Model 3 Improvement Ideas

Model 3 Improvement Ideas

30 NOV 2018
Model 3 Improvement Ideas
As a manufacturing engineer I find myself examining everything in our world and asking myself how it was designed, manufactured, distributed etc. I also ask myself how stuff could be better all the time and if I can fix it, I fix it. If I can customize it, I do. I’m known in the family as the guy who always says “Your modern life is fully customizable and if your gripe is with technology, there’s a setting for that”. In the spirit of continuous improvement I’d like to pass along my ideas from one engineer to a bunch of other engineers. I’ve always heard Tesla is one of the best companies for valuing feedback and always working to improve so I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears! Either way thanks for the amazing car!
1. Slow down the windshield wipers when dispensing fluid

When you hold the left stick in so the car will dispense wind shield wiper fluid, the wipers move at too fast of a pace. It results in fluid being thrown off the left side of the car and all over the drivers side window. If the rate was slowed down not only would it reduce this but I believe it would make the fluid more effective.

2. Have more windshield wiper speed options.

The default speeds are not enough variation. The slowest speed isn’t slow enough and the steps between speeds are too big. Add two more speeds in between the existing speedsand everything gets better.

3. Do not display the pop up that warns that you’re on automatic windshield wipers if you press to actuate them once.

Sometimes the automatic windshield wipers work great but there are times they do not actuate often enough and you need to manually activate them by pressing the left stick in. When you do this the bottom left of the screen automatically shows you that you are in automatic windshield wiper mode. I’m assuming it’s a “what are you doing, you don’t need to press anything we got this”. While that is true, its annoying that this pops up everytime you hit the button.

4. Make scroll wheels customizable

This would be huge! We live in a world of customizable everything and I thought Tesla was the fully customizable car. While it’s a huge step in the right direction, this would be awesome. What if I wanted the right scroll wheel to control the wind shield wiper speed? I should be able to change that in settings.

Ideas for Customizable wheels
a. Either wheel scrolled up/down changes windshield wiper speed
b. Wheel scrolled up/down changes climate control temperature. Wheel pushed left/right adjusts air speed. Pushing wheel inward turns climate control off

5. Create quick access tool bar on left side of touch screen as well

Why can’t we have a quick access bar on the left side of the screen too? It wouldn’t take up that much space but could allow for a lot more buttons which is way better than having to click into a menu to change things. Especially while driving and especially to move buttons closer to the driver. Just like with my iphone, I move all the buttons I use often closer to my thumb at the bottom of the screen. Why should I have to reach all the way to the top right of my screen to open the garage? Moving all buttons closer to the driver is ideal. See the list below in number 6 for buttons to add.

6. Customize the easy access buttons.

Just like all technology I think the easy access bar should be fully customizable. If I never use the passenger seat heater, why do I want it taking up space on my control bar? I should be able to change where buttons are, what they do etc. Just like the apps on a phone screen.

The easy access buttons are the best part of the screen but there could be so many more!
Here are some ideas:
• FAVORITE: Air flow. Just like the temperature control just an up/down button would be great
• FAVORITE: Feet/Face/Windshield climate control toggle. Just like a standard car where I don’t have to open the climate control menu. I can just click it until it toggles to the setting I want
• Voice command. Moving it to the side/bottom bar opens up a space in the more useful bottom left
• Windshield wiper button. Press it to change speed. One press = slow, two = a little faster. Press and hold for auto wind shield wipers. Eliminates the need for a big pop up menu with four settings in it.
• Media switch quick button. One click changes from phone, to radio, to slacker etc. Press and hold to pop up the larger menu
• Seat heater button compressed. One displayed button like now but if you press and hold it pops up a mini menu that shows the five seats in the car. Again, don’t need a full screen display for this
• Quick Toggle for screen display mode. This would toggle between normal display and “clean” display mode. But also can we have a middle ground? Like a middle display setting that darks the screen and reduces clutter but keeps essential controls visible?

