Research Study for Model X owners in Bay Area

Research Study for Model X owners in Bay Area


I work with a market research company and we are conducting a survey for Model X owners in mid February in the San Jose area.

This is a 2.5 hour survey and would compensate you $350.

There are absolutely no sales involved and your feedback would remain confidential.

For more information, please call us at 866-566-5187

Omoadel | 2019年2月6日


mbirnie51 | 2019年2月6日

Called the number above and answered about 10 mins of preliminary questions, then got a date and time to come to Santa Clara County Fairgrounds to do the survey. She kept reiterating the compensation as mentioned above. See you all there....MHB

jjgunn | 2019年2月7日

Called using my GV number to protect my personal cell phone. Got to their voice-mail requesting I leave my name & number & what study I'm inquiring about. I don't like it.

What's wrong? Can't see the number I'm calling from so I don't get prelim questions?

Maybe I'm paranoid but I don't trust anybody

mbirnie51 | 2019年2月8日

@jjgunn...if you're not comfortable in calling direct and talking to a real person, then just forget about this survey. My feeling (may be naive) is there is a chance to allow a platform for EV owners to have their experience with an EV reach more of the public. I called about an hour before their closing, I first spoke to a real person, who then transferred me to another person for the preliminary questions. It was a nice experience, considering.
Yes, they are looking for some tangible asset from the information, otherwise they would not entice us with a monetary reward.

ellagerrald | 2020年2月24日

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vivekthoptv | 2020年2月26日

Thanks for your support