Would pay for CarPlay compatibility

Would pay for CarPlay compatibility

I have recently had the opportunity to rent a car that has CarPlay functionality through Apple. While we can debate the merits of Apple at another time, this was an extremely slick interface for music, messaging, and maps. Granted, the Tesla Google Map is better than anything I've seen, but the music interface needs improvement. I would hope that Tesla could develop CarPlay compatibility, but if not, have an add-on developed application that could be purchased to enable compatibility.

(Or at least improve the music interface --- and downloading using an external flash drive does not help with streaming services, and Tesla radio is good, but not GREAT).

EVRider | 2018年7月28日
PatientFool | 2018年7月28日

funny i finally rented a car with carplay too and drove across france with it. after so many requests for it i was eager to try it out. i was pretty underwhelmed by it. it seemed to only work for a very limited number of apple apps. not even waze. i used it off and on for navigation but phone/music/messaging/etc weren't useful to us since we didn't use those apps typically. i see that apple is supposedly opening up waze to carplay on IOS12 but my point here is it wasn't the great or even terribly useful experience that i was expecting and like tesla's platform is clearly still evolving.

After using it i realized i didn't really want it in my car afterall. Rather, i'd just like to see Tesla build upon their nav (there's a handful of improvements i'd love to see) and their platform (add some other commonly requested apps).

carlk | 2018年7月28日

Tesla's navigation is very good and better than anything I've used. That's especially true of the newest dash screen turn by turn instructions. Very clear and easy to follow with a quick glance. Waze does give you the (maybe?) better ability to redirect when there is a traffic jam although it has becoming a victim of its own success. When a lot of people are following it the bypass will be the new bottleneck before you even got there.

booshtukka | 2018年7月28日

I would also pay for CarPlay.

Not interested in hearing about how for some people Tesla’s software is better. In my experience, for my use case, it is not even close.

carlk | 2018年7月28日

Just use your money to buy a car that has CarPlay. Leave Tesla to people who like the car better. That's how the free market works.

carlk | 2018年7月28日

Just use your money to buy a car that has CarPlay. Leave Tesla to people who like the car better. That's how the free market works.

Silver2K | 2018年7月28日

I agree with @carlk

sjwalther | 2018年7月29日

Thank you EVRider... that was an informative link and makes lots of sense.

P100DL Dude | 2018年7月29日

I had a rental for 10 days with CarPlay (a Hyundai). The only thing that was good about CarPlay was messages. The maps/nav in a Tesla is superior. And the music streaming is also better because you don't to plug anything in. IMHO. I used to want CarPlay in my Tesla, now I really don't care anymore, the benefit is much smaller than I anticipated.

bp | 2018年7月30日

Before the Model S went into production, Tesla was showing an App Store on the console display prototypes.

After the Model S went into production, Musk indicated Tesla would be providing a 3rd party programming interface and release the App Store.

Then he stated that instead of the App Store, they would be providing "screen mirroring", but probably not using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Due to the potential risks of allowing 3rd party software to run on the console processor, and the possibility of malicious apps impacting the car's operation, providing screen mirroring should be a more secure solution - and also get Tesla out of the business of developing, partnering or validating 3rd party apps.

Besides getting access to smartphone music and navigation apps, having screen mirroring would also allow other apps to be accessible from the console display - apps like Audible, Spotify,, SiriusXM, … would be accessible from the console, something that requires using the smartphone display today.

As long as Tesla can support the two major smartphone platforms (Apple and Google), it shouldn't matter whether they use the Apple or Google solutions or go with a 3rd party or in house (which is more likely).

Though even if Tesla has screen mirroring, they still need to fix the bugs and deficiencies with the media player and navigation apps.

Now that Tesla is starting to sell more vehicles than other major manufacturers (like Jaguar), it's getting harder to justify having great EV hardware while missing obvious software features...

Anthony J. Parisio | 2018年7月30日

Car Play is. not that important to me. I like what Tesla has put in the car for music and navigation.

carlk | 2018年7月30日

There were people who want their PC to run Apple apps and there were people who want their Mac to run Windows programs. Then when simulators becoming available to allow them to do those things few jumped in to use them. Most realized the best solution is to buy a PC or Mac if you want to do things it does best.

I can see the sentiment that a few just want to have everything they couldn't have in particular things they are used to. Again learn how to use the Tesla UI, I'm sure you will love it, probably better, even if it does not do everything the way you used to. Or you can just buy your perfect car elsewhere. Tesla ain't going to put those in its cars. It might have considered that when it was a small niche company but definitely not now or in the future.

dvanlier | 2018年7月30日

Agree about CarPlay, would be optional to use so it wouldn’t hurt anyone like carlk except in a philosophical sense. Mainly it’s superior in text messaging and waze is a superior navigation system. (I know Tesla has been promising these for years but still has yet to appear).

matt | 2019年6月1日

+1 for CarPlay. It's one of the few ways that many other cars are substantially better than Tesla. Just try fast forwarding +15 or +30 seconds in a podcast in a Tesla. How many more years before they get that feature added, if ever? With CarPlay, it "just works" correctly.

jeffaajones | 2019年6月7日

I for one would love to have the option to select car play. Also would like to see options for a variety of apps such as Amazon Music, , Waze etc... My 2018 MS 75D does not have an AM radio antenna, so I cannot tune my local news radio station KRLD 1080. That news station is not available on any of the streaming capabilities of the MS.