Tesla Phone Support Wait time over 1hr!!??

Tesla Phone Support Wait time over 1hr!!??


I called this number (888) 51-TESLA or (888) 518-3752 for some delivery question and information. Called several times however same wait time "Over 1 hour". WHY IS IT SO LONG??? I didn't expected this from Tesla. Tesla should provide better Customer Service. I am unable to talk to anyone till date in this number.

It says "For immediate assistance, please contact (888) 51-TESLA or (888) 518-3752". Immediate assistance or LONG WAIT????


Triggerplz | 2018年12月10日

The wait time didn’t use to be long but with the release of the 3 there’s many more people calling.. Sometimes the roadside employees can answer general questions, now when I have a general question I’ll go to roadside assistance as that wait isn’t as long

Model - X | 2018年12月10日

Use the chat feature, I got someone quickly.

inconel | 2018年12月10日

Roadside assistance has also gotten worse. I had a nail in my tire 100 miles from home last weekend and called Tesla Roadside Assistance. I gave up and handled the situation myself after hearing music for over 10 minutes. Don't know how I would feel if I was in a critical situation.

sidney.kahn | 2018年12月10日

I wish I could say something positive here, but sadly my recent experience with Tesla support has been anything but supportive.
I sent the following message to Tesla Customer support at 10:30pm EST on FRIDAY (today is Monday) regarding my 5-month old model X.

"At approximately 18:30h EST this evening, I had driven about 10 miles from my home, with approximately 150 miles of charge remaining. I had noticed fluctuating audio for a couple of minutes, and when I stopped for a red light the car went completely dead - no display, no lights (dash, interior, or exterior), and no response to every attempted input. After a short while. I pressed the key fob and the car restarted, but with no screen display, audio, speedometer, or even turn signals. I was able to drive about 2 miles to my destination, where I tried to log in to my Tesla account, receiving error messages for invalid login and server error on several attempts. I called the emergency assistance number twice, about an hour apart, and each time was on apparently indefiinite hold. About two hours after the breakdown, I was able to log in to my Tesla account and access the car, which appeared normal. It then started normally, with all displays and functions nominal, and I returned home uneventfully.
Please could you explain what happened, and what measures, if any, I can take should it recur, since your roadside assistance essentially isn't."

I tried to reach phone support again the following morning, and again was on indefinite hold. I gave up and called my local dealership, which I could reach only by choosing the sales department, since selecting "service" put me back in the hold queue. The sales agent was apologetic and told me he'd escalate my complaint to service - to confirm, I immediately emailed him the message I copied above. As of midday today, Monday, over 60 hours since the breakdown, I had heard nothing more by phone or email, and was able to reach a sales manager at the same dealer who again undertook to have my concerns addressed, both about the now-questionable reliabiltiy of the car and even more the complete lack of support access in an essential situation. I am now waiting for a call back and will post again when (or if) I receive a response.

lilbean | 2018年12月10日

So the car was driveable?

sidney.kahn | 2018年12月10日

After standing dead for several minutes, it came back on, but lacking most functionality - speedometer, turn signals, GPS, audio, backup camera. Drive train and lights did work. Even the Tesla app failed to respond for at least an hour afterward, returning error messages (invalid login, server error). Still no response from Tesla.... | 2018年12月11日

@sidney - Can't answer for the slow response, but why not just schedule a service appointment?. Clearly something is wrong. I don't know what an operator could tell you differently. You can do it online in about a minute. It even lets you pick the day and time. I did this about 1 week ago. Got an appointment less than 2 days from when I went online - although most appointments were 4-5 days out.

sidney.kahn | 2018年12月17日

I did contact my local service center, as I described in my post above, with the following experience (so far).

Update: Fri, 14 December
I did not receive the promised call-back, so called again the following day, Tuesday, reaching another service rep who found the problem record in the database and told me I'd have to bring the car in. We set up an appointment for today, 14 Dec, at 2pm. When I arrived, there were a number of Tesla personnel milling around but only one at service reception, for whom I had to wait almost 10 minutes. Although she was very pleasant and helpful (a) the service technicians had not reviewed the event log, as promised on Tuesday when I booked the service, and would not be able to do so until after the weekend and (b) because they had no available Tesla loaner, they would provide me an Enterprise rental (ICE, of course). Since nothing was going to be done over the weekend, I opted not to leave my car, as it appears to be OK (although the scroll wheels have stopped working). However, the next available service opening is only on 26 Dec, nearly 2 weeks away, so hopefully I won't have any further issues before then.

To be continued....

operationdoc | 2018年12月17日

Tried to schedule a service appointment couple of weeks ago. The soonest is more than a month. I guess unless your car breaks down, don't expect fast service. This is way worse when all the Model 3s flood the streets. It's very concerning.