11/07/2018 Model 3 update

11/07/2018 Model 3 update

Has anyone else gotten a notification for an update? If so what is it for? I'm already running V9 2018.42.2, just curious, cause I haven't heard a word about it.

hokiegir1 | 2018年11月7日

There are a few versions after 42.2 -- 42.2.1, 42.3 and 42.4 are all installed on vehicles. You won't know which you have until you install, but all of them are the same thing+various bug fixes.

tesla | 2018年11月12日

Mine's installing right now. 42.8 was out last week. They come out all the time apparently, sometimes to resolve a specific issue, and then every few weeks, they merge them into a more major release. I was previously on 42.2

jd4714 | 2018年11月12日

Installed 42.2.1 last night, took about a minute. Previously was on 42.2. Guessing it’s minor bug fixes.

RJMIII | 2018年11月12日

Updated to 42.2.1 last night as well. The web browser seems to function better. Didn't notice much else.

Tesla2018 | 2018年11月12日

I got 42.2 the other day. Mad Max mode is added. But about a week before the update, the Tesla app on my phone would sometimes show Media and it would let me control some radio functions using my phone. Now sometimes it is thete and other times it isnt. Its like my bluetooth connectivity which sometimes works and other time it doesnt. Anyone know if the two things are related?

jordanlunan | 2018年11月12日

I have the same issue. Sometimes media menu shows on my app but most of the time it doesn't. Trying to figure why this is the case.