New Model S and Version 1 Wall Charger - Don't Work Together

New Model S and Version 1 Wall Charger - Don't Work Together

I recently bought our second Model S after 3 years. We had a version 1 Wall Charger. And, were surprised that the new Tesla did not work with the old Wall Charger.

Checked out that: New Model S (purchased on June 9) did charge from a SuperCharger, a Destination Charger and from the Mobile Charger. The version 1 Wall Charger did work with another older Model S.

Service at Tesla was very helpful - and we went through the data and logs.

It seems the older Wall Charger has a less sophisticated control system and the newer Tesla did not get the right signals back to keep the charge continuing. Instead, there was both an error message on the Tesla and the Wall Charger went to "red" indicator - showing it was not working.

I received a new Wall Charger from Tesla and my electrician swapped it out and it all works PERFECTLY.

Apparently the upgrade in the chip sets on the new Model S requires a more recent Wall Charger.

If you are in the same situation - please contact and work with your Service Center.

Tesla-David | 2018年7月5日

Are you referring to the tesla HPWC charger? I have a 2013 HPWC and it works fine for our 2015 MS85D and also charges our 2018 M3. If it charges the M3 I do not understand why it would not charge a new MS?

Tesla-David | 2018年7月5日

I also recently had a friend visiting with his 2017 MS charge his MS using our HPWC, and his car charged fine with the older HPWC,so-your post is very confusing to me.

ST70 | 2018年7月5日

huh? I've never heard of this

Rocky_H | 2018年7月5日

Yes, this is a known issue that has been reported to Tesla by several people and they are looking into it. It's an incompatibility somehow with the old Tesla wall connectors and the new Tesla cars that have the newer 2nd version central computer unit. There has been a discussion going on here since early June.

ST70 | 2018年7月5日

Interesting...thanks Rocky!

RanjitC | 2018年7月5日

I had this problem with a loaner while my car was in the shop.

sugatadas | 2018年9月21日

My wife and I traded in our S and my X today for 2 new S100D. Came home and the home HPWC charging did not work, same red indicator on the port as well as charging cable, had to reset it to come back to green.
Called the delivery people and after 10minutes or so, was told that they had has heard similar customer complaints. Surprising that returning clients are not advised on this issue.

bp | 2018年9月23日

When we encountered this problem in June, Tesla's charging team indicated they were working on a software update that would correct the incompatibility with the Gen 1 HPWC's. Because it would be a while before the fix was completed and distributed in a software update, the recommendation was to replace the Gen 1 HPWC with a new Gen 2 HPWC.

Evidently the software fix hasn't been distributed yet.

Recommend you call Tesla's phone support team and request to talk with someone in the charging group, who should be able to help you.

Though, until the software fix has been distributed, even if you get Gen 2 HPWC's at home, you'll still have a risk of encountering the problem when trying to charger at a destination charger using a Gen 1 HWPC.

Nantang | 2019年9月17日

Has this issue been solved? According to the TMC Forums, someone connected a 2019 build Model S 75 without a problem, suggesting the same with new builds today, but that was car with a 48 Amp charger, not a 72. | 2019年9月17日

I have a new Raven Model S and it charges fine with my circa 2014 HPWC version 1.0 (I do miss the 80 Amp charge rate of my old Model S; 48A works ok).

Nantang | 2019年9月17日

Can it charge at, say, 72 Amps?

Nantang | 2019年9月17日

Can it charge at, say, 72 Amps? | 2019年9月18日

No. Max rate on my Raven (LR with performance) is 48A. | 2019年9月18日

Has not been a problem as it is still fast enough to provide a 90% charge overnight at a Tesla destination charger or a quick charge at home.

Nantang | 2019年9月20日

Will it set the rate automatically, or will I need to set it either in the car or on the wall connector?

hsuru4u | 2019年9月20日

the ver 1 cable allowed 40 amp charging where as the ver2(recent) cable only allows 35 amps or 38 amps. so it will charge your car slower- like 1/2 less with ver 1 vs ver2 to full charge. | 2019年9月21日

@hsuru4u - this thread is about the wall connector not the mobil connector. | 2019年9月21日 | 2019年9月21日

@hsuru4u - And the v2 mobile is limited to 32 amps. There is a special v2 14-50 only version that handles 40 amps.

@Nantang - Rate is limited by the switches inside the HPWC and also limited automatically by what the car can accept. For example, you could have the 80 amp HPWC settings (and wiring/breakers to match), but a new Raven car would only charge at 48 amps.