Added Underglow Lights to my Model 3

Added Underglow Lights to my Model 3

Got the car 6 months ago and have put 15,000 miles on her already. Amazing car.

Put lights on her a couple weeks ago. Definitely gets a lot of attention now.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年1月12日

I am not much for bling but I do like the lights. How much does a setup like that cost and how hard is it to put on?

wulfgang | 2019年1月12日

About $100, I did it myself.

The 3 doesn’t have a fuse box and also I did not want to drill, so kinda tricky since there are no DIY instructions online.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年1月12日


4barkie | 2019年1月12日

That looks great! If I trusted my son I might have him attempt it but I don't so I will just have to admire yours.
The closest I can come are purple ambient lights in the front and back!

terminator9 | 2019年1月12日

Are you gonna make a video and tell us "how"? :)

terminator9 | 2019年1月12日

And whats the glowy rings on the tires?

lilbean | 2019年1月12日

Check the laws in your state. These may not be legal.

cissell71 | 2019年1月13日


CST | 2019年1月13日

Oh boy, here it comes!

jordanrichard | 2019年1月13日

While kits/lighting systems like this are sold online and in stores, they all come with the caveat that says, “....for over road use only”. Meaning, it is not legal and it will definitely get the attention of the police. Unless you plan on just using this parlor trick at car shows that might be held in the evenings.....

cbarsanti | 2020年1月22日

@wulfgang where did you get those?! Link pls

rdk | 2020年1月22日

I'm envious! Please post instructions. I would love to have underglow lights!