Private Party Purchase - Not Happy with Tesla - Basically told, tough, wait for DMV

Private Party Purchase - Not Happy with Tesla - Basically told, tough, wait for DMV

The excitement of purchasing a Tesla Model 3 has been seriously soured by Tesla. Had been so excited to get this car and after months and months, finally did.

Being that the Model 3 is still so new, I can only assume this hasn't been a real issue yet as most Model 3's probably haven't been sold yet.

I purchased a Model 3 from a private party seller. Got financing. The bank was great, took care of all the paperwork, DMV paperwork, paid off the original owner's loan, etc. As with any private party sale, you have a bill of sale and the original owner's registration until CA DMV sends you your registration in the mail 30-90 days later. In this case, also have the loan documents.

The seller sent a request to Tesla, notifying them that he sold the car and to please transfer the car into my Tesla Account so I can use the car as it's designed, with the phone as the key. I also called ahead to verify the process, then made the request to Tesla as well and sent in all my paperwork to verify my ownership of the car.

After 2+ weeks, the car still was not showing in My Tesla account. Called in, was told by the person I spoke with, they have everything they need and verified that they received the seller's request, so it will be a simple process and just a matter of them getting to it as they're busy. 2+ weeks alone is bad enough for a simple process, but OK, can live with that.

Finally, get a reply, that pretty much seemed to ignore all of the details I sent them. But they requested my DL copy and proof of ownership, again, despite having already sent it to them.

Sent it all again. Several days later, finally get a reply that says they need the actual registration or title. Again, this was already explained to them, how the car was purchased. Verifying beforehand that if the seller makes the request, there will be no issues. Apparently indicating that if you purchased from a dealer, you'd need these things for them to be able to transfer the car into your account, but since it's private party, the seller can make the request directly.

Finally, I get a smart alec-ly written e-mail that says, "it doesn't matter if the seller made the request, all that does is allow us to take it out of their account, you have to send us the registration or title for us to put it into your account, we won't accept anything else, bill of sale, owner's request, bank documents are not acceptable, it must be a color copy of the registration or title, you have to wait until you have what we require".

Again, pleading with them to try and explain, that's simply not possible since the bank took care of the DMV paperwork. I asked for a supervisor to look at it as this seemed like a common sense issue to resolve. Instead, now they simply don't reply. Or at least they haven't in the past 5 days, so am over three weeks and still not able to properly use the car as it was designed.

Disappointing that this is how Tesla welcomes a new member to the family. The DMV is willing to give me title to the car based on the bill of sale and seller's request. The bank is willing to give me a bunch of money to purchase the car based on a bill of sale and seller's authorization to sell the car. Law enforcement officers accept these forms of verifications as well. Yet, Tesla, just to simply put the car into my Tesla account so I can use the car as designed, mandates that only the Registration from the DMV is acceptable. Common sense tells you that nobody gets their registration the day they purchase the car. BTW, they also said, a temporary registration card is also not acceptable, so sounds like even if I purchased this from a dealer and had a window registration, that wouldn't be acceptable either.

As great as the car seems to be, if I had the option, knowing what I know now, I would back out of the purchase as I've never had another manufacturer respond in this way. Even the old "dealers" are more than eager to find a solution to any problem. Tesla is basically saying "tough, deal with it". Maybe they don't want to reward owners for selling their cars and discourage it by penalizing the new buyer for not purchasing the car directly from them?

Operating this car with just the key card is somewhat ridiculous. I'm an old fashioned kind of person. I still open the door for my wife. Now, "sorry honey, I have to go unlock the door on the other side of the car first, then come back around the car to open your door, you'll just have to wait because Tesla said so". "Yes, I know it's pouring rain, sorry". Want to load items into the frunk? Unlock the driver door, get inside, pull up the locks on the screen, get out, go back and load up. Walk up to the car with your hands full? Set everything down so you can dig in your pocket for this key card thing, swipe it to unlock the doors/trunk, pick everything back up and put it in the car. Take more than two minutes to do this apparently, after you've finally sat down in the car to drive away, dig out the key card again and swipe it on the console so the car will start. Sorry, but whoever came up with this idea should be fired. Can't imagine loaning out your car to a friend or family member. Have to either give them access to your account or they have to deal with all of this to be able to borrow the car.

