Notification sound for android app?

Notification sound for android app?

I'm a new Model S owner and tried Supercharging for the first time this weekend. I got a notification on the app when charging was complete, but it was just the Tesla logo in the notification bar of my Android. Is it possible to have the app make a sound or vibrate in addition to the visual notification? I couldn't see a way to do this and the thread at seems to imply there is no sound - but that thread is 3 years old. I'd hate to get charged idle fees because I wasn't looking at my phone all the time.

lilbean | 2018年9月24日

You can turn notification sound on in the setting on the phone.

shaunjstu | 2018年9月24日

Couldn't find that option anywhere on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6). I can turn notifications for the app on or off. I can set a default notification sound for apps, but that is already set. I see no way to assign a specific sound to a specific app (outside of the broad categories of Messages, Calendar, and email, none of which the Tesla app fits into).

wlhnlh | 2018年9月24日

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Android 8.0, so I hope this works for you as well.

Setting -- > Notifications --> Scroll down an click on the Tesla app --> Click Notifications --> Click Sound --> Now select which notification sound you want associated to the app

shaunjstu | 2018年9月24日

Thanks for the info, but I guess I must have an older version of Android. I go to Setting -- > Notifications --> Scroll down an click on the Tesla app and my only options are Allow notifications (on or off only, set to on), show silently (on or off only, set to off) and On Lock screen (show notifications when the phone is locked). Bummer.

snapcj2008 | 2019年8月2日

I'm in a M3 and I have been wanting to have sound for my app too... i was just wondering who's damn car alarm was going off and after about 10 mins my buddy told me it was my car!!! I then checked my phone and saw the (silent) notification that my car alarm had been triggered. I've got a Samsung Android S5 and I can't figure out how to get a beep for Tesla app notifications. Arrgh