Voice Command Compendium

Voice Command Compendium

Known Commands:

. . . . [Open, Close, Show, Hide] {Messages,Phone,Homelink,Energy,Charging,Tire Pressure,Music,EasterEggs,
. . . . . . . . Web [Browser],[driver] Profiles,Settings,Entertainment,Calendar,Toybox,Trip,Music,Wifi,
. . . . . . . . Netflix,YouTube,Rear Camera,Seat Heaters,Odometer,Owners Manual}
. . . . {drive,navigate,take me} to {*}
. . . . {turn on, turn off, toggle} {satellite, traffic}
. . . . Zoom [map] {in, out}
. . . . adjust [left,right] mirror
. . . . adjust steering [wheel, column]
. . . . [Turn,set] wipers {on,off,auto}
. . . . {increase, decrease} {fan,wiper} [speed]
. . . . Set wipers speed {off,1..4,max,min}
. . . . [Turn] AC {on,off, auto}
. . . . Set fan speed {off,1..11,max,min}
. . . . adjust [driver,passenger] {air, fan} {left, right, center, up, down}
. . . . {split, sync, unsync} {air, fan}
. . . . Set {cabin, driver, passenger} temperature to {#} [degrees]
. . . . {Increase,Decrease} [driver/passenger/both] temperature [by {#} degrees]
. . . . Sync {passenger, driver} to {driver, passenger} temperature
. . . . Unsync temperatures
. . . . Turn {on,off} {front,rear} {defogger,defroster}
. . . . Turn {on,off} {all, driver,passenger,right,left,center} [front,rear] seat heater
. . . . Set to {high,medium,low} {all, driver,passenger,right,left,center} [front,rear] seat heater
. . . . {Enable,disable} {child, window locks}
. . . . Dome Lights {on, off, auto}
. . . . open glovebox
. . . . {fold, unfold} mirrors
. . . . {Lock,unlock} {doors, windows}
. . . . {open, close} charge port
. . . . Call {*}
. . . . Text {contact} {message}
. . . . play {*}
. . . . {mute, unmute, pause, resume} music
. . . . next song
. . . . {enable, disable} {camp, dog, Sentry} mode
. . . . Keep {Tesla/Summer} Safe (enables Sentry mode)
. . . . Show software version
. . . . Cancel [navigation]
. . . . {note, bug report} {*}
. . . . Search Google for {*}
. . . . Open {*}.com (opens site in browser)

"Not Available Yet":

. . . . set charging to {#} [percent]
. . . . I'm Hungry
. . . . open {front,rear} trunk
. . . . [turn on, turn off] Hazards
. . . . [activate, toggle] [*] Garage Door
. . . . Set source to {radio, phone, Spotify, USB}
. . . . Record a memo
. . . . Map {heading, north} up

Missing Commands:

. . . . {Reset, center} map
. . . . Pan [map] {left, right, up, down, north, south, east, west}
. . . . Select {first, second, etc} option (when text/call * returns multiple contacts)
. . . . {Love,Like,Dislike,Hate} this song
. . . . [Re]read last text [from {contact}]
. . . . {drive,navigate} to [the nearest] {*}
. . . . [Re]Read last [text] message
. . . . [Open] Messages (and actually display text messages instead of phone calls)

Nice-to-have Commands:

. . . . OK Elon {*} (AKA "Ok Google" search web for * and read most likely answer)
. . . . Repeat [last][command]
. . . . Set driving mode to {chill,standard,sport,ludicrous}
. . . . Direct vents at me
. . . . My feet are cold
. . . . [lower, raise] windows
. . . . Navigate to {contact person}
. . . . [Enable,Turn on] {emissions mode, fart on demand}
. . . . Set emissions to [rear] {driver, passenger}
. . . . Switch to {Google Assistant, Alexa, etc}
. . . . Stream {*} playlist [random]
. . . . Repeat Instruction
. . . . Stock price {*}
. . . . Turn {radio, navigation} volume {down,up} [by {1-10}]
. . . . What time is it
. . . . How many miles left [on my charge]
. . . . [5 day, today's] weather forecast
. . . . weather map
. . . . {vent, crack} windows

{} - required
[] - optional

I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of known voice commands as well as a list of commands that should be implemented to help keep our eyes on the road. I will edit the OP with any additional inputs. I am calling anything that takes your attention away from driving as "missing commands" and everything else as "nice-to-have". With the new ability to understand natural language, there are many permutations which I will not attempt to list just covering the basic functions. What am I missing?