7. Detect if the car is in the garage at home. Then the walk away lock is disabled so my car is unlocked in the garage
8. Display supercharger statuses and idle fees in tesla phone app

This would be really nice from a transparency stand point. Tesla doesn’t seem like the typical corporate company but the way it hides the fees and the status of the chargers isn’t very transparent. I should have a way to check how many cars are at the charger, how much I’m being charged, if there is an idle fee etc. from my phone. That way if I’m far away from my car I don’t have to sprint for the fact that I have no idea if I will get an idle fee or not.

9. Can you create an external lock button on the car? Maybe swipping the card or phone on the frame to lock?

I really miss how I could unlock/lock my car from the outside with the keypad that other vehicles have on the outside of the driver door. That way you can keep your key in the car and just unlock the door with a pass code. I don’t know if something like this is possible for the Model 3.

10. Customize the small left corner access window which usually shows windshield wipers, push to talk etc.

I think the bottom left section could be one of the most useful but it isn’t being fully utilized at this time. It all comes back to being able to customize what’s on my screen and where. I would prefer the bottom left of my screen to be a quick climate control access panel. I live in Colorado where we have cold winters. So while driving I may want the car super hot at first but will adjust the temp/air flow throughout the ride. Right now that is difficult and distracts me from the road because I have to open the menu.

Other Ideas for bottom left:
1. Quick Access for adjusting mirrors, steering wheel
2. Rear view camera display. Don’t think this needs to be the full screen I think it could fit in the bottom left
3. Display of 5 seat heaters in the car for quick access/changing

11. Make a driver profile default so the car always returns to it. But will keep another profile active until arrival and locking of the car

I’m not sure if the car does this currently the times I’ve changed the profile to a friends for them to drive I’ve had to manually change the profile back the next time I drove the car. I know I’ll be the only regular driver of the car so having the profile always default back to me would be nice.

12. Allow heated seat access on phone app

Straight forward. Then I can preheat the seats too.

13. Allow rolling up the windows on phone app
Same thing. Would be nice and it would show me if I left the windows down.

Over all I love the car and everything the company is about! If you’d like to speak further about any of the items above do not hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you for everything you stand for and do every day!

mrburke | 2018年11月30日

Idea 4.a to use right scroll wheel to control wiper is very good. I had the same thought yesterday in some off and on again rain

dwakelee | 2018年11月30日

#3 (windshield wiper pop-up after stalk press) was added to make it easy to bring up the wiper dialog without having to search for anything via the touchscreen. Then you can easily change the wiper settings. Was done as an improvement.

#9 Lock via card swipe on drivers door frame - this is already in place. Using your card on the B pillar (below the camera) will either unlock or lock the car.

Most of the other suggestions have been mentioned previously to some degree. To encourage Tesla to implement, use the vehicle profile area of the website to submit as suggestions. If enough people submit similar ideas, there is certainly a chance something will happen - they're always making the software better.

whosyourbaba | 2018年11月30日

One thing I miss from my Mazda 3 was the sound alert for blind spot detection. If there was a car next to you or in your blind spot as you turn on your signal, the car would make it sound to alert you. I wish the tesla have that rather than looking at the screen. I still turn my head but the sound reassurnace is nice.

Sparky | 2018年11月30日

Funny, just tonight I noticed that when I fully press the wiper button I'm only getting fluid on the right side wiper, which then transfers it to the driver's side and it gets the job done. I was just about to send an email to have this looked at but maybe it actually works more optimally this way.


Bryan.whitton | 2018年11月30日

I would love to have scheduled charging include a location. I typically charge at work but I plug in every night at home to keep it happy and prepare for climate control in the morning when I get into the car. I would like to be able to set charge rates and times based upon the location. One for work and one for home.

12Brent | 2018年11月30日

I thought that's how it works, but I only use it all home. It always knows not to use scheduled charging everywhere else.

thedrisin | 2018年12月1日

When there are multiple contact numbers for a person when voice selected would like to be able to scroll and select the desired number from the steering wheel.

