Remote Radar Detector/Laser Jammer

Remote Radar Detector/Laser Jammer

Anyone put a remote Radar Detector/Laser jammer on their M3? I’d like to install a Radenso detector and ALP Priority set up.

drbob | 2018年8月22日

Bump :-)

disapr | 2018年8月23日

I'm not sure that the Model 3 front-end is very conducive to a laser jammer. The receiver/transmitter needs to be pretty center mass to be most effective. I had a very solid setup on a Jetta years ago but I was able to conceal the heads on a wolfsburg edition black grille. No such concealment op on the Model 3.

How are you thinking of installing the radar detector? Hidden with a remote display?

Doggiehowser | 2018年8月23日

i used to use a radar detector so i could speed home 15-20 mph above the speed limit, years ago. then i got gps and watched the estimated time of my arrival change. For all that listening to and watching the radar detector, continually glancing in the rearview mirror and in general having a high level of anxiety i'd shaved 15 minutes off my 2 1/2 hour trip from nyc to 'upstate'. For what? 15 minutes saved and i made my drive less pleasurable and more dangerous to myself and people around me. Maybe i've just gotten older, who knows, but i have no desire for a fuzz buster anymore and enjoy my ride home much more. Just my .02

drbob | 2019年5月20日

You can put the radar sensor behind the bumper.
The Laser sensor/jammer are more of a problem. Possibly can install in the front vent.
Cutting a hole in the bumper could also work but not good cosmetically I would think.

This link shows some placement ideas (ALPriority is the best from what I understand)

I found this YouTube video on bumper removal. Doen't look too difficult