Last night as I was driving, my car suddenly showed the message "Car shutting down-Pull over safely". I was in the worst traffic ever, and literally a few seconds after this message popped up, my car completely shut down. I've had this car for two years, and this is the first time it did this. The scariest situation ever! I was stuck in the middle of the busy intersection since I was not able to pull over to the right. I was barely able to put my car on Park. Weird thing is that the computer was on, radio was on, but I was not able to turn on my car, nor put it onto drive or neutral. I was just reading a few other posts about others going through this horrible experience. Tesla company- why is this happening? I am afraid to drive my kids around. Luckily my husband was able to rescue me, and a few guys from a nearby auto shop. Thank god my kids were not in the car with me. I had a few close encounters.

delfie_m | 2018年10月31日

Please help. I would like to know what is causing "Car shutting Down, Pull over safely" message.

NKYTA | 2018年10月31日

What did Tesla RA say?

sbeggs | 2018年10月31日

Was it a Tesla?

delfie_m | 2018年10月31日

The car is in the shop. They were going to contact the Tesla engineers to see why this happened. They are a Tesla approved shop. I'm still waiting to hear. However, not too sure, but the body shop guys did say that after the new update, some cars were having issues.

delfie_m | 2018年10月31日

Yes, Tesla, S model

PrescottRichard | 2018年10月31日

One of the AZ Tesla owners got a new fuse for his P85 when the same thing happened to him. So his car was older than yours.

I’ll bet you a new Roadster it has nothing to do with V9 :)

Where are you located delfie_m?

NKYTA | 2018年10月31日

Tesla has "approved" -body- shops.

You car sounds like it needs to be at a Tesla Service Center.

"However, not too sure, but the body shop guys did say that after the new update, some cars were having issues."
A non-Tesla "body-shop" is not going to know anything about firmware or how to diagnose your problem. And they wouldn't know anything about a "new update" to a Tesla Model S.

Can you please back up and let us know a bit more information?

Are you sure you aren't at a Tesla Service Center?
If you aren't, you are in the wrong place, getting the wrong information.

delfie_m | 2018年10月31日

I'm in San Jose Ca. Prescott AZ Blue. Yes, as I was reading about this issue from other owners, they did mention a fuse change.

Nkyta- I had gone to pick up my car from the body shop because it was being repaired due to minor accident 3 months ago. Correction- they are tesla certified body shop- apparently they tested the whole electrical system/computer system and all was fine, but when I left- 4 minutes later, I was stranded. They were going to contact tesla engineers to see why this happened. Yes, I have gone to a Tesla Service Center for regular maintenance.

NKYTA | 2018年10月31日

Ah, that was the part I was missing. You were leaving the body shop when it happened...last night.

I'm not sure I'd want even a Tesla Certified Body shop doing anything related the slew of onboard integrated circuits a Tesla has.
Tesla Service/Engineering is the right group at this point.

tes-s | 2018年10月31日

My guess is the shutdown and body shop work are related.

delfie_m | 2018年10月31日

Next step- it will go to the Tesla Service Center for more testing.

Yodrak. | 2018年10月31日

"My guess is the shutdown and body shop work are related."

My guess also. I wonder if something got disconnected during the repair that wasn't noticed or re-connected on completion of the repairs.

tes-s | 2018年10月31日

I looked at the OP again, and what was conveyed:

scariest situation ever
horrible situation
thank God

And what was not conveyed:

The car had been repaired by a body shop and this happened 4 minutes after leaving.

Mrs. Lincoln did not describe the play in detail.

tes-s | 2018年10月31日

... also add "close encounters" to the list of things in the OP.

akikiki | 2018年10月31日

delfie_m, It sounds terrible from your perspective. I guess you've never had this happen in a regular car - a gasoline engine car. Well, just so you know, it can also (absolutely) happen in a regular car. As a matter of fact, you would not have received a warning message stating the regular car is stopping. It would stop or the engine would stop and you would coast to a stop.