Xerogas | 2018年12月1日

@bryan.whitton: "I would love to have scheduled charging include a location."
Already works that way on Model S, so it *may* already be implemented for Model 3. Haven’t confirmed by testing yet, though.

Chicken Parm | 2018年12月1日

Lots of great ideas above.

One "Hardware" thought: Combining the interior door button and emergency door latch into a single, 2 phase mechanism. The first phase would both electronically actuate the window to drop, and unlatch the door simultaneously. This would replicate the current botton on the door handle. The second phase would require a longer/harder pull that mechanically opens the door in the event of complete power loss.
This would serve 2 purposes:
1. It would eliminate inadvertently using the emergency latch that could damage the door, and
2. It would simplify the manufacturing process.

hamiltonned | 2018年12月1日

#7 yes, yes, yes!

h2ev | 2018年12月1日

#7, which I assumed would be the case while awaiting delivery of the car. I'm a bit surprised it doesn't do it.

I would like the ability to select between fresh air and recirculate on the air intake without the climate control on. As it is right now, I can't tell if it's on fresh air or recirculate without turning on the climate control. The car is constantly fogging up here in the cooler and wet weather lately unless I turn on the fan.

Also, separate the AC compressor button to the auto. I want to be able to use auto climate control while manually turning on or off the AC. Call me a control freak, but in my experience cars with auto climate control still run the AC compressor in the middle of winter, wasting gas. At least in a gas car you can tell when it runs the AC compressor when engine RPM surges. You totally can't tell in the Model 3 if it's unnecessarily running the AC compressor if you use auto climate control.

M3BlueGeorgia | 2018年12月1日

Advanced charging options would be really nice:

a) Set start and END time, and let the car choose the amperage to stretch out the charging
For example, my cheap power rates are from midnight to 6am, so no need to frantically fill up the battery as quickly as possible unless its especially low

b) Ability to set a quick top-up on the battery just before one leaves. This preconditions the battery.

c) Powered lift-gate option for rear and front trunks

d) Auto-close on frunk

e) Heater for door handles to eliminate freezing issue

isafdad | 2018年12月1日

A supplement to item 13; in England when you lock your car, it automatically closes all windows and then locks the doors so it is secure. I would like the Model 3 to similarly close all windows and lock automatically as I leave the vehicle. Either my wife or I have lowered a passenger window inadvertently when exiting the car while wearing winter gloves without realizing it.

I would like the charging 'set limit' feature to offer two limits, possibly three. The two primary limits would be comprised of: a lower limit which would trigger charging to ensure a minimum range available at all times when plugged in regardless of time of day (ability to cancel or override manually or via cell phone), and; an upper limit as currently available for scheduled charging. In Ontario Canada, there are multiple daily, weekend and holiday time of use rates and it would be nice if these could be loaded into the charger, my phone app or the car's system to support automatic upper limit charging when lowest rates are available. The third limit or setting would represent a winter precondition schedule that can be manually set or as a daily learning feature like my NEST thermostat does for daily patterns related to leaving from work.

Automatic High-beam headlight operation - The automatic setting cycles on/off as a result due to false triggers from driveway lights, reflectors, and other objects, particularly in my local neighborhood. The reliability of the high low cycling is poor but the settings offer an all or nothing condition only accessible through the car settings. I would like the left indicator arm to permit cycling from auto high beam, continuous manual high beam and continuous low beam settings.

Minor issue:When using a non Tesla charger, the electrical adapters lock into place in the charge port and cannot be unlocked/removed without the charge cable attached. The open/close feature should permit unlocking an attached adapter.

I hope Tesla is following these forums as a means of reviewing these suggestions and continuing to improve our cars.



syclone | 2018年12月1日

Rear cross traffic alert warning - Virtually every other car manufacturer has one, even on sub 20 K cars

rear view mirror sized video on screen when turn signals go on - this to compensate for the terrrible view out the rear view mirror because of the interference of the rear headreats.

teslu3 | 2018年12月1日

outside mirror setting is one per person. Would like it to be two: for daylight and nightime. At night I adjust the mirrors slightly to avoid bright lights in my eyes.

