Model 3 Screen font size

Model 3 Screen font size

There is a way to make screen size bigger?
It is very unpleasant to drive an try to read the screen at the same time with my aging eyes.

albertorusso | 2018年8月18日

It is very unpleasant to drive an try to read the screen at the same time with my aging eyes.

CharleyBC | 2018年8月18日

There is no such adjustment, though many have made a similar complaint. Let Tesla know your suggestion. It might appear in a future update!

jaywyaz | 2018年11月2日

Unable to read the screen's small print in the owner's manual. Please make it scale-able!

AOK1 | 2019年1月2日

I would definitely like to be able to increase the display/font size of the things like the clock & temperature. It would be nice if there was a setting to permanently increase the display.

Kahn | 2019年1月3日


doug9058 | 2019年1月3日

Yes I agree. Graphics are fine, just the fonts. I am near sighted and I wear glasses for distance which makes small screen text difficult to read.

hemetkid | 2019年1月4日

I agree! Font needs to be adjustable to meet the needs of us who have trouble easily reading the small print.

globalMan | 2019年1月4日

And also the tiny arrows too...

The larger they are the more accurate I can touch it and the less time my eyes will be off the road.

kcheng | 2019年1月4日

Yep, they didn't follow the Human Interface Guidelines, HIG, closely enough. Lots of things are too small to be easily read or accessed.

farmer | 2019年1月4日

I got these 2 months ago, I leave them in the car for driving and they are a great solution. I have Waze running on my iphone and another small screen for my V1 radar detector. Available from 1x-3x just look down slightly to read small txt. Hope it helps. Here is a link

andchuck | 2019年3月20日

Agree that the screen fonts need to be adjustable. Way too small to read and dangerous while driving

tbd2001_01 | 2019年4月25日

Yes, I suggest the font size and icons should have a size adjustment for individuals.

mcmorj | 2019年9月29日

I am 54 and had excellent vision but age has meant that I need reading glasses. 8-[
My phone has adjustable font size and I have had to set it to a larger font to be able to have a chance of reading anything without my glasses being to hand
In a car when driving there is no chance to put on reading glasses to check on the central display!
There should at least be the option to increase / decrease font size to suit personal requirements?
A partial remedy is to increase the display brightness as aging eyes also suffer from reduced light sensitivity and it helps to focus on tiny writing.

gparrot | 2019年9月29日

I know exactly what you mean! I beat the system by having new bifocals made for this very reason, adapted to medium and far sighting. Expensive, but very much worth it. Ditto my sunglasses.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2019年9月29日

Great suggestion mcmorj. Maybe they should have a mode where a portion of the screen is magnified to fill the entire screen then toggled back to the normal view. Naturally, toggling between magnified and normal view, and defining what portion of the screen would be magnified must be designed to minimize driver distraction.

Atoms | 2019年9月29日

Night mode is absolutely unreadable for release notes and Owners manual including the 6pt font used some places in the setup screens. I’m wondering if the UI development is being performed on 4K 32” monitors at Tesla.

Most absurd are the warning messages which pop up using 9pt font for a fraction of a second. What is the point of even putting up warning messages if they disappear before your head turns and eyes can focus.

wood.ellen.b | 2019年10月3日

I am 54 - perfect distance vision but now need cheap drug-store 'readers' to see up close. I am 4 days in to Model 3 ownership and so annoyed that I can't read anything on the screen! Including warning messages! Several times in 4 days I've dug my reading glasses out of my purse to read something on the screen - while driving - which means the road ahead is all blurry. I need a 'Larger Text' setting like I utilize on my iphone.

Do I have to get bifocals in order to drive my car? I did just submit a comment about this to Tesla on their website.

Tonygranger2112 | 2019年10月6日

I just can’t read the screen , especially at night .. is there a way to make the font bigger ?

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年10月6日


● My sources say no

Tyerc | 2019年10月6日

The clock and temperature size being adjustable would be nice.

klmccook | 2019年10月28日

Will touch screen be upgraded to follow Human Interface Guidelines?

tesla | 2019年10月29日

I agree… For those of use over 50-something, the font could be bigger.

Here are two of my solutions to this problem:

styvwerx | 2019年10月30日

The night screens are the worst. What genius decided gray text on a black background is a good idea? Idiotic! Bump those font sizes, and make the speed limit badge TWICE it's current size, since we have to find, and touch it while driving to change the TACC speed limits.

andy | 2019年10月30日

You can control the TACC speed via the scroll wheel on the wheel. To engage I hold my foot on the accelerator, engage cruise and the use the scroll wheel to dial down to the speed I want rather than the speed the car thinks is the current limit - which is very often wrong, especially on managed motorways. Release the accelerator and the starting speed is then dialled in up until the point where you brake and then you need to rinse and repeat. It would do be simpler if TACC allowed you to set it to your current speed, but hey ho.

On fonts, a cleaner interface with larger fonts would help a lot. It’s not just that the bigger fonts would be easier to see they would also be faster to select. I don’t really want to take my eyes off the road if I can help it.

MSUKent | 2019年12月11日

I'm in my mid-50s and agree about type size, particularly in night mode. Telsa needs to add Senior Mode to Dog Mode and Joe Mode.

Big_Ed | 2019年12月11日

This would be nice. However, I will say that after the initial fee days of futzing with menus and settings, I look at my screen less and less while driving. All the important driving functions are actuated via stalks, scroll wheels, and voice. Important driving information is generally presented in fonts large enough for me to read at age 55. Easy enough to carry a pair of drugstore readers for when I need to fiddle with menus, which would normally be a non-moving activity anyways.