You had your own answer to the question you asked. "Tesla company - why is this happening". Well it had been in a shop for repair and apparently something was not put back together correctly. I would guess in advance be fixed. But why were you singling out Tesla for the why? Sounds like other factors were in play - not Tesla company.

I don't understand why having your kids in the car with you would have been a tragic situation though. Your kids are safer driving around in a Tesla than any other car being made - in the world.

Bighorn | 2018年10月31日

How did your husband help out? Was tow mode available without a jump?

p.c.mcavoy | 2018年10月31日

@delfie_m - I've received a similar message a couple times as the result of a drive unit fault. That may not be the same cause for you, but another reason you can get this type of sudden shutdown.

One thing that Tesla Service advised me the first time this happened is to get out of the car, lock it, walk away, and let it fully power down. Then after about 30 seconds, reenter the car. Most of the diagnostics will rerun at power up. If it's a false or intermittent fault, you my find the car will operate normally, allowing you to at least get the car to a safer location, or in my second instance, drive it home while I was arrange a visit to my Tesla service center.

I agree with others, this event and our recent body shop repair work would seem to likely be correlated. It's not too hard to imagine the body shop pointing to something like this maybe due to a software update instead of them to directly stating "oh, we probably messed something up when we were attempting to repair it".

Silver2K | 2018年10月31日

Hyperbole much?


cloudphytr | 2018年11月1日

Several months ago, was backing out of my garage and received the same message. I rolled down a window, and put it in tow mode, then chocked the rear wheel. Was fortunate I did that as my 2017 model S went completely dead. It was in the Tesla service center for a month. They changed items in the battery management system, the rear drive unit and other parts of which I was not familiar. Problem reoccured during their attempt to deliver the car. Finally they determined it was coming from the wiring harness to the rear drive unit. Replaced that and have had no further problems since. I'm lucky to have an excellent service center nearby.

Eletrek | 2018年11月1日

I received same message about week ago in my 2012 Model S with 92k miles shut down on the interstate. Had car towed to service center and they ended up replacing my original HV battery pack. They replaced my 85kw with a newer 90kw so I can now go further on a full charge than when I took delivery of the car in 2012. Service center staff were excellent but I didn't enjoy the car just shutting down. Luckily it was a beautiful Saturday morning and I had no plans for that day.

Silver2K | 2018年11月1日

They have 90's?? this would be very strange considering they stopped making them altogether, unless they are using different cells now for the 90 packs

Tropopause | 2018年11月1日

OP must be stranded somewhere in the middle of the desert surviving on camper mode.

adhemarmontagne | 2019年7月25日

delfie_m can you please tell me what happened ? My car is in the service center for the same reason but there is a backlog and wont be able to diagnose it for a few days.

trixiew | 2019年7月25日

That happened to me about 6 months ago on a freeway off ramp. Sadly, it was raining, I was working, it was a mess. Turned out to be a blown fuse.

iblorico | 2019年7月30日

trixiew, any update on your car yet? I had a similar issue that happened twice and they couldn't repair it because they were "unable to reproduce the problem." Meanwhile, Tesla made me paid for the towing service since I'm out of warranty except for the battery pack and drive train.

trixiew | 2019年7月30日

@iblorico-The fuse between the BMS and battery blew. Not sure why, but they checked everything and all else seemed to be well. When mine happened, it was dead, dead, dead. Nothing to reproduce.

scerbin | 2019年12月11日

I don't want to sound crazy but I am really suspecting that these are bogus claims by the many interests that Tesla is disturbing. The first post, which is in broken English - doesn't describe the car "I've had this car for two years.." It then tells us that a body shop "tested the whole electrical system/computer system and all was fine..." This is not possible - a body shop cannot do this. When I post I usually lead with my MS 2018 75D, mileage, etc. I could be wrong but the post and other similar ones have credibility issues with me. I would suggest that when one posts a problem they detail their car, location, mileage, etc. I'm not saying that the issues complained of don't happen (though I've never personally seen or heard of them from friends that own Tesla's) just that the post is questionable on a number of levels.

