Tesla could buy the Sears stores and tire shops that may close

Tesla could buy the Sears stores and tire shops that may close

Not sure how the potential bankruptcy is going for Sears(est. 1892). Closing many stores and many employees without jobs.
The tire shops and warehouses could be good for Gallery stores and distribution centers.
Just a thought.

Mike83 | 2018年10月12日

As a kid Sears was the store to go to with my parents. They have a long history and I have some nostalgia about this company. It would be one heck of a transition to sell Tesla products in these stores.

Tesla-David | 2018年10月12日

@Mike83 I also share your memories and nostalgia of Sears growing up, I remember thumbing through the Sears catalogue every year as a child, and when I was in Vietnam (1970-1971) the Sears Catalogue was the most popular source for ordering items for Vietnamese I befriended who wanted to purchase items not available in Vietnam at that time..

David N | 2018年10月12日

Interesting proposal.
Nationwide locations in a single swoop.

Yodrak. | 2018年10月12日

Some people don't seem to understand, or they're overlooking, how Sears has been systematically bled by present management in recent years. This is not the Sears of your childhood.

carlk | 2018年10月12日

Or wait for bankrupted dealers.

Mike83 | 2018年10月13日

Tesla-David reminded me of the old Sears catalog. Check this out:

For $16.95 you could buy one of the finest carriages made

For $725 a house.

Not the same Sears of course but memories and history is fascinating to me.

Tropopause | 2018年10月13日

Carlk + 1, 2, 3...

Earl and Nagin ... | 2018年10月13日

Ironically, Sears seems similar to GM. Sears led the world with online sales through their ties with Prodigy (a portal similar to Facebook) back in the early '90's, then I guess the old guard killed that good idea by the time the internet truly matured to give much better control of the online experience. This allowed Amazon and others to totally take over not just the digital business but retail in general.
GM led the modern electric car revolution by developing the EV1, then killed it, enabling Tesla to take over, not just the EV business but, likely, the whole auto business.

Mike83 | 2018年10月14日

I also thought about GM and agree it looks dismal for the ICE makers. The entire world is changing with more counties, states, cities and individuals going fossil fuel free. Freedom to choose which Americans insist on will not be stopped.

ravisundaramam | 2018年10月14日

The postal department was the "internet" of late 19th century. The catalogs of Montgomery Ward, James Cash Penny, Sears and Roebuck and countless others were the original mega retailers.

A small mechanic tinkering in Bent Fork, Tennessee makes one small improvement to a mouse trap, lands a Sears contract and becomes a multi-millionaire ... Rinse and repeat a thousand times... That is what made America the leading innovator in the world.

It is not a bad idea for Tesla to buy the store locations and repair center locations, without anything else from Sears. No liability, no work force, there is nothing of value for Tesla there, other than location already zoned and approved.

carlk | 2018年10月14日

True. Evolution and natural selection work for business world too. If living things live forever the world would be full of primitive and brainless creatures only. Not saying we don't have a lot of those now though.

kcheng | 2018年10月14日

It would make some sense to cherrypick about 100 to 150 locations for Retail/delivery/service centers. They usually have large lots and plenty of service bays. Who cares that they were once Sears, delivery hell has to be solved. And we know that service hell, can't be that far off in the future, so why not?

jordanrichard | 2018年10月14日

While on the surface this sounds like an ideal opportunity, there is one little problem, zoning laws. Just like superchargers, Tesla can’t just set up stores where ever they want. I am sure they were able to set up in mall locations because they were the size of a standard Apple store. In other words, a limit scope. Depending on the locality, they may consider a much large foot print akin to being a dealer and that may not be allowed at a retail mall.

Rocky_H | 2018年10月15日

@kcheng, I don't know if it's Sears locations or not, but they do need to get more service center locations in the soon-ish timeframe. They can't keep going much longer trying to do hundreds of deliveries per day from their existing small number of service centers.

DonS | 2018年10月15日

Telsa might be interested in a few locations, but many of the closings are in small towns that do not warrant that much of a Tesla presence.
I'm pretty sure Sears has already sold off all of their real estate, so closed stores will be available through brokers, allowing Tesla to grow just they way they snapped up defunct car dealers for many of the existing locations.

Mike83 | 2018年10月15日

Since Service Centers don't require that much in maintenance equipment the tire centers might be ideal. Of course the the Rangers(or Tesla mobile units) could use these also for parts distribution.
Some places where there are long distances from Service Centers might be good locations.

TabascoGuy | 2018年10月15日

...locations that may close?

They bulldozed both locations here over a year ago.

Mike83 | 2018年10月15日

I read they are going to close at least a 150 sites.

TabascoGuy | 2018年10月15日

Ah, I didn't know there were that many left. I do agree that they could put the auto centers to good use. They're usually in pretty good locations.

Mike83 | 2018年10月15日
JustSaying | 2018年10月15日

Management has been slowly looting the Sears assets for years Craftsmen, Kenmore and the prime real estate.
Sears did not stand a chance and when they propped the other drunk JC Penney against it they were able to ride those old horses until they dropped.
A tragedy for the employees.

reed_lewis | 2018年10月16日

Sears was the original Amazon.

sosmerc | 2018年10月17日

I agree that Tesla needs to quickly expand their service and repair footprint.....and I think they at least should be looking into some of these defunct Sears buildings...might be a quick way to solving some growing problems.

TabascoGuy | 2018年10月17日

They may be waiting for the empty BMW and Mercedes dealerships. Those are nicer than the Sears auto centers anyways.

jordanrichard | 2018年10月18日

Well, Tesla was going to occupy an empty Hyundai dealership in Warwick RI, to set up their first store there. That fell through and now they are reportedly going to set up/repurpose a store in a plaza.

The Deedham MA store/service center/supercharger site is in an old Lincoln dealership. Our service center here in CT many years ago was a Saturn dealership.

polyfarlino | 2018年10月18日

I figure they at any rate ought to investigate a portion of these dead Sears buildings...might be a speedy method to tackling some developing issues.

Ross1 | 2018年10月18日

If Tesla were to buy a legacy auto, without dealerships of course because they are owned separately, then there would be a waiting list thousands of dealers wanting to pay Tesla to be a Store Near You.
All those stores and franchises could come for free. Well, what else are they going to sell?
If Tesla indeed disrupts the major markets, you are looking at serious recessions here there and everywhere.
Be careful what you wish for.