1 Gallon of Water spilled in my Model 3 Trunk

1 Gallon of Water spilled in my Model 3 Trunk

Hi All,

This is really a bad experience for me. I got my Model 3 on Aug 3rd and yesterday around 9:30 PM, I was on my way back from whole foods getting water. I kept my 1 Gallon and 3 Gallon bottles in trunk. I usually do the same with my previous car. I took a left turn and all of a sudden my 1 Gallon bottle started to roll and I can feel the bottle is rolling. But after reaching home, it was a shock for me. My 1 Gallon bottle breaks and water spills inside my trunk completely. I couldn't know what I should do at that time. I immediately squeezed and tried to suck water out with a sponge and cloth. Then I called my friend who is familiar about cars. He pulled out the trunk and we tried to take maximum amount of water out and used drier for drying the trunk mats. I felt pretty good after doing this and I'm hoping that water doesn't reach till battery.

Is there any thing that I should really worry about. ? Any suggestions are more appreciated. Thanks in advance.

TeslaFan2516 | 2018年8月6日

1 Gallon of Water spilled in my Model 3 Trunk. Is there any thing that I should really worry about. ? Any suggestions are more appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Rutrow 3 | 2018年8月6日

It'll be fine. Everything under the trunk liner gets wet when driving in rain.

Just be glad it wasn't milk. Spilled a gallon of that in my car once. Despite immediate dilution and cleaning, in a few days the nauseating odor of spoiled milk bedeviled that car for weeks. Gaack!!!

Polen | 2018年8月6日

Thank god it wasn't milk.

lilbean | 2018年8月6日

Sorry to hear this happened. My guess is that it will be fine. I would invest in a trunk mat. I've had two water bottles empty out in my trunk and I was so relieved to have the mat that contained all the fluid.

vmulla | 2018年8月6日

Nothing to worry about. The delivery specialist explicitly told me that both the frunk and trunk are designed to handle spills..Just wipe them off as best as you can and air the wet location out.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年8月6日

If you live in a warm area I would just park it outside and leave the trunk open. You can also go out and buy some desiccant to help suck the moisture out of the air in the trunk.

It would not hurt to call TESLA and ask them what can be done, as well.

dave.m.mcdonough | 2018年8月6日

It won't "reach the battery" !
They aren't connected, the battery is a big tray under the car.
It's like any other trunk, just leave it open to dry out.

Rutrow 3 | 2018年8月6日

One thing I just though of, if the woofer speaker in the right side lower area got wet you'll want to allow it to dry before cranking up the volume. I wouldn't turn on the stereo at all until it dries. Check the woofer enclosure for water. It might hold a significant pool of water in the case.

TeslaFan2516 | 2018年8月6日

Thanks @everyone for your quick replies. This makes me little relief.

@Rutrow S I would definitely look at the woofer and will try to dry it as well

Atoms | 2018年8月6日

Get a trunk liner. Also there are little hooks to hang grocery bags to prevent rolling.
Just make sure it is dry before putting back the pieces so there is no molding.

christian | 2018年8月6日

"No use crying over spilled water" is what I always say.

efuseakay | 2018年8月6日

Get a cooler/coolers just for this sort of thing.

rsingh05 | 2018年12月23日

@TeslaFan2516 - I had this happen to me tonight. I tried to dry the trunk wel out as much as possible but I can tell there’s water under the liner. Did you notice Any long term effects for the water? How long did it take to completely dry out btw?

vmulla | 2018年12月24日

That water under the liner is ok. As a matter of fact, if you drive through heavy rain there will be some dampness at the lowest areas of the trunk, especially the corners.

rsingh05 | 2019年2月21日

@vmulla - took it to Tesla and they placed absorbent pads on it. I also tried absorbent towels multiple times. Helped some but after nearly two months, its still wet. Blame it on the lack on sun and near constant rain in the bay area this season. What's really the source of the problem is that there's an inch or so of space under the liner and above the bottom of the trunk where the water has gone. It's impossible to reach unless you take the trunk liner off, which is not easy to do either.

I went to Tesla again and they quoted $ 200 to replace the felt liner. I think I'll try rice or maybe even a fan, before paying the $ 200.

wiboater4 | 2019年2月22日

Wet Vac

andy.connor.e | 2019年2月22日

If you have a garage, open your trunk and leave it open forever. Possibly get a fan and mount it somewhere that it can blow inside your trunk. Do that every day and you've got to imagine that eventually it will dry.

rsingh05 | 2019年2月22日

It’s too cold and damp to dry here on its own. Tried it already. Ordered silica gel packets - will report back.

@wiboater4 - any specific wet vac model you’ve found useful?

wiboater4 | 2019年2月23日

I have a couple of Shop Vac's They work great. I had my washing machine drain freeze last winter and had to use one to suck up all the water in my utility room. I'd think almost any wet vac would work fine even a small one. Then maybe follow up with just a hair dryer or wait for it to air dry.