How long was your "Drafting up your contract" to delivery?

How long was your "Drafting up your contract" to delivery?

Just checked my account yesterday & it asked me to fill out the credit application for financing.
My account page now says "We are drafting up your contract and will contact you when you can make your final payment."
Does this mean i might be getting my M3 AWD soon?
How long after you got asked to fill out app did you get your car?
28 long months and counting...…..

michael | 2018年8月1日

I'm at 15 days and still counting.

michael | 2018年8月1日

... sorry, not for AWD. Mine is for LR RWD.

Goldie | 2018年8月1日

Thanks for posting, guess the wait continues.
Anyone in this situation for LR AWD?

mikesafh | 2018年8月1日

I think most AWD folks are in this situation. That’s been my status since end of June. Only been a handful of deliveries mentioned so far in the various other threads.

wayne | 2018年8月1日


erickear | 2018年8月1日

I had delivery scheduled before the final documents were generated. LR RWD

michael | 2018年8月1日

Unfortunately for us Texans, the car cannot leave California until it is fully funded. The bank won't fund it until the final contract is in place. So I'm stuck in "drafting up your contract" purgatory or "contract production hell."

ThomasNOLA | 2018年8月1日

@michael: Same here. I'm on Day 12 of contract watch. LR RWD. Insult to injury is that my Delivery Advisor is apparently now on vacation, as evidenced by his out of office email response and voice mail that is full and not accepting messages. Can't figure out how it takes longer to get a contract for a Model 3 than it takes to build a Model 3.

jogarza | 2018年8月1日

I entered "We are drafting up your contract and will contact you when you can make your final payment." status on Monday (7/30) and then was contacted by phone that evening. On the phone call they told me anticipated delivery is 3rd week in August. LR - RWD, TX

Michael.Utah | 2018年8月1日

Since 6/28
Salt Lake City

lajones | 2018年8月1日

My paperwork and the final financing for me to transfer the down payment was ready the morning of delivery. The whole process though from the time I paid the extra $2,500 until delivery was about 2 weeks.

gcklo | 2018年8月1日

I took delivery before there was any contract

afcop2 | 2018年8月1日

jogarza, when did you reserve/configure? I am in TX as well. Thanks!

rawjer | 2018年8月1日

I configured 5 days ago on July 27, 2018. An hour or so later I put in my driver's license and insurance and I checked the box that said I was paying cash. Starting then I got the message saying they are drafting up my contract, and it hasn't changed. So at least in my case, it was the instant I clicked that I was paying cash, and I haven't heard anything since. Maybe that message is just triggered by the financing rather than possible delivery? I'm also in Texas, near San Antonio.

stumarg | 2018年8月1日

4/1/16 deposit and I ordered 6/27 - Midnight Silver, Performance, Aero Wheels. Someone is probably drafting the contract long-hand, as Tesla has been "drafting my contract" ever since!

michael | 2018年8月1日

@rawjer The process is different for you, @afcop2, @jogarza, @ThomasNOLA, and myself. Unlike @lajones and @erickear who can have their cars shipped to them even while the final contract is still in process, Texas has a (dealership) racketeering gig that requires the customer to pay for the car first (a.k.a contract finalized and funded regardless of paying cash or financing) before Tesla can bring the car into the state of Texas. And even when that's complete, Tesla itself cannot bring the car into the state of Texas, they have to engage a 3rd party to bring it over state lines.

mkrueger3 | 2018年8月1日

I received my email indicating my contract was being written and was given an August 1st delivery date but had to push it back to the 6th. This is for a LR RWD.

pubcheese | 2018年8月1日

I've had the same question and been in the same "Drafting your contract" status for about two weeks. I'm also one of the lucky Texans with the overly-complicated delivery scenario. Racketeering is right. RW, Aero, EAP. At least my lug nut covers came in about a week after I ordered them. So I have that to hold on to.

Goldie | 2018年8月1日

Thanks for all the info. Looks like I have some time before the car actually comes. I just get excited and a little depressed looking at my wall charger, mats, sunshade & console wrap still in the boxes sitting on the floor of my office un-opened every single day.

dt22cc | 2018年8月1日

Waited 3 days for me. I e-mailed my IDA about getting on the schedule and he called me back about 10 mins later to schedule delivery. You might want to try reaching out to yours if you haven't yet.

Jjlintner | 2018年8月1日

I’m at 13 days and counting but also for a LR Rwd. In Texas where the dealer network hates Tesla and drive the State Government. waiting the same 28 months...

Goldie | 2018年8月2日

Anyone from NYC take delivery or have a scheduled delivery for a LR AWD?

mystiq | 2018年8月2日

@Goldie haha I wish. Reserved 3/2017, ordered June 30th. AWD Black.

nerynadir | 2018年8月2日

I got notified that my M3 was ready, and started the process almost immediately. That first notification happened in July 7th. It is close to a month and the contract is still being "drafted". This is the only information I got from my Tesla representative: "The contracts teams are currently working on a new way for you all to receive them". What does that mean? I don't know, but delivery is priority and if the process is delayed due to a new process implementation, that is not good.

jogarza | 2018年8月2日

Reserved 5/2017
Deposit and initial config early July
Added EAP a couple days later
Switched from AWD to RWD on 7/25/18
Contacted on 7/30 and found my VIN via "encoded VIN", 45XXX
Still waiting for contract

Final config:
LR RWD, MSM Paint, 18" Aero Wheels, EAP

VLTWGGN | 2018年8月2日

FWIW I'm at T-48hrs and still nothing. If I don't receive it by COB today, I'll have to delay delivery.

shadoh | 2018年8月2日

Same as a lot of others on this thread, but Texas here, been waiting 1+ weeks for contract. I was FINALLY able to get my IDA to respond to me, and he repeated that "there is nothing we can do," "sorry for the delay," and that "there is no ETA."

garygid | 2018年8月2日

They delivered "my" (an already in-stock) M3 over a week ago, without the proper documents, ... but it appeared that they wanted my money and were willing to "fake it" a bit on the documents.

