Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

A rock chipped the windshield on my Model X last week. I took the car to Safelite and was told that because the chip was so close to the edge of the windshield that they couldn't patch it and I would need a new windshield. Safelite said that they do not replace Tesla windshields because they cannot get Tesla glass in stock and suggested I contact Tesla.

I called the Dublin CA Service Center to schedule an appointment. I was told that Tesla service centers no longer do glass work for and I should try Safelite. Obviously I'm now frustrated.

Has anyone else had to replace their windshield recently? Who did the work? I'm in the SF Bay Area.

NKYTA | 2018年11月13日

Burlingame SvC hires an outside glass guy. Took about two weeks for my 2012 windshield to come in. Dropped car off, glass guy came the next day.