6 seater food flying!

6 seater food flying!

We have a six seater model X. With the back row of seats down there is a gap between the two seats in the middle row. When we food shop we fill up the cargo area. The food goes flying between the two seats up into the middle row when we come to a stop, even at a modest rate of deceleration. Do others have this problem? Is there a cargo net or other solution that people have used for this? Any help is appreciated. I think a piece of plywood is going to look pretty silly in my high tech car!
Thanks, Food Fighter

jdchgalvin | 2019年1月24日

Any suggestions/solutions that have worked?

T35LAX | 2019年1月24日

Just an idea.

Solarman004 | 2019年1月24日

For shopping, I slip a cardboard box behind the 2 middle seats. For traveling, we have a long fabric suitcase that we lay sideways to block the gap, then put the rest of the luggage behind it.
For just a few shopping bags, we open the lower trunk hatch and use that compartment plus the frunk.
I have a mesh net from another car but can't figure out a way to connect the upper clips without drilling holes in the side trim.

jjgunn | 2019年1月24日

I usually buy enough food that it doesn't move around - However, I'm 4'11" & 600 pounds >;-}

lilbean | 2019年1月24日
suinn | 2019年2月12日

I took an old cargo net from a previous car and just attached it to the rear seats folded down and two cargo hooks on either side. See photos I asked the Tesla Ranger about those side hooks and he said they are designed to be used for cargo tie down.

john02loan | 2019年5月2日

This is a real problem. Recently I had dog food flying all over my car. It was not very nice. The dog in the car is not very convenient, but I have no other way of transportation. I have two brute rottweilers. And every time I bring for them the best food that I buy here I love my dogs, but these are constant problems. I hope I come up with a solution for this question. Thank you all for the fun comments)

john02loan | 2019年5月2日

I was already thinking about tying everything with ropes, but probably it will not look very good XD

nipper2 | 2019年5月3日

Sorry but is this a joke?

mail | 2019年5月5日
gaspi101 | 2019年5月6日

Actually, I’ve found that having good and grippy weather mats keeps things from sliding at all.

Have these in our 6-seater, and grocery bags stay in place throughout acceleration and braking at any reasonable speed.

jimglas | 2019年5月7日

Lilbean suggested these:

they have rubber bottoms and work great