Atoms | 2018年12月1日

All good ideas for Tesla to evaluate. I suspect that Tesla codes the UI in C or some variant. This makes it difficult to make changes without inducing new bugs.

My suggestion would be for the UI to be generated by a generator and a simple text descriptor file. This could allow for very rapid changes with much greater visibility.

The logic behind various controls including interlocks, sequences, etc. also be generated using a simple text file containing all the logic in a state machine descriptor. Remove all the procedures and initialization and unnecessary syntax and keep just what is necessary to describe the states and state transitions.
Both the UI and state machine control could be managed by non-programmers and the programmers focus on coding the reading, syntax/error detection, and executing the descriptor files. This could be done at compile time or at booting to preload.

By separating UI and state machine definition from the programming team, changes can be made faster and new UI’s can be designed and evaluated faster.

By simplifying the UI and state machine interfaces, more people at Tesla could support the improvement activity and it could be done 10x faster.

gregd96 | 2018年12月1日

How about a door open button on phone as well as unlock. Winter is here in Indiana and that often means freezing rain. If I could pop door open with phone it would bypass the ice sheet over the handles. I could also see this as a big benefit when hands are full by allowing a phone voice command to open ABC door.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2018年12月1日

The 'suggestions' to do things 'like my other car did it' have been pretty much thoroughly ignored by Tesla for years. This is not the first time such helpful wishlists have been compiled...

kid4040 | 2019年2月2日

It be cool if there was a "movie mode" you could put the Tesla into that is only available when charging because I must assume must be in park while charging so would be safe. Maybe only if connected to wifi so Tesla doesn't have an increased data expense. Would also incentivize drivers to use wifi more often which would allow more updates via wifi which actually may save Tesla a little money in the end.

kid4040 | 2019年2月2日

It'd be cool if there was a "movie mode" you could put the Tesla into that is only available while charging because must be in park while charging therefore would be safe. Only if connected to wifi so no increased data expense for Tesla. Would also incentivize drivers to use wifi more often which would allow more updates via wifi which actually may save Tesla a little money in the end.

meni | 2019年2月3日

My top 3 wishes:

1- Black headliner.

2- Black headliner.

3- Black headliner.

syclone | 2019年2月3日

@Meni: Would you consider a Black headliner, instead?

billtphotoman | 2019年2月3日

Another vote for 7. I would also like an _option_ to unlock the charger port when done because this would make sharing public L2 chargers and Tesla Destination Chargers much easier.
For "hardware", my request is to re-solve the problem they un-solved by preventing the rear seats from being folded down from inside the cabin. Other sedan's solved this security issue 20+ years ago with simple latches on the back of the rear seats so it is irritating Tesla un-solved it. Time to remedy that.

Lightglass | 2019年2月3日

What we need is a dedicated owners link here on the Tesla website for suggestions for improvements. We can all piss and moan here on the forums-but does ANYBODY in Tesla engineering look at our input? Having been in an engineering environment where outside feedback was dismissed because they weren’t inside and close to the problem is a mindset that is hard to overcome. So, I question whether our comments here are looked at.....

amusee12 | 2019年2月4日

Looks pretty good to me

jimglas | 2019年2月4日

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Magic 8 Ball | 2019年2月4日

Wow! He has almost 900 views. That must suck to do all that spamming and only come up with less than 1000 views, nobody likes amusee.

jnicolejasmine2 | 2019年2月22日

Love my Model 3. I have two suggestions: One is to allow the change of window wipers from the left handle. I found that changing the wipers distracted me from the road. The other suggestion is to have an ending time for charging. I am on a time of use and have to set an alarm to stop charging when the rates go up.

rxlawdude | 2019年2月22日

More reliable streaming, especially for Tunein. Sucks to see the spinning wheel that never clears.

