Very disappointed with the Tesla Cam...did not record when my wife was involved in an accident.

Very disappointed with the Tesla Cam...did not record when my wife was involved in an accident.

I am so mad with the Tesla front camera. my wife got into a minor fender bender over the holidays. she stated she was on her lane...and the other person swerved into her. I said no problem...let me check the camera...the accident occurred 12/31. the officer said...don't you have a front camera, i said yes...but i need to download the video. without the video...the accident will be undetermined...basically no-fault accident...

the last known footage on the USB was 12/29 which was the last time i drove the car.... I got to the car...see the red dot on the

so video of her driving when the car was involved in an accident....

check your USB guys...see if it's actually recording daily.

jim | 2019年1月3日

Sorry about the accident. If you wanted to save a video of the accident, you would have needed to tap the dashcam icon to save the last 10 minutes. Sounds like that didn't happen.

hpn | 2019年1月3日

@ jim.... i did tapped the icon....then i removed the USB when i see the arrow dropped down. when she was driving..she said the "red" dot is luminated on the dash cam. i said great....

is that what you're asking?

MichaelB00012 | 2019年1月3日

@jim - I don't think you're understanding how that works is accurate. While what you said is true, it only saves the 10 minutes of clips if you press that button, it also automatically records all the time and stores temporary files to the USB drive that are converted to permanent when that button is pressed. The issue @hpn has is that the USB drive was not recording AT ALL when his wife was driving the car on 12/31 as the last recorded video was from 12/29.

gmr6415 | 2019年1月3日

@hpn, Your wife would have needed to hit the camera icon just after the accident to save the footage. If she didn't, and it recorded for more than an hour after the accident, it would have been overwritten.

Are you saying the last temporary clips were from two days before or are you saying the last "saved" clips were from 2 days before?

jjgunn | 2019年1月3日

Need to hit that button immediately after the accident & download. Files only last 10 minutes.

No reason to be mad at Tesla. System is working as it's designed.

kevin_rf | 2019年1月3日

@jjgunn I have found the "system" to be unreliable and in need of improvement. Especially the corrupting the drive and not really know if it is recording or not. And this is coming from someone who has been using a cheap $30 POS Chinese import for years.

btw It renames the "saved" files when you tap the icon, you might want to look for a file with the name "saved" in it, but it sounds like it failed on the 29th.

CorkChop | 2019年1月3日

Yea, sorry. You tapping it after she got home wasnt going to do it.

jjgunn | 2019年1月3日

I've had zero problems with TeslaCam after 46.2 update. Haven't had to touch it for probably 6-8 weeks.

Rt002k | 2019年1月3日

Is the dashcam setting saved to the user profile? Sounds like it could be set up for your profile and not hers. I haven't used it, but that seems to be the only difference - her driving vs you driving.

ICEMELT | 2019年1月3日

I am confused. If only 10 minutes of video is downloaded, whats the point of having one hour of cycling? Is there another way to get to the remaining 50 minutes of recording? I have just started using a dual partitioned USB.

@jjgunn are you saying 'zero problems' just based on the red dot? I see the red dot all the time.

I would really like the dash cam to keep recording in small manageable files as long as the storage space allows and then simply start overwriting from the oldest file.

M3phan | 2019年1月3日

Sorry about the accident man. That truly stinks. Hard to go thru with the 3, too. Glad you’re all ok?
So I’ve had zero probs since 46.x as well. Before that, had two corruptions, since then, nada. Red dot always. I’ve checked drive a couple times since and it’s creating and saving files. Works fine. As others stated, the icon must be pressed immediately after the event one wishes to save to capture last ten mins.

nineteenelevenfan | 2019年1月3日

exactly why I installed my own front/rear dash cam. The Tesla dash cam is, IMO, less reliable (quirky on when it does/doesn't work, USB reformatting, red dot on/off, etc.) than a third party solution that is more feature reach. I view the Tesla dash cam as a secondary backup if it's working at the time I need it. Very satisfied with my dual channel Street Guardian.

hpn | 2019年1月3日


thank you for chiming in.

here goes....the last footage that was on the USB was Dec 29th. my car sat there in the driveway until Dec 31st when my wife decided to take the car. she drove the car and got into an accident after 15-30 minutes of driving.

