AWD + 19" Mileage discussion

AWD + 19" Mileage discussion

I know there are a number of threads on mileage, but I don't see any based on configuration. Can we discuss what mileage you're getting with AWD and the 19" wheels? I know it's early, but at just under 400 miles, I'm at a lifetime number of 321 wh/mi. This is 90% city driving, with plenty of stop signs and red lights. When I give test drives, I or the "test driver" is definitely punching it. But that's a small number of miles. I'm not babying it for normal driving, but I'm not driving spiritedly, either. Just normal driving most of the time. When I am babying it, my 24 miles round trip to work and back usually results still over 300 wh/mi. Drives of 250 wh/mi are extremely rare.

A 321 wh/mi would get me about 233 total mile range, which is pretty far off from 310.

I have a slight alignment problem. Could this cause such a drastic decrease in mileage?

jahshuwuh | 2018年11月6日

@slingshot18 If you take it into service let us know what they tell you. I’m in the same boat as you, can’t get under 300wh/m to save my life.

slingshot18 | 2018年11月6日

@jahshuwuh It's at service right now. They need to wait for the bumper repaint to be complete and then will look at the efficiency issue.

slingshot18 | 2018年11月6日

Also, talked to a friend that has a Model S 90D and he can get better round trip mileage than my 3 as well.

gtbuzz | 2018年11月6日

Absolute best I can do is around 280. That's for tooling around town and making a conscious effort to get good mileage. Recently completed a 1000 mi round trip that was mostly highway miles. Driving around 75-80, I got around 310-320. I get that's faster than I should be going for max efficiency, but 20% off seems pretty bad.

Keep in mind this doesn't really change how I feel about the car - still love it. I just haven't been able to come anywhere near the advertised range, even for a short period, and that's pretty frustrating.

AWD non-p with 19s. About 1500mi on the odometer

slingshot18 | 2018年11月6日

@gtbuzz You're actually about 30% off. With the Model S, I can be at 75-80mph and do better than stated efficiency. Shoot, with the Model S at those speeds I get around 300wh/mi, which is better than your 3! I wouldn't care about 5-10%, but at 25% I'm kinda annoyed. Service said something doesn't sound right.

gtbuzz | 2018年11月6日

Would love to hear what service ultimately says about your car. I've heard others say this is to be expected, but it seems a little suspect to me.

As I mentioned before it doesn't change how I feel about the car and if I had to do it over again, I would. Still love it and these longer trips are an outlier that I probably won't have to do much longer anyway. What has changed, however, is the next time I make that trip I'm unlikely to take the 3. Figure this math...

With a range of 310 miles, assuming 90% efficiency we get 279 miles. 80% of that (so I can do a 30 minute supercharger stop) is 223 miles. That's good because if I plan on 2 stops, there's a stretch of about 200 miles between supercharger.

At 310 wh/mi however, that 279 range at 100% becomes 241, and 192 miles at 80%. As a result, instead of having 2 30 minute stops, I had 1 50 minute and 1 60 minute stop (as recommended by the trip planner). That included arriving at one supercharger with maybe 10 miles left. A little too close for comfort for me.

In my ICE car, I'd normally stop for about 30 minutes over the 550 mile trip for gas and stretching the legs. At my initial predictions, I figured an extra 30 mins was really worth it for the added comfort and driver aids in the 3. At an extra hour and 20 minutes however... Really starts to bend the curve back the other way. Turns 8.5 hours in just about 10. It's still a little bit of a gray area, but unless get closer to the advertised numbers, I don't really see the 3 as a viable option over 500 miles.

slingshot18 | 2018年11月7日

@gtbuzz Yes, I'm tired of the "it's the way you drive" or the "it's your wheels" or the "I'm sure your tire pressure is low" comments. The car isn't performing the way it's supposed to. I have plenty of comparative data now to prove that. If I bought I car that was supposed to get 30mpg and instead got 20mpg, I'd be pretty pissed. I'm also sure the dealer would investigate. So far Tesla has been great about this and is looking into the problem. The annoyance is the forums telling everyone with a potential issue that it can't be the fault of the car and it must be something about the owner. Maybe something actually is wrong.

Now, I love the car as well. And if I totalled it today, I'd buy another instantly. And if I knew it was performing I'd drive it like I stole it all the time. I don't care about the financial impact of lower efficiency. I care that it performs as it should.

