Auto-Save Dash Cam feature in the event of accident

Auto-Save Dash Cam feature in the event of accident

Feature Request - Auto-Save Dash Cam file in the event of accident detection.

I truly appreciate the new dash cam feature. I've seen several videos of accidents and near misses already and I think this is a very responsible safety feature to include for Tesla Owners. My request applies if a Tesla, while operating the dash cam properly, can auto-save in the event of an accident. If a driver is involved in an accident and is incapacitated or simply forgets to hit SAVE, the car would automatically save the previous 10 minutes leading up to the event. I haven't read anywhere that indicates this capability already exists and I'm making the assumption that the car can detect an impact in order to initiate this action.

Thoughts or Comments?

gmr6415 | 2018年10月25日

What they really need to do is just let the data from the dash cam record until the USB drive is full and then start rewriting. At 30MB a minute x 8 hours a day of driving, which very few people do, a 32GB USB drive would give you 2.27 8 hour days of driving if my math is right.

(1024 x 32) ÷ (30 x 480) = 2.27555555555556 8 hour days of driving before it would start overwriting.

It would also be helpful to make the segments 3 to 5 minutes, so they would be more easily searchable.

Those who wanted more recording time can just purchase larger drives.

czamara | 2018年10月25日

I agree with the idea of auto-saving when there is an accident (e.g. airbags deployed) or even an extreme deceleration event. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this added in an update.

spuzzz123 | 2018年10月25日

You do have an hour after the incident to stop and eject the usb before it starts overwriting. I would think someone would power down your car in that time but true that something freakish could happen

ken | 2019年12月24日

I was just invovled in an accident. airbags deployed. Power cut. Tried to "save" the last seconds of video, but system was cut off. Red warning symbol on dash cam icon. Lost the critical footage. Dash cam needs auto save and backup batter.

ODWms | 2019年12月24日

I agree with others that this’ll probably be added in a future update.

ODWms | 2019年12月24日

I agree with others that this’ll probably be added in a future update.

SpeedyEV | 2019年12月24日

The latest update 2019.40.50 saves the dash cam clips upon honking, but obviously this won't take care of all situations. So, I agree, the dash cam footage should be saved upon crash detection.

ODWms | 2019年12月25日

Both would be fine, along with hard braking situations.

EVRider | 2019年12月25日

@ken: If the crash is severe enough to disable the dashcam, there’s nothing Tesla can do to save that footage. If the dashcam is still functioning, then it would be very useful to have an auto save on impact. I’m not sure how much of an impact the car detects if it’s not severe.

apodbdrs | 2019年12月25日

For the the time being until Tesla comes up with what some people want, if in an accident wait a minute or two after the event to avoid corrupting the last minute in progress that may lead to not capturing the actual accident. Always a good idea to just practice on different events just to see what actually is captured in the video.

Sarah R | 2019年12月26日

I'm pretty sure that Tesla is grabbing all the telemetry from the car when it crashes. It's a question of, "Will they let us?"

Idahorefugee | 2019年12月27日

It's a poor substitute, but the latest release has a setting to auto save the last 10 minutes when you honk the horn.

derotam | 2019年12月27日

@ken: You might try to use some data recovery software on your flash drive, you might be able to recover critical data.