Since the car still drives...she called me and said i'll be heading to the office which is another 15 minutes away.

when i got to her office...i got into the car., see there's a red dot on the Camera. i then stopped it and ejected the USB by pressing the camera button till i see the down arrow.

immediately took the USB to have it downloaded to my wife's laptop....their was NO video...the last video was me parking the car into the driveway on the 29th. so absolutely no video was saved.

I was beyond Pissed.

as for profiling...she was using her profile to drive...which she has done before...and we have sat down and looked at her i don't think it's a profile issue.

as for the type of size of the USB...i'm using a PNY 64gb USB thumb drive. I'm on 48.12.1 software.

my wife didn't even know how to open the for hitting the camera...that's the first time I've heard of it.

I never hit the camera to save any clips...I had clips on the 27th, nothing on the 28th since i didn't drive the car and the last clip was on the 29th. when i drove around and parked in my driveway.

jjgunn | 2019年1月3日

when i got to her office...i got into the car., see there's a red dot on the Camera. i then stopped it and ejected the USB by pressing the camera button till i see the down arrow.
So for future reference....

Short press (click) - provides the download option - Click that & it will download the video to the USB - IIRC, you have to be kind of fast to click that Download option

Long press - stops the recording - doesn't download anything unless something changed with 48.12.1 but should still have the last 10 minutes viewable on the USB.

It's possible you removed the USB too quickly before the recording stopped completely, if I'm reading your post above correctly.

Sucks, Sorry about the fender bender but important thing is wife is ok - car is repairable.

Tester001 | 2019年2月18日

I just got rear ended and of course TeslaCam only saved before and after the accident. There was a missing 2 minute gap of the accident. I think my mistake was I put the car in Park and got out of the car before I clicked Save. I only pressed Save after I returned to the car. So the 2 minutes I was outside looking at my car, TeslaCam went Offline, and didn't save or wrote to USB.

guydude | 2019年2月18日

TeslaCam is very beta and has a ton of improvements to be made

hpn | 2019年2月18日

This TeslaCam is like a crap shoot...never know it will record or not record...and when you do really need it...its not there.

ODWms | 2019年2月19日

It should updated to automatically save footage right before and after an impact, with no input from the driver.

wstone8 | 2019年2月19日

@hpn; @Tester001
I maybe a little late on chiming in on this... by chance are there any *.rec (FSCK0015.REC) files at the root of the drive/folder.
If you don't have VLC Player download it and try opening those in that. Some of them won't play.. and others will.
You can also try renaming the extension of .rec to .mp4.

I had an issue back in Oct where I had hit a deer. I pulled over, got out of the car to look at things, walked away to pick up pieces of my side mirror. When i got back the car had locked (I have the Autolock walk-away enabled). When I got back into the car, I remembered I needed to hit the save button. When I got home, I plug the usb into my PC and video of the incident was not there. I had footage from after I pulled over and some video files a couple minutes before the incident. Then I saw the .rec files and started to open them. Some didn't play and others did. I noticed a pattern, a lot seem to be the minute up to packing and getting out of the car. Parking lots, my house, etc. Low and behold the last .rec file was the footage of my encounter w/ the deer.

httran26 | 2019年2月19日

The teslacam has been working as expected for me. When something happens, I tap the camera icon.
When I want to remove the USB, I press and hold the camera icon until the red dot turns gray. Then I removed the USB. I haven't had a corrupt file in months. They fixed that a while back. I have the teslacam USB plugged into a cheap 4 Port hub. In the same hub, I also have a USB for music. No problems at all.

natura | 2019年2月20日

There have been multiple reports of the teslacam failing to record or corrupting files around the time of an accident. I experienced this myself. Everytime I see people assuming user error because their cams have been working perfectly in NON-accident situations. I wish people would not be so quick to assume user error and instead help put pressure on Tesla to do better.

kevin_rf | 2019年2月20日