Send car NAV directions

Send car NAV directions

It seems that I have read this is possible, but I cannot seem to find it documented.

Can someone point me in the general direction or reveal this is "fake news"?

melmartin | 2018年12月4日

You can do it... I've done it with Google Maps and Apple Maps from my iPhone. Using iOS click the share icon on either Google or Apple Maps and add the Tesla app to approved apps. That will get your destination to the car...

hello | 2018年12月4日

@melmartin. super cool. Thanks!

weluvm3 | 2018年12月4日

How about Android phones?

itsnice2be | 2018年12月4日

Where do I find the share icon on the Google Maps app using IOS?

itsnice2be | 2018年12月4日

I found it! Cancel above request.

sroh | 2018年12月4日

@weluvm3, yes, this also works with Android phones. Google Maps, share, choose Tesla.

Atom12 | 2018年12月4日

Anyway to do this from the desktop (Google maps in a browser) without going through the phone first?

httran26 | 2018年12月4日

@Atom12. Not directly but there is a work-around. Put the address on your calendar. Then when you open up calendar in your car, you can click on it. It will go straight to nav. Well, I use google calendar and it works for me.

rxlawdude | 2018年12月4日

Just for grins, tried to share a route with multiple stops. Errors out when sharing to Tesla app. :-(

Atom12 | 2018年12月4日

@httran26 Thank you. That sounds like it will work for me just fine.

jjgunn | 2018年12月4日

It totally works ....just send/share any address to your Tesla app. As long as the car has LTE, you'll be navigating in seconds.

ron | 2018年12月4日

yep. feel like an idiot now. It is super simple and just works,

amory | 2018年12月8日

Excuse my ignorance, and I do see the Share icon, but on an iPhone SE, how do I "add the Tesla app to approved apps", please?

eplaskett | 2018年12月8日


After you hit the share icon, scroll to the right in the list of apps that are so enabled. The last icon will have three dots and be labeled "More." Hit that and you'll see the option to add Tesla. In that row, you can also press and hold on each icon to drag them around and change their order.


geno | 2019年4月2日

where is the share in android Google Maps?

hokiegir1 | 2019年4月2日

@geno - when you input the address, before you have the directions, you have a "Share" button. The route itself can't be shared, though -- just the destination.

FremontDave | 2019年4月2日

@melmartin Awesome! Learnt so much from this forum!

Miller | 2019年8月4日

Interesting that this no longer works. It worked late last year, when I bought the Model 3. But now, when I select Share from a Map Route Details using my just purchased iPhone 8 iOS 12.14, nothing is listed. Nothing. Selecting Apps shows a bunch of apps in the App Store, but nothing on my device other than the London Tube app. Tesla app is not listed. Any ideas? Does this feature still work for others on iOS 12?

jjgunn | 2019年8月4日

Make sure you actually start the navigation not just seeing the route.

RP3 | 2019年8月4日

mine still works and I use it all the time. I just checked and I'm still on iOS 12.3.1, so I'll be watching this thread to see if jjgunn is correct and you are not at the right screen. If it is broken on 12.4, guess I won't be updating any time soon!

Miller | 2019年8月4日

Thanks @jjgunn. It seems this feature only works with address pins in the map, not with routes. So if I select “Work” (for examp,e, one of my saved pins), or a restaurant pin on the map, then scrolling down shows the share icon next to favorite icon. Tapping share allows Message, Mail, Tesla, and other apps, along with AirDrop. But it does not work from the Route Details screen. And there is no share option after I select “Go”. As others have written, only the address can be shared, and now I’ve learned, the address can only be shared from the Map, not from directions, route selection, or route details. Perhaps you have seen something different? Thanks again for replying so quickly!

RP3 | 2019年8月4日

@Miller - I use GoogleMaps on my iPhone and look up a destination. Once I see the "Directions" button on the bottom left, I hit that button. Before I hit the "Start" button, I hit the 3 little dots at the top right which has a drop-down menu to "share directions" and then Tesla shows up as one of the share options. (I know...intuitive, right!!) Guess I'm cleared to update to iOS 12.4.

Clyffe3 | 2019年8月4日

Works fine on Android still. Same procedure used as @RP3 above.

casun | 2019年8月4日

it still works from google maps. i used it today. tesla app version 3.8.6

casun | 2019年8月4日

@miller when you select “share directions”, if the tesla app is not listed in the first row of approved apps select “more”. you should see the tesla app listed there and should be able to select it.

Miller | 2019年8月5日

@casun, the Tesla app never shows in the More line one or the More line two from the Directions Route Details. It only works when an address in the map is displayed by selecting a pin on the map and before directions are requested. But selecting Share from the pin info screen, by scrolling down past the address, works perfectly. As you say, the access to this function is not intuitive. Glad I found it again. And thanks for helping out. It seems that Google Maps may work a bit differently than Apple Maps. Best

vincearlia | 2019年11月8日

Even when you click "Share Directions" via Google Maps app - It only sends the destination to the car. The car then calculates its own route (It doesn't use the directions/route from Google)

WW_spb | 2019年11月8日

Tesla map already Google based map

EVRider | 2019年11月9日

@WhiteWi: The map display is from Google, but not the navigation.