Handicap accessible Tesla??

Handicap accessible Tesla??

I'm hoping Tesla is considering a vehicle that can accommodate someone who needs extra room transferring in and out of a vehicle. Currently I own a Honda Element which allows more room for mobility with the rear out swing door, however, they no longer make that model and it's not electric! I was very excited about the Model X with the rear door opening above, however the vehicle body frame between front and rear seating is the problem. With an aging population, and the fact my daughter is handicapped, I am very limited to the vehicles I can choose from.

Tesla HELP!! I would love to work with anyone in design to help bring my dream into the market!!

EVRider | 2018年6月22日

Do any automakers make passenger vehicles specifically to accommodate disabled drivers or riders? You'll probably need to just find a vehicle that works for you and your daughter, or have a third party modify a Model X to meet your needs (if possible).

Should_I | 2018年6月22日

The door openings on the Teslas are fairly small, this is part of making a rigid safe cabin.

Money wise what you are suggesting is absurd for an OEM to consider.
As the other poster suggested have a vehicle modified.
Modification companies don't have as much red tape to bring something to market.

Honestly sounds like you need a minivan

marco | 2020年1月27日

Yes that would be something positive in this year off disasters . A tesla with room for my wheelchair.

FactDoc | 2020年1月27日

JerryRigEverything did it for you

Probably one of the most useful channel to follow on youtube

sgordon | 2020年1月31日


My name is Scott and I am a C3 quadriplegic and an occupational therapist who specialises in assistive technology. I have developed accessible vehicle controls that would legally enable many people with disabilities to drive, including head controls for high-level quadriplegics. My work was recently seen on Australian TV.
You can see the current test platform for the car in the video, an E85 ethanol vehicle.

I'm now working on building a wheelchair accessible electric vehicle using Tesla model S or model X rear motors. The car is being developed in Australia under the Ultra Low Production Passenger Car Scheme (500 vehicles per year). I'm planning to use air suspension to lower the car allowing access through the side with a short ramp. Unfortunately, we will not have Tesla charging, autopilot or the range of a standard Tesla.

The bodywork will be relatively boxy made from folded 3 mm plate aluminium. I've used this method of construction for several years to develop lightweight power wheelchairs with a monocoque shell. From what I've seen in media releases it looks like a very similar method to the proposed Cyber Truck construction method. The power wheelchairs we have tested with this construction method have been extremely strong and approximately half the weight of a standard power wheelchair so hopefully the construction method works equally as well with the car body. We are also using a standard chassis construction to make registration easier.

This project is not endorsed by Tesla in any way. The motors will be reused from written off damaged vehicles. Eventually it would be awesome if we could work with Tesla but I completely understand they have an excellent product and we have not proved ourselves yet. One day I'm hoping there will be a genuine Tesla Van that can just be retrofitted internally for wheelchairs. Something with approximately the same external size of a VW transporter but higher internal height to allow it to be wheelchair accessible. There are a lot of small technicalities around accessible vehicles and I'm hoping when the van is being designed accessible disability experts, particularly users are consulted.

Kind Regards