andy.connor.e | 2019年2月22日

To have live traffic on map without purchasing in-car internet subscription.

jmmcfarla | 2019年2月22日

Seat heaters can now be controlled through the app (Feb 2019). Didn't see anyone comment on that above, but it's within the climate screen if you double-tap on the seat it'll display the High / Medium / Low / Off seat heater icons. Slowly but surely!

jmmcfarla | 2019年2月22日

@andy.connor.e just use Waze on your phone. Integrating Apple CarPlay or at least just Waze (google owned) into the display would be HUGE. The movie mode would also be clutch while charging.

andrewsjra | 2019年2月22日

In still waiting for TESLA to release a way for text messages to be read and responded to while driving. Unless your connected to audio off your phone you don’t hear the notifications come in. Our previous car had Apple CarPlay and android auto. My Toyota Sienna at minimum reads off incoming messages. If something like that was available it would be an improvement. I don’t think the distraction conversation comes into play here as other things such as web browsing while driving is probably more distracting. I love how the phone dial and mute features work. I feel there’s still work for improvement for text notifications.

marek.minarik | 2019年4月9日


the good thing is that there is potential for change and that if they do change something, people just get it via updates! Anyway here I go:

1. Daylights. In my country (Slovakia) its mandatory to have lights on during day. If I put them on auto, they are turned off (since its daylight) but I need them to be on even during that, so there should be an option to have them on even during day for countries with laws like mine.

2. Iphone music. In my previous car when I connected my Iphone I had many options which I could use in my car, like open iphone music, playlists etc. The Model 3 only gives me the option to use the media from phone. I have to select playlist, track etc manually on my phone. More communication options should be available, mainly with smartphones like the iphone.

3. Childlock. I would welcome the option of locking only one door with the Childlock, not both, since one kid is old enough not to open his door, but the otherone is not, why should both have their doors locked?

Thank you.

obor | 2019年4月22日

Thank you Tesla for this so great Model3. This car impress me a lot.
I'd like to share some suggestions for improvements

Air conditioning:
- Add an easy way to adjust temperature with scroll wheels
- Allow to completely stop airflow on one side, the driver or the passenger

- Add a way to automatically stop radio/music when opening the driver door.

- Add a percent value to set the charge limit, moving the limit bar is not accurate enough
- In programming mode, when charging has not started, provide the remaining charge time.
- Near the battery bar, allow to display both the %remaining and the KMs remaining. Both informations would help to appreciate remaining autonomy

Autonomous driving:
- When the autopilot is confused by the white lines, for instance when two white lines are joining together, it "shakes" the car from one side to the other. This seems unsafe behavior, better warn the driver.

Code Pin:
- When set, the code PIN is asked each time the driver door is open. Sometimes you just want to go out your car for just few seconds, for instance to open a garage door.

Lonestar10_1999 | 2019年4月22日

Quality Control- do not allow cars with defects; cosmetic or otherwise to be delivered to customers. If the customer insists on taking the car, fine. But then perform a root cause analysis on how the defect saw the light of day in the first place.

bpatter123 | 2019年4月22日

a small mod to the call for more use of the L scroll wheel for adjustments- summon the voice app with a push of the R scroll wheel & ask for "Adjust" stuff like Temp, R or L mirror, following distance, auto wiper sensitivity, nav voice volume, bass?, tweeter?.... for about 10 seconds. Agree with no Auto Lock when Home option.

billlake2000 | 2019年4月23日

Left scroll wheel makes car go airborne. Right scroll wheel allows car to dive below surface if in a large body of water.

radiobartlett | 2019年4月23日

Improved Sun Visor! I have a simple one - better sun visors! We often have to hold our hands up to the window while driving because the sun visors are not effective, especially during sun rise or sun set. Our RAV 4 has the slid-able panel that covers this issue very well for nearly all cases.