Also, here is a spreadsheet by teslaownersonline user littlD which is pretty comprehensive and better organized (I'm just adding things as folks report them):

WonkoTheSane | 2018年11月14日

If you ask it to "Open the pod bay doors, Hal" Elon will send you a check for 42 cents.

hokiegir1 | 2018年11月14日

I don't need commands for things that are a single click on the home screen like defrosters, HVAC on/off, wipers (I do a single swipe to bring up the card, then it's just a push of which setting I want), door locks, and trunk/frunk. Setting temp might be nice, but again -- it's on the home screen, so just a couple presses.

Folding mirrors and opening the glove box would be good. Those are pretty buried in menus (not as bad as they were) -- and having a "backup" method for the glove box would be a good thing in case of screen damage.

TickTock | 2018年11月14日

@WTS LOL. Really? Talk about your mixed metaphors.
@hokiegirl. Agree that there are some more important than others. The like/dislike song, for example, is also easily accessed on the top screen. However, I still have to take my eyes off the road to find it.

thedrisin | 2018年11月14日

Answer call.

walnotr | 2018年11月14日

When I do a voice command like “bug report” the screen says things like “snow report”. Then I spend more time looking at the screen to see what it didn’t understand. I’d do a bug report but . . .

BTW I don’t live in snow country so that’s not very helpful either. :-)

melmartin | 2018年11月14日

You cam also say "drive to" in addition to "navigate to".

cincyBrad | 2018年11月14日

You might classify this under Phone Integration improvements, but would be nice to have:

- "Navigate to [Contact Name]"

Also, add in Texting support for Phone Contacts:

- "Text [Contact Name] .... [Message]"

TickTock | 2018年11月14日

@cincyBrad Yup. Totally agree texting needs to be integrated. Luckily @hokiegir1 showed me how to use Google Assistant for that as a work-around ( ). Will add your suggestion.

Effopec | 2018年11月14日

The like/unlike would be nice - or at least move the icons further apart on the screen. My wife tried to like a song just as we hit a driveway entrance and her hand jerked over to the unlike. Now we'll never hear that song again. Unlike should at least get a "are you sure?"

sthatip | 2018年11月14日

you missed

Where is (*) e.g StarBucks

jvcesare | 2018年11月14日

Changing inputs would be nice:
Select {radio, USB, iPhone}

dsvick | 2018年11月14日
davideshay | 2018年11月14日

@hokiegir1, I disagree that you don't need these as voice commands because they are on the screen. #1 -- it's winter now and I just started wearing gloves... unfortunately my favorite gloves aren't the touch screen kind, so it would the voice commands would be great instead. (yeah, yeah, first world problems...) #2 -- would still be safer for some of these.

rxlawdude | 2018年11月14日

I seem to remember Elon promising a vastly expanded voice command capability in the M3.

staze | 2018年11月14日

@rxlawdude, you have a good memory sir.

https://www.teslarati. com/tesla-model-3-voice-commands-features-musk/

callen | 2018年11月14日

I can’t get the voice command to do anything - it doesn’t recognize anything or respond when i say “Call X” or “Play Y”. Not sure if anyone has suggestions on that?

Nicktoledo | 2018年11月14日

I always use "take me to..."

TickTock | 2018年11月15日

@Effopec, Don't know if this will work, but you can try searching for that specific song, playing it, and then liking it. Hopefully it doesn't just create a new category and instead overwrites the unlike on the current.

TickTock | 2018年11月15日

@callen, I would suggest first asking a friend to try the commands (in case you have an accent or other nuance that the computer has problems with). If others also cannot use the voice commands in your car, I regret that your only option is likely a service call. :-( My car understands me quite well. Although today Tesla did get a note from me stating "School zone, *long* speed limit" :-)

TickTock | 2019年1月13日

Added "Enable emissions/FOD." This is an extremely important feature since you have to re-enable it every time the car turns on and your passengers might see you do it. :-)

RedPillSucks | 2019年1月16日

@callen Do you have a scotts or danish accent?

