10-30 adapters available on Tesla site

10-30 adapters available on Tesla site

Just in case someone needs one ...

nhunguyen | 2018年11月6日

Just ordered one for myself.

modtrois | 2018年11月6日

Thank you!

sterickson | 2018年11月6日

Thanks! Just grabbed one.

hector | 2018年11月6日

Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered one. (and also the tire chains and the tire repair kit, lol)

jwins | 2018年11月6日

Did you get just the one adapter or the set of Gen 2 NEMA adapters, which apparently includes a 10-30?

Mr.Tesla | 2018年11月6日

That is not a set. Each individual adapter is $35.00.

jwins | 2018年11月6日

Okay, I get it. You don't get the whole set that's shown for $35. I thought was a bit generous. So 10-30 v. 14-30? I was reading on another thread about 10-30 being outdated. Any idea if that's been replaced by 14-30?