obor | 2019年4月23日

USB key for videos recording:
When key is almost full, warn user and then start to delete oldest videos files

d.eigenraam | 2019年4月23日

AC outlet in trunk/frunk.

samathw | 2019年4月29日

Some suggestions from me
1. Display Battery % and Miles Left at the to see all the time (Next to battery icon). (Battery charging screen where there is plenty of real estate this information can be easily displayed including Miles left, projected miles & battery %.)
2. Charge on / Off Timer. (No Off timer - helpful for Time Of Use - Do not use electricity during certain time period)
3. Show kW used and kW Regen in digits rather than no scale graph of Black and Green. (Or mark kW on the Graph). Or add this info in Energy graph screen to see clealy as a dial.
4. Analog Speedo meter as a graph (Even a bar graph)
5. Have a display screen where we can see How much energy used for HVAC, Driving, Aux (Breakdown of where energy go) - May be incorporated in the Energy Graph screen as well.
6. Climate control on timer. (Ex. Every M-F at 7am start climate control)

bobandpattys | 2019年4月29日

Passenger seat memory like driver seat memory.

gueorgi | 2019年4月29日

1. Use the sound system for noise cancelation. Some people (my wife included) complain a lot about wind and tire noise especially at highway (60MPH+) speeds. My Honda CRV has active noise canceling and makes thins really quiet. I think it uses the car speakers (not 100%) sure.

2. An option to change the turn signal sound/and or color if there is in my blind spot. I know the car and lane turns red but it is hard to see and by the time the collision chime comes in it is too late - you scared the people in next car or worse.

gueorgi | 2019年4月29日

Meant "things" not "thins" in "makes thins really quiet" and missed a "a car" in the "is .. in my blind spot" in my post above. 2 will also help when the screen is not working (not just being restarted but black for long time and driving to SC).

Also another one:
3. An optional shade for the glass roof that can supply energy for the AC/fan/sleep/sentry mode and reduce the energy being loss while parked. May be with windshield solar shade too. (Did not check if this was suggested somewhere on the forums before - may be it was).

gueorgi | 2019年4月29日

These are not my ideas as well but are good and may be easy to do if just software is involved and bugs me these are not present yet:

4. Drone/birds eye view - all these side cameras should allow for it, right?
5. Rear cross-traffic alert - cameras and sonar on the back could allow for it? Or it needs side radars on the back?
6. If one is in reverse and brings maps/audio/car etc settings could the backup camera stay on if keep rolling back or auto re-appear? Now one has to re-open it.

paul | 2019年4月30日

Make the icons on the screen moveable like on a smart phone.
Who needs seat heaters in summer, or heated rear window, But the fan speed, air con, and recycle would be more useful as one-touch operations on the bottom of the main screen...

gllivyl | 2019年4月30日

A/C: Should provide independent A/C controls for driver and passengers (minimally the front passenger):

- Fan speed
- Fan on/off
- Air blow direction (all directions)

Not sure Tesla reads this forum, and acts upon its recommendations.

nick-r | 2019年4月30日

When someone opens a car door, activate a loud flatulence sound at that door location approximately two seconds after the door has been opened. Safety feature. :)

mark.willing | 2019年4月30日

1. Charging at home: Plug in without charging. Be able to set charging timers to match up with cheaper utility rates. For example, come home at 7pm, plug in, but the car will be set to charge between 11pm and 7am.

2. Be able to set climate control timers. For example, it's a cold winter morning and you want to warm/defrost the car while the car is plugged in. You came home the night before at 7pm, plugged in,...but had no need to charge,...your charge timer is off, but you just want to warm the car in the morning from the charger at 6am because you leave for work at 6:30 in the morning. I don't want to have to walk outside in the cold, plug in, then activate the climate control before I leave for work.

3. The option to switch from kWh/mile to miles/kWh because your brain understands it better.

4. The option to make the power consumption/regeneration bar graph much larger for those that want to use it for hypermiling feedback. As compared to other EVs, it's more difficult to hypermile the M3 due to the general lack of display information.