"Lane Departure Warning" not working?

"Lane Departure Warning" not working?

Hi, I got my Model 3 in March and am loving it! But a couple things seem to work inconsistently or not at all. Wanted to ask y'all about them.
1) Should the Lane Departure warning feature work even if you don't have EAP? What exactly is it supposed to do? Do you have to do something particular to engage it? (Other than toggle the Lane Departure button to "On"?)
2) My card reader is very inconsistent when using the card to open the door. I often have to slap it against there several times to get it to unlock. And sometimes it won't open at all because the car has "gone to sleep" and I have to wake it up by tugging the trunk handle. Anyone else have this experience? Do I need to take it to the shop?

gmr6415 | 2018年8月28日

Lane departure does work without EAP. The car is looking for the lines on the road. If the lines aren't distinct it won't activate. When it is working the steering wheel gets a short term shake that feels more like a vibration.

AGnificent | 2018年8月28日

Yeah that's what I had heard, thanks. And do you need to do anything in particular to activate it?

gbb0131 | 2018年8月30日

It's actually an option in the menu under Driving I think.