Missing map data

Missing map data

The map and data is completely missing, just a blank grey screen with the small red dart showing my location appear.

I have been away for over a month so I don't know exactly when this happened.

Is anyone else having this problem? | 2018年8月10日

Do you have a cellular connection in the car (it shows the signal in the top status area)? My guess is you're in a dead spot. As soon as you move the car into an area that has celular, the map will be downloaded and appear.

njmorrell | 2018年8月10日

It is not the cellular connection because the other stuff works, Internet, internet radio etc.

ulrichard | 2018年8月10日

Maybe the mars rover easter egg is activated?

rxlawdude | 2018年8月10日

I've seen this in the past couple of days. There's something amiss for sure.

EVRider | 2018年8月10日

Did you reboot?

rxlawdude | 2018年8月10日

I rebooted. In spite of full LTE coverage (all bars), the map would simply not update in the area I was driving. I could switch to Satellite view and it seemed to cache that map. But zooming in or zooming far out showed the "grey grid o' death." :-)

I attributed this to a server issue. It resolved after about a half hour. This was yesterday 8/9 around 2100 PDT.

JPPTM | 2018年8月10日

I think there have been some issues with Tesla's servers in the past couple of days, since I too have seen spotty map tiling as well as spotty traffic overlay. But, yes, always a good idea to do the 2 finger reboot (press the roller buttons and hold until you see the Tesla T on the touchscreen.

NoMoPetrol | 2018年8月10日

I had the same problem while in S. LA county about the same time and day as rxlawdude. The weird thing was that I could navigate from place to place and a small map appeared on the HUD. By morning it was OK.

NoMoPetrol | 2018年8月10日

While at the Redondo Beach supercharger during the map disappearance, I asked another driver about the issue. Her car still had a map.

Stankfish | 2018年8月11日

Had the same issue. Double wheel reboot took care of it.

rxlawdude | 2018年8月11日

Yep, it was back today. Reboot solved it.

rxlawdude | 2018年8月11日

Interestingly, it affected only the flat maps. The satellite view maps painted with no problem!

njmorrell | 2018年8月12日

Yes, I get the satellite view OK, but no traffic data.

rxlawdude | 2018年8月12日

There's clearly something odd happening and it's intermittent.

njmorrell | 2018年8月15日

Well, without doing anything it is half back. The traffic data (red/yellow/green) is back and a pale grey and white street outline but not the full display.

blackiysto | 2018年8月15日
EVRider | 2018年8月17日

I just encountered the missing map data today for the first time. I've been on 2018.16 for a while, so I didn't just upgrade. I checked the LTE coverage when it happened and it was two bars. As @rxlawdude reported earlier, satellite view did work.

When it first happened I was missing part of the map, and after parking and starting up later it was all grey. I switched to satellite view for a few minutes and when I switched back, the map was working again.

I suspect it is related to cell coverage, and the other internet services don't require as much bandwidth as the maps so they continue to work (internet radio is also buffered). Although this was the first time this happened to me, it was also the first time I drove in that particular area.

njmorrell | 2018年8月21日

Well overall it was missing or part missing for almost 2 weeks, now it seems to be back without me doing anything.

I live in Miami and the cell coverage is mostly good with 3 or more bars all the time.

Is there more than one map server? Does the server it uses depend on where you live?

Also do new Teslas come with 4G or is everyone on 3G?

rxlawdude | 2018年8月21日

I still am seeing "Routing without traffic information" a lot. Full LTE signal. Odd. | 2018年8月21日

@njmorrell - 4G/LTE on all Teslas since about 2016. These are capable of handling 3G if there is no 4G available. 3G for maps works fine too, so that shouldn't be an issue. If it drops to 2G/Edge (haven't seen it for years), data is way too slow to be useful for anything.

So lack of data can be due to LTE data issues (celular carrier), Tesla server, Google's map data, or the car is out of GPS range for a significant time where it's unclear geospatially where the car is. It actually surprising that with all the parts involved, it works as well as it does.

P.S. very rare for me to see any map issues. Just an occasional repaint at the edges when turning, which usually takes about 2-3 seconds to acquire the map. Zooming out takes a few seconds longer on a few occasions for it to fill in.

EVRider | 2018年8月21日

I had another occurrence of the "missing map" data today, driving around Hollywood FL. Satellite view continued to work. When the map data first disappeared I checked the LTE signal and it showed 3 bars.

I drove about 140 miles in all today and the map was displayed most of the time, but I had no traffic data at all until the last 5 minutes of my drive (toggling traffic off and on made no difference). I've had stale traffic data before; this was the first time it was completely missing for a long period of time.

I'm on 2018.26, in a 2016 Model S with LTE, MCU1, and AP1.

njmorrell | 2018年8月24日

OK, so I have just heard a rumor that the missing map date problem has been caused by software updates, very annoying.

Also I have discovered I can get an update to a 4G chip for $291, I wonder is it worth it? | 2018年8月24日

@njmorrell - are you saying the Tesla 3G to 4G/LTE retrofit prices has dropped from $500 to $291? That's a great deal. I paid $500 to have mine done, and I thought it was worth it. Coverage areas for LTE now is far better than 3G and I suspect 3G equipement/towers are actually being removed as everything moves to 4G/LTE. It may be a while, but at some point the 3G network will be decommissioned.

rxlawdude | 2018年8月24日

@TTap, I'd give it three years in many areas of the US before 3g is deprecated.

blue adept | 2019年11月16日

@njmorrell,, @ulrichard, @rxlawdude, @EVRider, @JPPTM, @NoMoPetrol, & @patswin...

Is it possible that the map's data disruption was due to localized EM interference being emitted from an indigenous/local source?

I ask because @EVRider mentioned something about noticing the issue while they were commuting through a new-to-them area and EM radiation of differing wavelengths can overlap or disrupt or interrupt one another.

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KevinTaylor1544 | 2020年5月14日

I still am seeing "Routing without traffic information" a lot. Full LTE signal. Odd.

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