing window issues by recalibration them. I believe the instructions are in the manual, page 14. Good luck!

Brentt | 2019年8月21日

Kudos to Tesla mobile service! They called within two hours of making an appointment and arrived the next day.

The "fix" was to do a cold boot which amounted to disconnecting the high voltage connector under the passenger seat, and the negative terminal on the 12v battery. So far, everything is back to normal. Should anything change I'll report back.

Brentt | 2019年8月27日

The "cold boot" ended up being a temporary fix. After a trip to the service center it was determined to be a failure in the Vehicle Control Module right side. Apparently there is a right and left unit. The right side unit is located in the passenger side, foot well kick panel, and is about 12"x12"x1". It controls the doors, mirror, windows, and some of the HVAC controls. In my car, it would prevent the windows from rolling down, the mirror from extending, the louver on the HVAC from operating, and HVAC control from the app didn't function properly. It even seemed to affect the outside temperature reading. What I discovered is, as long as the A/C was left on, and the cabin remained cool, everything worked, but if left in the sun, as soon it got hot inside the cabin, the unit would fail, and had to be cold booted again. So far, the repair seems to be working, expect now, the right rear passenger door won't open :-(