And this isn't the worst part. As annoying as it is dealing with just the key card, I was still looking forward to my first gas free trip with the car. Headed out on a planned 400 +/- mile trip. Stopped at a supercharger after 190 miles to charge the car and the car wouldn't charge. Called Tesla and they said the car isn't under an account, so we can't enter billing information to charge for charging and told me I couldn't charge the car. So now, had to go find a public charging station, pay an astronomical rate to charge the car, which took several hours. At this point, was steaming from the ears. Turned around and drove the car back home, knowing that I wouldn't be able to charge the car anywhere along the way. Certainly wasn't going to spend hours at each stop.

After three+ weeks of dealing with this, I now just leave the car in the garage and am continuing to drive my old car until the snail's pace DMV eventually sends me the registration so I can finally get the car into my account so I can use my phone as the key. Very disappointing that Tesla doesn't care to solve such a simple issue and apparently expects all customers in this situation to have to wait 30-90 days for the DMV before they'll give you the privilege of using the car you own as it was designed.

So, buyers of used cars from any place other than Tesla, beware. Sadly, I called to verify the process with Tesla before purchasing the car, only to learn that what I was told was not true. I guess, now that I'm stuck with the car, I'll have to get over it at some point and hopefully be able to enjoy the car. Just so disappointing that what should have been an exciting experience is so soured.

HighlandPony | 2018年10月28日

It really sucks that the DMV is so slow and incompetent and that they are hamstringing Tesla’s efforts to provide you a quality ownership experience. Very sad, Tesla is truly at the mercy of the bureaucratic nonsense that goes on at the DMV.

George L. | 2018年10月29日

The loan documents and bill of sale should have been satisfactory, they will figure it out one day.

Also all you had to do was have the seller login into his account and change his info to yours by updating the account, then after you login change the password again. As long as the new email has not been previously registered with tesla this would work.

Unfortunately since the seller already unlinked his account this won’t help you now. This is still the best car I have ever had out of around 20 others. You will get over it.

eugene | 2018年10月29日

What if seller has more then one Tesla car?

>It really sucks that the DMV
DMV sucks, this is a common knowledge, but I'm not sure the blame is 100% on them. Clearly there are some design issues on Tesla side exacerbated by a single source no-dealership model.

After dealing with Tesla sales I'm not sure they should be allowed to run direct sales model anymore.

greg | 2018年10月29日

You never said what sate you live in.

But if you are in a state where Tesla has no direct sales presence, because of arcane state laws (such as Texas and far too many other states), Tesla has no lever to make the DMV help either. And must work as an out of state operation with a usually uncooperative DMV.

And that situation is not Tesla's fault - is your local Dealer Association that has lobbied your State Government to keep Tesla out of the state.

Anyway, yeah it sucks you can't do the things you want to do.
But that situation and the car itself, will just get better and better.

Your ICE car won't ever do that.

jwat14 | 2018年10月29日

It appears that neither the seller nor you did research/asked questions about the transfer process and what was required BEFORE you completed the purchase. I don't see how that's Tesla's fault that neither of you were familiar with the process. While the transfer is in process, operation of the car using the keycard may be inconvenient in your particular situation, but you are able to operate the car. Whining to us won't help you.

syclone | 2018年10月29日

Apparently nothing is ever Tesla's fault!

HighlandPony | 2018年10月29日

There was also the case where one of the Tesla agents was conned into enabling someone’s app to allow driving a car that didn’t belong to them. The person stole the and didn’t get caught until they had traveled across several states. So I would venture a guess that Tesla adopted a new stricter policy regarding enabling phone app control of a car.

The first porridge was too hot, then next was too cold, maybe Tesla will somehow be able to make the third just right to satisfy the whiners.

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年10月29日

Wow! Wall of Words

lilbean | 2018年10月29日

Tesla does this for your own protection. Otherwise, anyone can just take over your car with the app. Have patience and be grateful. Blame the DMV or buy directly from Tesla next time.

hokiegir1 | 2018年10月29日

Anyone can create a bill of sale for a private purchase -- or for a stolen vehicle. I'm not saying you did this. I'm saying a bill of sale isn't exactly the most "secure" of documents to grant that much access to a vehicle, so Tesla errs on the side of caution. I do think using a temp registration might be a good balance between the 2, but there is probably a lot of inconsistency between states on what is required for those -- so again, caution.

