Clicking sound under the glovebox upon entry into the Model S

Clicking sound under the glovebox upon entry into the Model S

For the last couple of days when I get in my model s there is a rapid clicking sound when the car turns on upon entry. It lasts for a few seconds and then goes away. Is this normal? I have a 2016 90D

riju.khetarpal | 2019年1月10日

Is anyone else having this happen to their Model S?

sr.smr | 2019年1月10日

I had a similar noise that appeared to come from the air vents above the glove box. Service said it could be something like a leaf getting into the ducts. It happened several times and then went away so for now I'll assume it cleared itself.

jayarr | 2019年1月11日

yep, had what sounds like the same problem, sort of like a dried leaf was touching a spinning fan. And that's pretty much what it was - SC said the metalic label on one of the fans peels up and fouls the fan blade; engineer removed the label but it's a SC job.

Silver2K | 2019年1月11日

I hear a rapid clicking nose inside the car when it turns off.

mikehornsby1 | 2019年12月2日

I am now experiencing this issue with a 2013 S P85. Each time upon opening the door, the car makes five identical, loud, repeating mechanical clicking sounds over a six second period - then stops. The sound is not a leaf stuck in the ventilation system.
Suggestions or comments?

Tldickerson | 2019年12月2日

The clicking is a actuator for the air conditioner. I just had mine replaced by a mobile tech a couple weeks ago.

hikerockies | 2019年12月3日

Yes, it is the actuator. Mine has been replaced twice (2017 S100D). It starts out with just clicking noises and gets worse. It has serious impact on air conditioner effectiveness. First time it happened to me, I was on a long road trip during summer. By the time I made it back home and could get it replaced, air conditioning was nearly non-existent.

RedJ | 2019年12月3日

Had this happen in my model S last year. If it sound like this it the intake actuator that needs to be replaced; ~30 minutes in service center or ranger.

kb9tms | 2020年2月5日

2016 90D have this exact issue. Also frunk secondary latch actuator failed. Tesla has some to be desired on their actuators.