Paint Protection in Chicago

Paint Protection in Chicago

Hey everyone in order to fill the painful wait for what is sure to be the best car I have ever owned, I am curious if anyone has any recommendations for paint protection in the Chicago area. Also should I get a ceramic coating and a film (I've heard Xpell is a good one) or just one or the other. Never put any paint protection on my car before, so I am completely clueless! Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

dgcan75 | 2018年6月20日

I have been going back and forth on this for a while given that ceramic coating is just 25% of the cost of XPEL. If you are going to keep the car for 6+ years or are fine with spending $4-$8K for protecting your paint, then do the XPEL. If you do a lot of highway driving, do at least a partial hood in XPEL. If you are not worried about road chips, want some protection from some minor surface clear coat scratches or plan to sell the car within 5 years do Ceramic Coating. You can spend like $1200 now on ceramic coating and each year spend $300-$500 to do a good touch up/buff of the ceramic and after 5-6 years you will only be at about $3000-$4000 so not even at the XPEL cost and XPEL is only good for up to 10 years. So if you plan to sell in 3-4 years, you will save money with Ceramic and just spending money each year refreshing it.

Pstorost | 2018年6月20日

Thanks guys!

lilbean | 2018年6月20日

You're welcome! I opticoated the whole car and xpeled the bumper, mirrors, headlights, and center console.

wade.wilson | 2018年6月20日

I'm not in the Chicago area. But check out YouTube videos, look for "Chicago Auto Pros". That'll give you some ideas what type of stuff can be done. The video "How to protect your Tesla Model 3" is almost what I did, except they did wrap the entire car.

dragon_summie | 2018年6月20日

I am from Chicago and I saw a couple videos from Chicago Auto Pros

I was extremely interested in getting a wrap until...

I called for a quote...I thought it would be 3-5K for a full wrap but actually, its 8K LOL

wade.wilson | 2018年6月21日

@dragon_summie at that price, you should be able to get full wrap, ceramic coating, and windows tinted with ceramic film.

The Real Elon Musk | 2018年6月21日

If you're close check out Rush Group Auto in St. Charles IL. They are top notch and do extremely high quality work.

dragon_summie | 2018年6月21日

@glenchang, i agree so i politely said i will think about it lol. i ended up finding other shops who do full wrap, cost from 4500 to 5500. so yea i be taking my business elsewhere :)

Pstorost | 2018年6月22日

I've heard of Chicago auto Pros and they seem to have a good reputation. I'll check out Rush Auto Group. I also was thinking a full wrap, but now the price sounds a bit high! Thanks for all the input guys!

ahankes | 2018年6月22日

@dragon_summie - please let us know where you end up going and what the final price was! My delivery date is July 10, and I'm looking for a good affordable place.

dragon_summie | 2018年6月22日

i also saw a video a shop is doing spray autoflex. what it does its like XPEL, a full wrap but instead of 'wrapping' your car they spray this product the times on your car to protect your body just like a wrap

the spray will ended up like a plastic seal just like a wrap

it will cost $2K for a full Model3, however it only has a warranty of 5-7yrs

but the closest dealership to have this services is in Iowa...

and yes i will keep everyone update here :)

efuseakay | 2018年6月22日

Yes. Chicago Auto Pros is expensive. But their work really is unmatched. Make sure whoever you go with does NOT use templates from their film printer. You'll have seams everywhere and it'll look like crap over time. CAP custom wraps every car and tucks all the edges they can.

And yes, let us know who you decide to go with!

sarah_hone | 2018年9月20日

Probably too late now, but I just got my car fully wrapped by Tufgard in Schaumburg. Brian did an AMAZING job....and VERY competitive on price. Have since powder coated my rims and the guy there said he couldn't even tell I had it wrapped the job was that good. Super happy, would recommend to anyone in Chicago area looking to get PPF installed.

jnunez1016 | 2018年9月20日

@sarah_hone How much did it run you?

tesla@cdapp | 2019年3月13日

@lilbean - you stated, "I opticoated the whole car and xpeled the bumper, mirrors, headlights, and center console."

Mind sharing:
- How much was the whole job?
- Where did you go?
- Are you satisfied?