Yes, it's an inconvenience to wait. That's one of the (well known, if you had researched prior) downsides to purchasing through private sale, or even a used car dealer, as they have the same issues.

I wonder if anyone has tried to go to a tesla showroom and see if they could be involved as a mediator in the transfer to expedite the process? Or if this is something Tesla will consider offering in the future as the used market grows considerably over the next few years -- where the Tesla employee, while not a party to the transaction, can provide witness to the transfer of documents/payment and allow some sort of temporary provisional app access while pending final documents. Maybe have it be specific showrooms that will do this rather than just all of them, and require an appointment so that staffing can be covered accordingly to accommodate without needing a dedicated full time person (at least in the short term).

And yes, I know -- Tesla gets nothing in private sales and the goal is profitability-- but the new purchaser would likely have a better experience and therefore be more willing to use Tesla Service (where they do receive funds) or be a future new vehicle customer. If they weren't so reliant on account setup (which has it's benefits, but also has a number of drawbacks, particularly for the Model 3), then this wouldn't be an issue.

slingshot18 | 2018年10月29日

Yeah, I’m guessing it’s a security thing. It stinks but you’ll get your registration soon and then all of this will disappear into a faded memory.

Kathy Applebaum | 2018年10月29日

I'm honestly happy they will only accept the DMV's say so. A bill of sale is easy to forge. I don't want a scammer convincing Tesla to remove my car and add it to someone else.

Kathy Applebaum | 2018年10月29日

Oh, and if you think this is inconvenient, try buying a used Leaf. Took literally hours on the phone with Nissan (*after* the DMV transfer was complete) to get access to the account. It's like they never considered that people buy used cars.

d_v | 2018年10月29日

I am sorry for you, that is very aggravating. Especially the supercharger. If you have an accout you should be able to charge ANY car if you are paying. The chances of someone supercharging a car that is stolen is almost zero, and why would the use a card attached to an account with their name on it. Hopefully they figure out a process soon, like you said, that is not a way to be welcomed in.

derotam | 2018年10月29日

So why did you buy the car private party? Ohh and you do know that only one of you(buyer or seller) can get the federal $7500 tax credit right?

ILoveMyModel3 | 2018年10月29日

I don't see this as a Tesla problem with so many scammers in the world today. As several people have already stated anybody can create a bill of sale and take over full access to someone car. So call the DMV to get them to put a rush on the registration so Tesla can complete the process for you. Look at this a protection for you because that's what it is.

I would only buy a used Tesla from Tesla.

gballant4570 | 2018年10月29日

At one point had far more used Teslas and with lower bottom to available price range than the Tesla site. After the 3rd quarter efforts, the Tesla site now has a significant number of used cars listed, and with a range of prices that is very much like the range of prices on Cars listed by Tesla also have inspection and certification by Tesla. At this point, if I were looking for a used Tesla I would only go outside the Tesla site if thefre simply was nothing on it I could use.

And the OP's problem would be avoided.

tnappra, you should look for and read another thread on this forum initiated by a fellow who bought an M3 from a private party. His car ended up having battery problems, and Tesla replaced the battery under warranty. His "saga" reaching resolution started with some attributes similar to your story. There might be content in that thread that would be of help.

To make finding it easier, go to a thread currently on the first page with SEARCH in the title. Magic 8 Ball kindly provided that poster with a link to an add on for this forum that helps with searching.

Or perhaps someone reading this thread can point it out in a better way.

JuJo0 | 2018年10月29日

Here's the 2 most popular Tesla forum search applications. :)

jon.simonsen | 2018年10月29日

And, if the original purchaser received the $2500 CA Rebate, they will have to return a Pro-rated amount for every month less then 30 months of ownership.

Uncle Paul | 2018年10月29日

Tesla might be using this proceedure to protect people from gain access to stolen cars.

Stop complaining and do what Tesla needs done to get you all the privledges of ownership.

kichwas | 2018年10月29日

I purchased a BMW x3 in private sale and sold a Ford 150 Transit in private sale...

Your Tesla story is honestly not that different from both of mine... except that I had a key fob and you had a key card...

When I sold the Ford, the guy paid off all the loans, so he gave me money, I gave him the cat and a signed transfer doc, then I paid off the car... almost 2 months later I mailed him the title paper... that entire time in between he was essentially driving it in my name with a signature I had saying he was laible if he wrecked “my truck”...