If they have your car, and you actually are ready to pay them, perhaps just ask them "Do you want my money or not?"

Goldie | 2018年8月3日

I'm going to try calling to get more info from TESLA. Will keep you all posted.

Goldie | 2018年8月3日

After only 30 minutes on hold....They said I had a VIN assigned & my car went into production on 8/1 and should be 3-4 weeks to delivery. Keeping my fingers crossed. Finish line is within sights!
TESLA stock pop yesterday just paid for half the car.

Reserved 4/7/16
Configured 6/28/18
Tesla Credit Approved 7/31/18

Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
18’’ Aero Wheels
Premium Interior
Enhanced Autopilot

pubcheese | 2018年8月7日

I called about my lingering "drafting your contract" and they told me they had a VIN (news to me). I emailed my rep the next day and she said it's been "drafting" for far too long and she'd do something about it. Next thing you know, later that day I had my actual MVPA and the site allowed me to give them all my money. Now awaiting info on delivery.

So, maybe it pays to nudge.

Also, my VIN still doesn't show up on my account page. I have to open up the purchase agreement document to see it.

stevekoenig | 2018年8月7日

pubcheese. Nice! What was your configuration?

jfs130 | 2018年8月7日

@pubcheese did you just call the normal support line?

stevekoenig | 2018年8月7日

@jfs130. Excellent question!

dragon_summie | 2018年8月7日

18 days and counting!!!

I am sure they hired alot of english major professional to draft and having alot of lawyers reviewing my contract lol...

Totalfixation | 2018年8月7日

Does anyone know if I should pay the down payment before the contract is sent to me or should I pay after I sign the contract? or is the contract done but didn't get a notification yet?

Rjk | 2018年8月7日

Line waiter at tesla store for reservation
Ordered 6/26 P3D black stealth rap+fsd
7/20 notification from tesla delivery advisor
7/20 provides all info to tesla and moved to contract team
8/7 contract (mvpa) available and signed
8/8 funding complete
Car should be released to ship to TX today

So 18 days waiting on contract for Texas delivery. Might have been worse because Texas deliveries don’t have a date assigned until after contract signed and car shipped

dd.micsol | 2018年8月8日

If you're paying by electronic funds transfer you can get the car really fast.

I got mine in 2 days after ds called me.

mittal_a | 2018年8月8日

I have a delivery scheduled today for 5PM EST and Tesla is still drafting the contract :)

pubcheese | 2018年8月9日

@jfs130 Yes, I called the regular support line.
@stevekoenig - RWD, MSM, EAP, 18

Texas here, so thanks @Rkj for that timeline.

For me,
8/7 The paperwork came in electronically via a Docusign doc (so glad not FedEx or otherwise physical paperwork).
8/7 After paperwork signed, my account page allowed me to give them all the money.
8/7 Alliant credit union electronic docs for the other part complete
8/8 Nothing new from Tesla. Did get a Tesla charger installed in my garage, which makes this waiting all the more difficult
8/9 Um, hope?

pubcheese | 2018年8月9日

Oh yeah, my VIN is kind of low. RWD MSM 282xx.

kyoung | 2018年8月9日

I just completed the loan app yesterday 8/8/18 , have no VIN, and am stuck in the drafting up the contract... however I just got from ISA to confirm delivery next Wednesday 8/15/18. Guess it helps being close to the factory?

starfall | 2018年8月9日

I am in California. I ordered the Performance model. It has been in drafting contract for 2 weeks. No call from tesla. Estimate delivery date is still between aug 18 and oct 18.

abagherita | 2018年8月9日

any idea on how long i might get mine? i'm in "drafting contract" mode for a month now and i'm in toronto canada.

jogarza | 2018年8月9日

@pubcheese It looks like we're on similar timelines maybe about a day apart.
I'm also in TX with identical configuration to yours, as it happens, VIN 45xxx. They received the funds from my credit union late yesterday and called today to setup the delivery appointment on 8/25.
FWIW, my page still shows "drafting contract" mode though I've already signed everything and the delivery date and time are listed now.

jogarza | 2018年8月9日

Also, I threw them a curveball and had my credit union wire the financed amount and my down payment as one (after the IDA said that was OK) and now my finance page says they owe me $35k! I'll expect a cashier's check upon delivery of the car.

jdirik | 2018年8月9日

@pubcheese and jogarza, I am also in Texas (Dallas). I have the same config, MSM, RWD, EAP but with 19". Funded yesterday and received a delivery date for 8/28 even though contract not signed yet. Seems like a long time since she expected the contract to be ready in a week or so. My IDA thought the delivery might take place earlier. She specifically told me that the car is on its way out the door now. I think for Dallas, anyway, there may be a logjam to receive and prep cars for delivery.

alex | 2019年8月14日

Anyone please clarify: I don't have a VIN yet, should I setup financing at the bank now, or should I wait for Tesla to finish up the contract.

I'm currently at "We are drafting up your contract and will contact you when you can make your final payment."

Thank you!

Thrillion | 2019年8月14日

My two cents you got 2 weeks but it may depend on where you live.
I would have pre approval set up soon. No real reason not to unless you think rates will change in the coming days.
You know how much it will cost, you know the make and model... should be easy unless, like I said, you are shopping rates.

Joshan | 2019年8月14日

6 days