Brake Calipers mismatch

Brake Calipers mismatch

We’ve had our M3 LR RWD for 5 weeks, vin...45066
Excellent in all form, fit, and function. A car for the future.

So, something had to raise our eyebrows. Removed the aero hubs, the front disc brake calipers look very nice, polished with a Tesla logo. In contrast, the rears are just plain castings! they don’t look very good, a mismatch with the rest of the car.

Is this a manufacturing error? Can’t imagine the reason for the mismatch.
I’ve emailed the service center with photos included.
What’s you experience

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年9月5日

Perfectly normal. Most cars have different calipers for the fronts vs rears.

Congrats on the car!

dt22cc | 2018年9月5日

This is normal for the Model 3. The front brakes are the only ones with caliper covers.

Although my previous car had caliper covers for both front and rear brakes, it is quite common to only have caliper covers on the front brakes.

Baywood | 2018年9月5日

Thanks. This forum responds faster than our our service center.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年9月5日

Yeah, answering that question is probably not too high a priority for those trying to satisfy more important concerns.

If you told them your brakes don't work I think you would be having a different experience.

Frank99 | 2018年9月5日

I was also a bit disappointed that the rear calipers didn't match the fronts. Maybe shortly someone will sell a kit to upgrade the look of the rear. But if that's all I have to complain about, they sure did something right...

Baywood | 2018年9月5日

I hope the after marketeers are tuning in. Caliber brake covers for the rear wheels.

Slidely | 2018年9月5日

There are no covers over the calipers. The front calipers are nice, 4-piston Brembos.
Aftermarket covers from EV Annex:

VADrew703 | 2018年9月6日


jamespompi | 2018年9月6日

$300.. man those things look terrible. Soon more companies will jump on board and we'll have better/ cheaper aftermarket options..

Rutrow 3 | 2018年9月6日

Why would anyone want their calipers to stand out? I understand the utility in having wheels with holes. The need for venting the heat from the brakes with an added bonus of making it easier to inspect your rotors, but calipers?!? I count them among the many things in the car like the sway bar, the A/C compressor, wiring harnesses, etc. that I want to hide away or camouflage. Now if you want to paint them the same color as brake dust and road grime I might be interested (which is about the color of cast iron).

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年9月6日

Don't you know, fancy caliper covers make the car go faster, red is fastest.

rick | 2018年9月6日

And yellow is even more faster!

jordanrichard | 2018年9月6日

yellow only makes it go faster if they are on a Porsche.....

I too honestly don't understand this need to put the company name on the brakes. I mean would we otherwise think they were Honda brakes? Actually the brakes are made by Brembo, at least on my MS they are. Yet, it doesn't say Brembo. It is quite ridiculous how the branding of cars today has to be on everything you see.

dmastro | 2018年9月6日

Magic 8 Ball | September 5, 2018
Yeah, answering that question is probably not too high a priority for those trying to satisfy more important concerns.

If you told them your brakes don't work I think you would be having a different experience.

Do you have any supporting evidence for making this claim? Perhaps you have some workflow documents describing service call prioritization and escalation policy? I'm interested to see.

SteveWin1 | 2018年9月6日

lol @dmastro

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年9月6日


When I use "probably" and "I think", and then you ask for evidence, it is clear you still do not understand the difference between a claim and an opinion. The horse ain't dead yet maybe a few more whacks?

dmastro | 2018年9月6日

@M8B: As someone who consistently demands empirical evidence, validated reports, and clear action, I find it hard to believe that you intended to post pure conjecture. If so, then your post doesn't meet your own standards to which you constantly beat your drum.

You can talk your way in circles to be sure, and like to try to protect yourself with these cozy arguments, but be assured we see you for what you are.

Tesla forums: 85,000 S posts and counting

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年9月6日

@dmastro I think most would understand that "constantly" is synonymous with "always" "all of the time". I will even cut some slack and say "constantly" is the majority of time. I assume you are prepared to go though all my posts and support your claim that I "demand" "constantly'?

As far as you finding something hard to believe, Oki Doki.

JAD | 2018年9月6日

The reason they look different is that the front brakes do 80+% of the braking, and in this case are much higher quality one piece calipers. The rears are a cheaper type of caliper used on most cars. The front calipers are actually better than needed. I believe only the M series BMW use the one piece, all Porsches do, and really no Ford, Toyota, etc.

charlesdeanda | 2019年8月21日

Is this also the case for those who ordered 19 inch wheels? Do you have caliper mismatch?