Baltfan | 2018年11月7日

I am with slingshot18. It isn't like he was told car would get 25mpg and it is getting 24mpg. This is more the equivalent of getting 19mpg instead of 25mpg.

NoDecaf | 2018年11月7日

Hi slingshot18,

I'm in the same boat as you. AWD non-P with 19" wheels. After 3000 miles, my lifetime is at 295 wH/mi and slowly going up. About 3 weeks ago, it was 285. I've been driving very conservatively to decrease it, but no luck. All of my trips after 42.2 are 330-350 wH/mi. Even though the temperature in Chicagoland has been in the 40s & 50s, I wouldn't expect such a big loss in efficiency. I would be happy with 270, but 350 is almost 30% wasted and too high in my opinion.

I read a lot here and on Tesla Motors Club forums, then opened a service request today. Please let us know what they say about yours!

Sginell | 2018年11月7日

On a RWD model 3 aero wheels 16400 miles in 5 months mostly highway at 70-80 mph my avg wh/mi is 260 not great

Sslnight | 2018年11月8日

AWD non p with 18's in Texas and driving 75-80 mph i get in the low 300's or high 200's normally. If i slow down to 70 or lower then i get better range. If i turn off A/C then i get below 240 and close to 200 even. Everything about a car is range(or mpg). Best things to do is keep the car clean inside and out, remove all unneeded weight, make sure the tire pressures are set right and drive as slow as possible reasonably on the road with as little accessories on in the car as possible.

I did notice on a trip from Austin to Houston recently that was in the rain at night and warm that having the A/C running, wiper blades running with music playing and proly driving a bit faster than i should be drained the crap out of the battery like 1/3 of the range gone to accessories. A quick 10 min stop at a supercharger along the way fixed that and the Hotel had free destination charging!

I was concerned about the range thing for a while thinking to myself "is one of my wheel bearings bad maybe?" but it turns out its just me and my driving. I normally do not worry about it being that i can get free power from many places around me (and you probably can too). If you feel you have a problem you should always check with your local service center. Happy Driving!

slingshot18 | 2018年11月8日

@Sslnight Yes, I believe driving style and environment can play a big role. But when you've systematically eliminated all of those variables (read all my posts) and you still can't get below 300wh/mi, something has to be wrong. Especially if the lower efficiency Model S can beat the Model 3 in the same exact conditions.

kallian | 2018年11月8日

If you drive at night, headlights power and ac/heat consumes lot of energy.
So dont expect same mileage at night or with ac/heat on.
Do the calculation on chil mode with everything off.

slingshot18 | 2018年11月8日

@kallian OK, how about this. Explain to me how the Model S 75D, with a rated efficiency of around 25% worse than the Model 3, gets the same or better wh/mi as my Model 3, in the same exact conditions. Same round trip. Same conditions. Same driving style.

Actually, with the temperature getting colder, the S is actually using heater when none used on the 3. Only explanation is something is wrong with my Model 3. Or the stated efficiency of one of the cars is factually wrong.

jayped | 2018年11月8日

AWD non-P with 19" wheels as well. Just crossed 3000 miles, my lifetime is at 289 wH/mi and slowly going down. Biggest impact for me on most trips seems to be speed. If I keep it to 65-70mph I'm around 250-290 wH/mi. Driving 75-85mph I'm 310-350wH/mi. I've done a 1200mi road trip and occasionally do 240mi day trips.

I use the Energy App in car to get a good sense of my efficiency. It's a little confusing to read, but once you get the hang of it it's valuable.

gtbuzz | 2018年11月10日

@slingshot18 have you heard anything back from the sc yet?

slingshot18 | 2018年11月10日

@gtbuzz Nope. The car is at the body shop first. They had to repaint the bumper and a few other minor things. They are supposed to get it back next week and work on the mechanical issues. The advisor says he's sure the technician will want to talk about my tests and numbers because it doesn't sound right.

slingshot18 | 2018年11月10日

But it has been very interesting driving a Model S 75D for the past two weeks. It's further convinced me something is wrong with my model 3.

gomodel3 | 2019年1月3日

@slingshot18 - Did you ever get a response from the SC on your mileage concerns? I have the AWD 19” non P and seem to have an average around 300wh/mile