Hausandr | 2019年1月16日

“Set fan to {1,2,3...}”
I don’t use auto AC so a that would be nice. The model S used the right scroll wheel for that. That would another option I suppose.

TickTock | 2019年1月17日

@Hausandr - good one. added.

cabbower | 2019年1月17日

Wiper voice control would be great.

VoltChris | 2019年1月17日

The sad part is a Toyota Corolla responds to more voice commands than my TM3, it also has full Bluetooth audio support (think playlist/artist/etc) that Tesla's never had

Kahn | 2019年1月20日

You can navigate yo categories. Ie navigate to Japanese restaurant in etc. And it gives you a list.

wiboater4 | 2019年1月21日

davideshay If you preheat the car you should be able to take your gloves off while driving.

TickTock | 2019年6月24日
TickTock | 2019年12月24日

Woot! progress with 20.50.1 (updated OP).

bp | 2019年12月24日

Awesome, thanks for keeping this up-to-date!

TickTock | 2019年12月24日

I just went out and started trying things. Looks like they added many things that were on the list. Most of these are self-evident and Tesla was already probably planning them but ~just maybe~ they were listening..

New in 2019.40.50:
open glovebox
Set cabin temperature to {xx}
Turn AC {on/off}
{open, close} rear camera
adjust my {left,right} mirror
Text {contact} {message}
Turn wipers {on,off,auto}
{increase, decrease} {fan,wiper} [speed]
Turn {on,off} {front,rear} defogger
unfold mirrors
web browser
{Lock,unlock} doors
adjust air {left, right, center}

TickTock | 2019年12月24日

Set fan speed to {off,1-11,max,min}

Frank99 | 2019年12月24日

Turn on/off driver/passenger/rear seat heater.
Seems like you can combine them also “turn on driver rear seat heater” turns on all three rear seat heaters and the drivers.

TickTock | 2019年12月25日

Thanks, Frank99. Added.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月25日

Dome light (on/off)

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月25日

Check tire pressure

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2019年12月25日

TickTock: Excellent. Good to see helpful posts rather than a bunch of panicked crybaby drivel. Thank you, and Merry Christmas!

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月25日

(open/close) odometer

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月25日

BTW, I am not posting requests these are actual commands that work now. The discovery process is fun!

Pg3ibew | 2019年12月25日

My Drive/take me/navigate TO was working for WHERE EVER I had programmed. Dads, sister, etc.

No it only works for Home and Work. Any one elese have this issue?

Pg3ibew | 2019年12月25日


Doug n Evie | 2019年12月25日

Open homelink - shows me my list of one.
Close homelink - recognize but does nothing.

Couldn't get it to actually operate the item labeled garage though.

Doug n Evie | 2019年12月25日

Probably all the other names of the apps too.

Those worked. Haven't tried yet, kids are to impatient. Still need to try:

Satellite maps. Hide screen. Close Bowser. Close screen. Hide music. Nearest supercharger.

TickTock | 2019年12月26日

Awesome. Updated - Keep 'em coming!

TickTock | 2019年12月26日

Added a few more I tested this morning:

Easter Eggs
next song
zoom {in, out}
{enable, disable} {camp, dog, Sentry} mode
mute music
{open, change} {profiles, settings}
{turn on, turn off, toggle} {satellite, traffic}

Pg3ibew | 2019年12月26日

Let me be the first here to say, I have never, in my 52 years, heard or seen the word COMPENDIUM!

I had to Google it. Thank you for my education for the day.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月26日

Navigate to dispensary

It actually brings up a list of local dispensaries, tried it for a friend ; ).

Pg3ibew | 2019年12月26日

@magic, yes. Yes. A friend. That's it. A friend. Lmao

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月26日

Open/close charge port is interesting. Open charge port returns seat to easy entry (if you are in your profile and have an easy entry profile) as if you are getting ready to exit the car.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年12月26日

lock/unlock windows