One of the most useful controls to learn is the use of the right scroll wheel to adjust TACC speed and following distance. I've started using TACC in stop-and-go traffic and it's just magic. 100% improvement in my daily commute.

I really don't need to see the speed or speed limit anyways, since I know my TACC is set to 5 mph over by default. I have yet to find a discrepancy between the actual limit and what Tesla thinks it is.

Effopec | 2019年12月11日

Yeah, unfortunately this may be the reason we don't trade in our SUV for a Y in a couple of years. My wife's eyes are, how do you say, doodoo. She has bifocals but the screen is in between the two focal lengths. She rarely drives my car because she says about all she can see on the screen is the speed. She can't read the nav directions. She can't read any of the menu selections. It's just difficult & frustrating for her to drive it, period.

NorthValley | 2019年12月11日

I'm all in for Boomer Mode to go along with Joe and Dog!!

Mike12 | 2019年12月11日

Here is my wish list: increase the display font size of the navigation arrival time, clock & temperature.
Use different font color for night mode.

snowchook | 2019年12月19日

Agree - I can't read the temperature and clock without reading glasses.

snowchook | 2019年12月19日

Agree - I can't read the temperature and clock without reading glasses.

DAlexModel3 | 2019年12月20日

Tesla needs to hire a few 50-year-old engineers!

linuxguy | 2019年12月20日

I'd also like font size options.

jeskew.sq | 2020年1月18日

Darn, I googled increasing the font size. I too can't read the screen and drive. I guess I will wait.

jeskew.sq | 2020年1月18日

Darn, I googled increasing the font size. I too can't read the screen and drive. I guess I will wait.

vmulla | 2020年1月18日

DAlexModel3 | December 20, 2019
Tesla needs to hire a few 50-year-old engineers!


eddiep | 2020年1月18日

Hay all you people "in mid-50's". Wait until you are 83! Besides driving on "chill" I am using a magnifying glass. Until some CEO we know gets bifocals I expect little change.

apodbdrs | 2020年1月18日

The car's Operators Manual text font size is easily be increased by just using your fingers as you would on a cell phone.

Do you know how to get to the Operators Manual?

vmulla | 2020年1月18日

Add me to the list of customers who would like bigger bolder font options.

The dark mode is especially bad now.

This is a relatively easy change, so I have high hopes that this will be addressed.

Atoms | 2020年1月19日

Young Tesla programmers have their screens right in front of them and have no issues seeing the text. There is also someone in the design department, possibly Franz, who is adamant against large text from a design standpoint. They don’t care about those of us who can’t read this small text.

Ever try reading the Owners manual in night mode? Again no one with user experience has authority at Tesla to fix the situation. Since it has been requested for two years, there is clearly an internal management directive to prevent this. Someone was likely smacked for proposing it and everyone is afraid to brig it up again.

vmulla | 2020年1月19日

C'mon now. Let's give the Tesla team some leeway.
I'm in a team that builds software and UI is a big part of our work. We build functionality first, usability next. Within usability we target the largest chunk of our users first and work our way to the entire user community - all the way to 508 compliance. All this is done in an agile software development, meaning we work towards increasing capabilities iteratively.
Tesla is doing exactly that!

I understand that the font size and UI improvements are somewhere in their to-do list (software backlog), but that's probably not their top most priority.

Two thoughts
1) don't you think that a company that is improving the car's avatar on the screen would also look at other UI improvements?
2) wouldn't customers appreciate it more if more significant bugs/improvements were addressed before font size?

Remember, this isn't something that's broken - it's something that can be improved upon.

gstory356 | 2020年1月19日

My good eye (mate) is short sighted so drive with a -ve diopter. Thinkin of either fullup bifocals with a horizon that matches the bottom of the Model3 windshield; or those hydrotak (or Optx) stick-on bifocal (they may only work for long sighted eyeballs). I knew the Model3 display would be an issue, but just been to lazy to go git em.

yudansha™ | 2020年1月19日

What are you reading on that screen?

charlestai2 | 2020年1月20日

I also have hard time reading the text, from speed, picking songs, podcasts, to navigation of next exit...etc.
I have to swap glasses constantly. Do we need a survey of who is over 50?

lectroid | 2020年1月31日

Just drove my car from the dealership (which is in a city I rarely visit, an hour and a half away). Screen was fine before I started driving, but once I put on my glasses to drive, the nav directions were a chore. I like to know what's coming before being verbally told "turn in 200m". Turn in 200m is not always an option on the 401 in Canada. Another vote for optional font size increase.

nik1856 | 2020年2月1日

So how many people need to request an option to increase font size before Tesla listens? There's plenty of room on the screen for almost all fonts (street names are a bit more of a challenge, but I usually don't care as much about that. It's also NOT technically difficult to add an option like this. I hate driving with my progressive lenses, but that's the only way I can actually read the info on the screen.

Twochewy | 2020年2月1日

Probably won't happen until Elon needs reading glasses. As he's only 48 don't hold your breath...

yudansha™ | 2020年2月1日

What are you all reading on that screen?

martin.vucic70 | 2020年2月2日

So, how does one submit a feature request? I agree with the other ee r posts, adjustable font size is definitely needed.

Atoms | 2020年2月2日

Map font size has increased. But someone has been spanked inside Tesla proposing to increase font size for anything else. Must be coming from executive level. Also release notes and Owners manual are impossible to read in night mode. Does anyone in Tesla care? Obviously not.