When I bought the BMW... same thing in reverse... I was driving her car with permission for 2 months... and BMW service was basically “who are you” until I had the title paper...

This isn’t really Tesla’s fault. It is the DMV combined with a handoff that was not ideal...

That said... if I bought a Tesla private and somebody just offered to give me their account password I would refuse... said person could turn around and do an account recovery to mess up my access...

I am not actsure HOW Tesla could do this situation properly in a manner that also protects against theft...

The solutions all involve a DMV that existin the 21st century and not the 1970s...

kichwas | 2018年10月29日

(Spelling errors due to typing on an iPhone... is there a post edit button on the desktop version of this site?)

jjgunn | 2018年10月29日

Ok - soooo......

1) purchase Tesla from a private party - check
2) Contact Tesla with all proper paperwork - check
3) make sure your "new" car is listed in your account before finalizing. Check!
4) Bonus - Don't drive on long trip until car is listed in your Tesla account - Got it!

Thanks for the heads up!

tnappra | 2018年10月30日

Thank for all of the replies. I understand my post was very long and wouldn't expect most to have read all the way throughout it.

To summarize some of the comments made:
1. Tesla no longer allows owners to simply transfer their account to someone else online. It has to be done through Tesla's customer service and typically takes at least a week, closer to two or three weeks.

2. The seller purchased a new Tesla, so he could not simply transfer his account to me either way.

3. To: jwat14 - Per the original post, I did call ahead to verify the process BEFORE I completed the purchase. Was given information that was not true. Called after the transfer and again was given information that was not true. 3 weeks later, got a different story from them.

4. Common theme in the replies is that Tesla is protecting from theft. I completely understand that. However, when the seller calls and e-mails Tesla, sends them his license and release of liability he received from the bank and requests that the car be transferred to my account because he sold the car to me, Tesla has no reason to doubt I now own the car. Especially considering all of the documents I sent them that prove I own the car and which they can easily verify with the bank.

5. I don't see where DMV has done anything wrong, other than it takes 30-90 days to process new title/registration transfers. Nothing new there. Tesla is the one mandating that ONLY the registration will allow them transfer the car into my account, despite having seller verification and every document known to mankind, other than registration from DMV, that I own the car. If I just had a bill of sale and nothing else, yes, would understand their refusal.
They have far more than just the bill of sale. Again, they have the written and verbal request from the seller, along with ID verification that it was from him. In addition to bank documents, sellers signed release issued by the bank itself, all my loan documents, their documents that they collected the sales tax from me and will be paying it to DMV, etc, etc.

6. To: Derotam - Tax credit does not offset the price savings I got on the car by purchasing it at a discounted price versus a new car.

7. To Jon.simonsen - Not the buyer's concern what the seller does with the tax credits he may or may not have received, from the purchase of the car, if any.

My thinking still remains that this is common sense issue for Tesla to resolve very simply based on the steps I took and verification that's been provided to them. Not being able to use the phone as the key is one thing. To refuse letting me charge the car is completely another. That'd be like Mercedes or BMW telling me they're locking the gas cap in my car when I'm away from home, until I receive my registration!

Thanks again everyone

Wormtown Kris | 2018年10月30日

On point #7 above, "Not the buyer's concern what the seller does with the tax credits he may or may not have received, from the purchase of the car, if any."

Be careful. Seller can just as easily say, "Not the seller's concern if the new buyer tries to claim my tax credits after I do." And if you both claim it, it is (maybe unintentional) tax fraud and the IRS might not care what you and they "thought at the time".

Paul.r.freedman | 2018年10月31日

You cannot claim the tax credits on a used car. I bought my M3 used (260 miles on it) and could not claim the tax credit. The original owner did not claim them either, and legally could not as you need to own the car a year or the credit is tax fraud

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年10月31日

"own the car for a year"

I call BS. Please provide proof, via link to official documentation, of this bogus claim.

amitvora | 2018年10月31日

I have worked in the DMV for over 15 years (DC). I can tell you that it does not take that long for title transfer. I guess it really depends on which state you are in though. For private sale, you can actually walk into your local DMV, and present paperwork, and they will provide you temporary title etc. While the real Title may take a while to get to you, they will always give you a temp title (paperwork that proves that you have titled the vehicle in your name).

