Multiple Hinges Missing Paint!

Multiple Hinges Missing Paint!

Took delivery of a 2018 Red Model 3 All Wheel Drive on October 14th. During initial inspection I noted many of the hinges - doors & trunks - were missing paint. My delivery specialist responded with "the robotics must not have been calibrated correctly" and said they could take care of this and for me to contact Service. Perhaps my expectations were too high but one assumes that before a $65K car is delivered an inspection would have noted and corrected prior to delivery. Instead, it now becomes MY issue to resolve as there is no "ownership"/ responsibility within Tesla.

I attempted Service via phone and finally used the appointment system online - next available date...November 21st. I noted the issues in my narrative but never received a call or confirmation from Tesla. Upon arriving at the Service Center, I was told I would be without my car for at least 3 to 4 weeks as every door and both trunk lids needed to be removed to repaint the hinges! This seems absurd especially when I questioned the Service Advisor regarding time - his response was there were MANY ahead of me.

I was given a loaner - much appreciated - but I do have concerns with future needs and support. The single point of contact and personal attention one receives at a typical dealership is sadly missing.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Thanks.

anilsud73 | 2018年11月26日

I’ve been waiting for about 2 months now to get a body shop appointment to address some delivery paint issues. Was originally scheduled for mid-oct, but service center contacted me and said there was no body shop availability for 6-8 weeks. Now the December push is going to to screw everything up even more. Apparently they are willing to take a service hit to meet quarterly sales goals.

Cclcal | 2018年11月26日

upon delivery in August 2018, the specialist created a Due Bill to document corrections that needed to be done, advised me Tesla service center would contact me in 4-6 weeks to bring car in to fix misalignment, paint issues, etc.

Had car in service center last week to replace drive unit and rear axle. I brought up the issues from delivery to see if they could address since car is in, they said they had no record of any Due Bill. Body shop is backed up 4-6 weeks so they asked me to call back in a month to schedule appt.

At this point, I think I'll leave my car as is, Im afraid any repaint could make car worse.

ST70 | 2018年11月26日

You have to pay at least $70K to get the hinge paint.....

brian | 2018年11月26日

The speculation that I have seen from a few people, and it actually has some merit based on pictures I have seen, is that it’s not a robotic problem — but more likely from Immanuel device like a crowbar fixing alignment issues so that they can deliver.

RES IPSA | 2018年11月26日

It would be very helpful if Tesla provided every owner with vehicle issues a dedicated person to communicate with. A Tesla employee who facilitates and stays on top of the process of fixing issues that are noticed at delivery or within 72 hours of delivery. I have had to repeat cosmetic issues with my car 4 different times to 4 different people... all of who had said their notes would go into the system.

reallynolie | 2018年11月26日

A crowbar, can you share these pictures? They would at least cover a 'crowbar' with leather or something so it doesn't scratch.

M3phan | 2018年11月27日

I had a couple hinges like this. Our SC tech immediately noted it was because of gripping the spot to realign the doors. They touched up the spots with paint and we were good to go.

ODWms | 2018年11月27日

Only $65k for the car? What did you expect?

cfcubed | 2018年11月27日

This has come up before. Think things like hinges may have a coating other than body color.
Wife has the car today but IIRC there's "missing paint" or light color spray in areas we don't care about, e.g. those not easily visible when doors & hatches are closed, like hinges. IMO not worth the collateral damage risk of messing with. If you post photos others could compare & comment. Not something warranting worry IMO.

PECo CT | 2018年11月27日

Gee, thanks a bunch! Now, I gotta look at the hinges when I get home!

Magic 8 Ball | 2018年11月27日

Hinges are a PIA when it comes to paint. We painted many cars and the first place to peel paint are the hinges. I think I would rather have them lightly coated with something that will protect them but not concerned about their cosmetic appearance (they are hidden from view most of the time).

hull6326 | 2018年11月29日

RES ISPA - I believe you captured the essence of the issue in your comment. While I may have "only paid $65K" as ODWms stated my expectations were to be on par with Mercedes, Audi etc. These quality auto makers would not have allowed a car to be delivered in this condition. The "cavalier" approach to customer service ( or lack thereof ) is and will continue to be problematic. BRAND and future value of these cars could be impacted.
I appreciate the other input as well. Thanks.

JPWhite | 2019年2月18日

I took my Model 3 in for service today and pointed out the weak paint in the hinge area.

The tech said it was normal. I said it wasn't something I had seen before with other cars. He acknowledged that yes, Tesla is a new company and they may improve manufacturing in due course.

I was assured the hinges are protected by anti-corrosive base paint and that the missing paint will not affect the car in future years.