vehicle connection Error.

vehicle connection Error.

hi. i cant connect to app. vehicle connection Error.
what can i do? pls provide me to resolve this problem.

EVRider | 2019年1月8日

Make sure both your phone and the car have internet connectivity — this is required for the app to work. If this isn’t the issue, try logging out of the app and back in.

jordanrichard | 2019年1月8日

The app sometimes gets glitchy. My favorite glitch is after connecting to my car I get an error message saying the car is not in my account and yet.................

Myers0608 | 2019年2月6日

I just took delivery of my Tesla earlier today. Everything was working fine. Tonight App has connection error. I’m in one city and it shows my vehicle parked at my house. I’ve done all the normal uninstall reinstall, turned off phone, Tesla app is updated. Any ideas? Also, my microphone worked flawlessly for about 5 hours. Not working now :(

mspector | 2019年2月6日

@Myers608: I'm thinking there may be an Internet connectivity issue at Tesla (or whoever Tesla uses to provide LTE service). As of this evening (some time around 5:30 pm Pacific time, I think), I lost LTE connectivity in my Tesla. The microphone input also stopped working; I don't know, but I would guess that it requires Internet connectivity.

If that's what it is, there's nothing to do but wait until Tesla fixes the issue.

mspector | 2019年2月6日

@Myers608: Just to confirm, others are posting Internet connectivity problems in their Teslas this evening. I wouldn't waste any more time reinstalling apps or anything; just wait.

MilesMD88 | 2019年2月6日

Welcome to the party. Sometimes it just doesn’t work, about 5% of the time.

plusplusjames | 2019年2月7日

What Miles said. Find something else to do until you forget about the app. Then fire it up the next day.

DRFLGD | 2019年2月7日

After updating to 3.8.1 when I've turned on the seat heater from the app get into the car the seat icon on the center screen/UI shows no squiggles and the seat isn't warm. But the app shows the squiggles. I want to go back to 3.8.0.

jacques.puibaraud | 2019年2月10日

Mine does it each time it gets into (deep) sleep and I read a few comments explaining it could be related by the latest MCU ( Car is brand new, was delivered in December 18)). If I have for instance a planned recharge, then the car will be accessible again as soon as the recharge is active. I reported the situation twice to Tesla and was told I was not alone! I now pray that a bug fix will come soon.

uvi1607 | 2019年3月6日

I am not getting LTE in my Model 3 which I recently got. it was working fine till yesterday . Since morning, it is not having any LTE connection. What should be done?

dsk79 | 2019年3月7日

I have the exact same issue as Jacques, I am guessing you are in France? Mine is an X P100D that since December is dead to the app once it sleeps. Tesla says it is known yet it doesn't happen to all the cars produced at that time so I am starting to get suspicious!

bgcat57 | 2019年3月15日

I had this problem for the last week and a half on my Model S. I finally solved it. These are all the steps I took in order and some may not be necessary. I have the most recent (as of March 13, 2017 updates of both the car software as well as the mobile (iPhone) app.
1.Log out and back into the mobile app (iPhone)
2. Did a soft boot (pressed both scroll wheels simultaneously on the wheel without the brake being pressed, until the console screen goes blank) and waited for completion - last screen visible, depending on what you were doing last.
3. On the main screen menu, I choose [I think] Privacy and Security (the second from the bottom.)
4. Turned off Mobile access at the bottom of the screen.
5. On the phone, I tried reconnecting until it said "Mobile Access Unavailable"
6. Turned the Mobile access on the console screen back on.
7. On the phone, I tried reconnecting again, and it worked.

I'm curious if this works for others. Steps 4-7 may be all that's required, but I included everything since I'm not able to reproduce the original error.

hnoborikawa | 2019年3月20日

Just got back from trying your 7 step process. IT WORKED!
On my version of the app, Step 5 said "Mobile Access Disabled".
Thanks a bunch!

gadgetperson | 2019年3月21日

I approached my car to test bgcat57's solution but did not need it since once I opened the door with the aid of the key fob, the car was awakened and the connection made. I think this is an ongoing problem with Tesla that needs a software fix. I just picked up my CPO Tesla a few days ago and was advised that I didn't need to use the fob since I could open the car with the app - which is true if the app worked 100% of the time. What happens if you are somewhere without your fob (or the fob battery dies) and the connection error occurs? It looks like you are stranded. To be safe I will be ordering a second fob for my wife and we'll both carry spare batteries. I guess this is good for Tesla accessory sales but it would be better if they fixed the problem.

Bill_75D | 2019年3月21日

@gadgetperson - Did you ask Tesla to provide a second fob? A CPO should come with both keys.

Xcell | 2019年4月1日

again - this time the connection malfunction relates to new loot box message (new code sharing). Looks like the system is fooling itself!

wshryer | 2019年6月8日

I have tried everything mentioned so far, delete then reinstall app, turned bluetooth on and off, have internet connectivity and still nothing other than showing a white bar on the IPhone that says Waking Up unfortunately it seems to be asleep!

SnowFlake | 2019年6月8日

Your car lost the internet connection. sometimes weather makes it to loose the connection

nagendra504 | 2019年7月2日

I've two model 3 cars and removed first car from my account. I tried to add new car to my mobile app but it is not connecting. it says vehicle connection error but I see the vehicle last 6 VIN on my account. what should I do . could you pls help. I tried deleting app and installing but no use.

ketanvisa | 2019年7月17日

Having issue connecting to Model 3 using my Tesla App. I can see my Inbox, loot Box but can't connect to car. Any one is facing similar issue.

EVRider | 2019年7月18日

@ketanvisa: Please read the previous replies above.

jordanteslax | 2019年8月2日

bgcat57's advice is spot on!
After having problems all day on two phones and different OS's, I googled and found this advice.
Soft boot was key to the process. Thank you bgcat57!

dcubed | 2019年8月9日

Hi, I’ve had my model 3 only three weeks and just had this problem. Followed bgcat57’s process and it fixed the problem! Thanks for posting this, very helpful...