As far as Tesla is concerned, that paperwork with temp tile should be more than sufficient. Since the documents that are being shown are coming from DMV, who is the author on changing the owner of the vehicle, and if Tesla does not honor it, then there is something wrong with Tesla (their methodology and thinking). I am sure Magic8ball will jump in immediately and say that it is not Tesla's fault. :) But reality is this --> It is not Tesla who decides the owner of the vehicle. It is the DMV. If you have a paper from DMV which shows that the owner has changed (even if it is temp tags and paper tile, it will still show all taxes that you have paid on the car, transaction etc), then any car dealership has no business in deciding that you do not own the car.

@TNAPPRA --> if I were you, I would send a legal notice to Tesla with paperwork from DMV (even if it is temporary it is considered legal). As much as I love Tesla, they have thousands of employees, and 1 idiot can make the whole company look bad. I am guessing some desk jockey decided on this policy and procedure without thinking the legal ramifications.

phil | 2018年10月31日

I don't see what Tesla gains from this bureaucratic stubbornness. After all, how hard is it in the 21st century to fake a passable color copy of registration or title? That's 5 minutes' work for anyone with basic skills and software.

Tesla is jerking around customers for no good reason. They are not protecting owners from anything.

spuzzz123 | 2018年10月31日

Exactly Phil u said it Now please tell me you covered your short position when price was down to 250!

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年10月31日

@amitvora WTF? You are saying it does not take that long from DMV but immediately back pedal and say you really don't know because it depend on which state you are in. You are hilarious.

Kathy Applebaum | 2018年10月31日

"5. I don't see where DMV has done anything wrong, other than it takes 30-90 days to process new title/registration transfers. Nothing new there."

It's 2018. No real reason for it to take this long. (Well, other than using low-bid software contractors who are given incomplete specs...)

ccadrin | 2018年11月3日

I really don't see why the seller provide you his user id and password until you get the car into your account. The only reason would be if he had two vehicles on the account. The seller can remove and credit cards tied to the account.

tnappra | 2018年12月21日

Tried to reply and provide an update to what the conclusion of this situation is, but apparently the forums now limit how long the post can be and it won't let me provide the details necessary to accurately describe it. So, I guess I won't try to put in only part of the story and create issues. Will just say simply, finally resolved, no thanks to Tesla though. Will thank @phil for his advice. Worked temporarily until I got the final registration, which still didn't come from the DMV due to "still processing" per DMV. Again, requires more text than this forum allows for me to explain properly so people in the future could avoid the same fate.

jmac4865 | 2018年12月22日

I have bought 2 model 3 through private party sells and had all the paperwork required by Tesla to transfer ownership, it still took 2 plus weeks for the cars to be transferred to my account. I believe the company is out growing it's support staff and they need to hire more people. I also fell since I didn't buy directly from Tesla I am not treated as important as someone who bought new, like i said i submitted everything the same day required to transfer ownership including a valid PA registration card and it still took 2 plus weeks .

dandragan | 2018年12月22日

I am having a nightmare with Tesla. I purchased a Performance Model 3 on September 24, 2018 in Roseville, California. I live in Reno. I paid cash and was assured the "Tesla DMV" division would take care of registering and licensing the car in Nevada for me. They said the plates and registration would arrive in the mail. That did not happen and Tesla eventually sent me some documentation that allowed me to get it registered and licensed in Nevada. However, I have never gotten a title to the car. I also got a letter from Tesla (undated) that I would be receiving a refund of some taxes I paid to California when I picked up the car. I have never gotten a refund. I assume since the car was originally driven away with a California temporary registration that my title is in the hands of California DMV. However, I am not sure. I sent notarized "powers of attorney" and a Nevada VIN inspection form by registered mail at Tesla's request to the Rocklin, California dealership and now no one is even responding to my questions about getting a title or the stated refund. They have a "DMV" division but I have called the number and been on hold for over 1-1/2 hours before giving up. I can't even get anyone to give me any information on the process.or where my title might be.

Wormtown Kris | 2018年12月22日

@dan: Not what you want to hear, and I am not excusing Tesla nor saying in any way that what you are dealing with is acceptable, but I bet you will make more headway after Jan 1st. Tesla is in the middle of another all out blitz to ensure great quarterly numbers. Throw that craziness into the middle of the holiday season, and its all hands on deck to deliver and process sales before the tax credit reduces. Not fair to you, but I do not think your issue will be a priority to them until after Dec 31. On Jan 1 everyone gets 24 hours to decompress and then they'll probably start productively addressing issues.
Basically, I'd say don't expect to make any progress until next year. Take a week off and try again in early January. JMHO, YMMV. Good luck.