GoldAK47 | 2019年12月12日

You have to give proof of ownership to post. So, they own a tesla. What's hard to believe? The batteries are good for 5, maybe 6 years. That's why this message comes up.

Bighorn | 2019年12月12日

Why are you seeding multiple threads with lies and BS? Short burn?

GoldAK47 | 2019年12月12日

What is a lie?
You have to be a car owner to post on these forums. Log out, it will display that on top.
Batteries are good for 5 or 6 years, we know this. I've never seen one go the full distance, they have been good on warranty though. The 13s and 14s are failing now. I know lithium cells pretty well, I've been working with them for 19 years. They have realistic life of around 3 years, but with proper care 5 or 6. And that's exactly what we are seeing. So where's the lie exactly?

GoldAK47 | 2019年12月12日

And the message the poster listed. Is what will come up when a cell drops below the threshold. If you can charge it, it may go away, but that cell is always the weak link. It's always going to dump faster, and drag others down. There are so many cells, they kinda help hide the bad ones. Under heavy current draw, those bad ones wont deliver the amps and the voltage will cave.

I'm a huge ev fan, this is the downside of them.

NKYTA | 2019年12月12日

Definitely feeling the short burn.

Such FUD.

Bighorn | 2019年12月12日

Anyone can post to a thread. You just have to be registered with Tesla to start a thread. Batteries are not failing at 5 years and Tesla didn’t abbreviate the warranty by two years overnight. Sell your stock! There’s a start.

GoldAK47 | 2019年12月12日

No...only owners can post.

If you have over 120k on your s or x, your warranty is now gone, while it was unlimited with 2 years left a week ago. Technically they cut the warranty by mileage. If you have a 2014, you would lose 2 years. 1 on a 2013.

Not failing at 5 years?? I see them at the auctions all the time, it's rare to see a 13 with original battery. 14s are dropping off. Tesla didnt cut warranty because they will holding up great....

Bighorn | 2019年12月12日

Wrong/wrong/wrong. I'm not new here.

TonyB.C120 | 2019年12月13日

In most states, the warranty at delivery is a contract that cannot be amended unilaterally. If you purchased a car and were given a warranty document that said "X years" it cannot be amended to say "X-1 years or Y miles, whichever comes first." If the company does not honor the warranty you were provided at purchase time, they should be reported to your state's consumer protection agency (often in the attorney general's office). Just sayin'

Also, the requirement to be a certified owner is newish so there may be trolls lurking out there.

2/2016 S 90D

rxlawdude | 2019年12月13日

"Not failing at 5 years?? I see them at the auctions all the time, it's rare to see a 13 with original battery. 14s are dropping off. Tesla didnt cut warranty because they will holding up great...."

@RaceLab has a TEA score of 100%.

That's an accomplishment. It's rare to see someone so full of crap. By the way, if RaceLab in fact sees these 4-5 year old Teslas with shot batteries, isn't that odd considering Tesla warrants the batteries for 8 years, no limit on mileage.*

*Exception, original 60kWh model, 8yr/120K miles.

SnowFlake | 2019年12月14日

Ops statement related to lithium batteries are wrong.
I have a laptop with battery care function , which is still hold 80% of the charge after 14 years..
In my opinion lithium batteries will last more than 20 years if you apply the proper charging curve and maintain its climate. Which only Tesla BMS is doing this at this moment.

HighdesertSeth | 2019年12月14日

FYI my manual states that my 85kw battery warranty is 8 years unlimited miles. Also, I am on my second battery after 85000 miles.

dir | 2019年12月14日

2017 Model S P100D.
Mileage is 113K, several long trips, lots of SuperCharging, and lots of Uber/Lyft driving.
I’ve lost only 7% range - original battery with 0 (zero) battery issues.
Put that in your pipe and smoke it.