Remanufactured battery - how is it supposed to be?

Remanufactured battery - how is it supposed to be?

I have a November 2014 S85 RWD with AutoPilot - currently at 120,000 KM. (about 75,000 miles)

A few weeks ago I got a very bad message saying : Battery Charge Level Will be Restricted... and I went right away to the Tesla center to be told that my battery needed to be replaced.

At first they told me that they no longer make 85KW and I would probably end up with a 90KW battery but it could be a few months before I get that battery - there was to be a silver lining in my grief.

However, one week later they call me and said they replaced my battery and my car was ready to be picked up. Sweet.

When I got there, my delight went from great to disappointed...

I got another battery alright - but an 85 - It's OK - I did not expect an upgrade to begin with, but I was hoping.

Then things went from good to "I am not sure this is right" ...

When I got my car brand new, my battery was giving me 424 KM of range when charged to 100% (rated of course). After almost four years, I had some degradation, I was expecting that and before the problem occured, It was charging at 100% to 417 KM - not bad after almost four years - lost only 7 KM of range in that time.

The new battery charged to 395 KM at 100%... Now I am not so happy anymore. A "new" battery would not suppose to charge to the level my new car was charging at? That is what I would expect, but it is the other way around... this battery charge way less than my previous old battery... not happy.

So I ask the service dept why it is so: answer: You have to break in the battery - charge and discharge at different levels for about 4-6 weeks and it should charge back to where it should... hummm. I am not so sure that will work - but I will give it a go.

Anyone else here has had this issue? What were your results - were you able to get the charge to an almost new battery level?

For reference - here is the part # for my replacement battery - ASY, HV BATT, S3, BB, REMAN, MDLS (1088815-01-B) - I know this is a refurbished battery not new - any other info I can get from that part #?



JayInJapan | 2018年8月26日

FWIW, I get 380 on a range charge.

Bighorn | 2018年8月26日

They used to call these loaners and you’d eventually get your old battery back refurbished. They’re in the process of moving away from that model, but you might ask if you end up having less range. I gained 27 miles when I had my battery replaced at 197k miles. Hope to hold on to it!

SCCRENDO | 2018年8月26日

@bighorn. I also got a new 266mile 85S loaner battery. I had it for a year. But sadly got my old battery back. Now at 242 miles

Bighorn | 2018年8月26日

You don’t live 400 miles from a service center I imagine:)

Chili-e | 2018年8月27日

JayInJapan -what year is your S? RWD? 85?

kawdennis | 2018年8月27日

They fixed/rebuilt my battery about 1 year ago, it charges to 257 now which is OK with me 2013 P85

SCCRENDO | 2018年8月27日

@Bighorn. It is no worse than it was prior to failure.

auschang | 2018年8月27日

I just went through the same process and had disappointing results. Thus I am on this thread since I can't get any answers. I dropped of my car with the battery charging to 225 miles on daily charge to now it only charges to 215 after they remanufactured it. I also have the 2013 85 model. It also doesn't hold it's charge as well. I'm about to get rid of the tesla because I routinely drive around 190 miles per day and I don't want to be stuck on the side of the road with no power. I've contacted Tesla 3 times in the past 2 weeks but they have yet to respond to me even though the assure me will follow up.... I'm so frustrated....Is this the new way Tesla does business? | 2018年8月27日

@auschang - have you rebalanced the battery? Without a rebalance, the numbers +/- 10 miles or more is expected. The range is an estimate that drifts over time, and until you drain the battery (< 10%) charge it to 100% and get the 100% value, other tests are not very meaningful. This process doesn't give you any more battery power or real range, it just calibrates the range number. Of course, since you didn't do this on the original battery it's really hard to compare the two. Comparing values at 90% charge is really not very useful or meaningful. I'm not saying the your new battery is better/same/worse, but it's harder to compare two batteries than you might expect.

JayInJapan | 2018年8月27日

@Chili-e my car is the same age as yours—born Halloween 2014, delivered 12/14—P85+ with 74k km.

Not sure why I’m down to 380, but maybe the calculation is different for Japanese market cars. I have a road starting next month, so I’ll be exercising the battery more than usual.

JayInJapan | 2018年8月27日

@auschang, I’m curious how much CHAdeMO charging you use. I’ve noticed less CHAdeMO tapering of power at the high end of SOC than on a Supercharger. When I’m off the supercharging network, I mostly have to use CHAdeMO to keep afloat; perhaps that’s the culprit for my degradation.

JayInJapan | 2018年8月27日

“road starting”—>road trip starting

auschang | 2018年9月7日

I did recalibrate per their instructions without any improvemnt. I mostly charge at home. Tesla still says their is nothing wrong with my battery and that 15% is normal degradation. When I Say Tesla checks my battery, they have yet to physically check. They’ve only check it remotely.

Also,I lose about 10 miles a day due to phantom loss which they say is not real and is only an estimate. My question to them when I drive my car after it has been sitting for 3 days without being charged, do I believe the on screen number or should I add 30 miles to that. They didn’t have an answer except sorry for the inconvenience. Again, I routinely drive a lot of miles so every mile counts.

JoeBadge | 2019年8月13日

Can anyone interpret my new/refurbished battery code? thanks ASY,HV BATT,90KWH,REMAN,MDLS(1069776-01-A)

murphyS90D | 2019年8月13日

It looks to me like it is a 90 kWh battery with re-manufactured modules. It doesn't indicate how many modules were done.