NascarJoe24 | 2018年12月22日

This policy has been the same since I purchased my M3 in January. It took almost 3 months for DMV records to get to Tesla and assign vehicle to my account. Keycard for three months is rough but the drive still made me smile. All good things are worth waiting for!!

dandragan | 2018年12月22日

Makes good sense Wormtown Kris. I actually had some of the same thoughts. I will take your advice and wait until after the 1st of the year to bug them more.

2015P90DI | 2018年12月28日

Was trying to think of a resolution that would avoid this issue for future buyers.....Fortunately, now owners have the option to purchase a key fob, so car will at least be reasonably operable rather than just with a key card. Well, whenever Tesla gets them back in stock anyway.

I guess the only way to avoid the above issue would be, and it's far from ideal due to the Supercharging issue, but would be to NOT TELL TESLA YOU SOLD THE CAR. Rather, have Tesla transfer the car into the desired (new buyer's) account FIRST. However, since it takes Tesla a week or two to get to such requests, that means the car would still be in the original owner's account, thus any Supercharging bills would go to the original owner. Would require making a deal with the seller that you'd pay any Supercharger fees and again, is a hokie way of having to deal with it.

The best option would be for Sellers who plan on selling their car to think ahead and transfer the car they are selling into a separate Tesla Account that they wouldn't mind giving up access to and that the new owner could go in and enter his/her credit card info. As someone noted, still requires some trust as technically the seller could do a password reset and get access to the account again. While very unlikely to happen, technically it could. Again, not ideal, but probably the best temporary solution rather than having to have a new Tesla family member aggravated for 90 days because Tesla refuses to accept the sellers simple request to transfer the car into the new buyer's account as was the case here. But, as the owner, you can put your car into any Tesla account you choose. Apparently just not if you are selling the car and tell Tesla that you're selling it.

Point being, keep Tesla in the dark about the transfer until after the buyer has received his/her registration from the DMV. As these cars age, more and more are going to get sold. If Tesla keeps this bad policy in place, eventually there will be hundreds or thousands of unhappy new Tesla family members rather than just the few one off people selling a car that's still so new with few on the used car market.

luisg90247 | 2019年8月13日


Garmc43 | 2019年8月29日


Garmc43 | 2019年8月29日


IntelSPE | 2019年8月29日

OP -- I understand your pain. Tesla need to improve process. Lot of Tesla Fan on this Forum still blaming DMV and you vs Tesla improving process for third party sales.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2019年8月29日

Private Party Purchase - Not Happy with Tesla - Basically told, tough, wait for DMV
Submitted by tnappra on October 28, 2018

"I purchased a Model 3 from a private party seller."

Ah. So you are NOT Tesla's Customer. Thus, this is NOT Tesla's concern. This thread was Necro-Recovered from December 28, 2018. Why the [FLOG] was it brought back to the surface MONTHS LATER by someone, yet another stream of letters followed by digits, who had NOTHING to contribute? See...?

luisg90247 | August 13, 2019

That's it? Nothing else to say? Damn.

andy.connor.e | 2019年8月29日

Probably someone who just made an account. Not sure what people think they are gaining out of spamming the forums. Its like raging on facebook only no one actually cares and the company doesnt read it.

kelder | 2019年8月29日

@ReD eXiLe ms us - That was pretty much my reaction as well

talk2sylvia | 2019年8月29日

tnappra..... real issue is that Tesla wants to make sure you are ethereal, registered via DMV owner.....with all the electronics that tie Tesla to you and the car, they need copy of DMV also protects the previous owner from any legal actions it something was to happen.....or it the car was stolen along with all the documents, like registration....I f someone has the registration, they could forge any number of things to show that they are the the issue is to somehow get the DMV to hurry up the process, OR the all documentation to DMV yourself and register it yourself....then you get a registration.....yes it is temporary and that should be enough for Tesla.....I do feel your pain though

lbowroom | 2019年8月29日

Happened last October

ebmcs03 | 2019年8月30日

I know this doesn’t help. But this is where AAA shines. You get a registration instantly! Well worth the membership to not deal with the DMV.