Tesla Energy Restructuring

Tesla Energy Restructuring

Just curious if anyone else has been impacted by the recent staff reductions at Tesla Energy.

We were one of the early adopters of the Model S and had very positive experiences with Tesla back in 2013 when dealing with the Model S.

After moving to Arizona (Tucson - TEP), it seemed logical that we'd go to Tesla first for a solar home installation.

We contacted the local field sales agent and had a positive experience - decided to pursue the project (a 12.4 kW home solar install) with Tesla.

Local sales rep kept us in the loop and we were very confident that we made the right choice. Loan approved, docs submitted to TEP, permit approved...all good...


Radio silence...for two weeks...

Called local sales rep to see what was up and he informed us that he was in the 9% cut and our contract had been transferred to home office sales in CA. Since the contract was reassigned, he no longer could provide information on project status and suggested calling customer care.

Called customer care and after 45 minutes on hold, was informed that the agent needed more time to become familiar with the status of the contract.

Given that we were well into the contract and pretty far along in the process, to receive NO indication of what was going on, NO contact information, and NO access to updated contract information...the handoff from local sales to central sales was handled quite poorly. An admission - part of the issue is that TEP (local electric co) is in the process of moving off net metering (which completely upsets the economics of home solar) and timing is an important issue - in particular, getting the solar application submitted to and approved by TEP in a timely manner to ensure we're grandfathered into net metering until 2038.

Seems as though the latest restructuring was not well thought out or planned and left us in a lurch for information. An email explaining the situation and providing new contact information for whomever was handling the contract would have been very much appreciated.

Now, we're left wondering if we made the right choice...

Just curious if others have had the same experience?



sashton | 2018年6月23日

Not exactly the same scenario but we had a confirmed order for June and then silence. After making a fuss we are told that the Model 3s were taking all the batteries. So, at a stroke, we learn that one Model 3 customer is more important than four PW customers and customer service for energy customers is non-existent. We were told that the October date we were postponed to may be brought forward to August but as PWs only really work for their living in this country in the summer it is little succour - today the existing PW II here was fully charged by 11:30 a.m. and now we are exporting for no benefit (no net metering here and both cars are fully charged).

Tesla-David | 2018年6月23日

I just had our two PW2 installation completed this past Thursday, and have been enjoying the incredible performance of our Powerwall battery system for two days now, and can say unequivocally that it was worth the long wait for us (almost 3 years). We are now able to generate enough electricity off our 13.2 kWh solar system coupled with our two PW2s to completely eliminate our grid draw over last two days. Tesla-Energy has been very helpful in finally getting me to the finish line. I know they are experiencing problems with PW2 availability, but my personal experience with Tesla-Energy feedback over past two months has been exceptional. I am fortunate that we do have net metering, and as @sashton mentioned, our PW2 batteries are recharged by mid day and then the solar goes to the home and the rest exported back to the grid.

jlhm | 2018年6月23日

I just got our design for the PV and signed the documents. So far it looks ok. I was told the installation will be in 2-3 months.

Tesla-David | 2018年6月23日

@jlhm, good luck, hope you have smooth sailing the rest of the way. I am very blown away with our PW2 installation, and absolutely think it was worth it.

jlhm | 2018年6月23日

@David. I also ordered 3 PW2 but separately to not delay the PV installation but the PV design have them included for later installation.