Valet Mode, Erased our profiles.

Valet Mode, Erased our profiles.

We used valet mode for the first time due to tire replacement. It erased all our profile settings , erased our Homelink for the garage door and also disabled Mobile Access. It seems like it reset to factory settings except for the connected phones.

Has anybody experienced this ? Any recommendations ?

Teslanene | 2019年2月18日

I thought in order to disable mobile access they would need to know your Tesla account password.

mrtoyman | 2019年2月18日

I only gave them my key card. I was also thinking that maybe the tire shop reset the car because of a different size of tires installed. But they are not suppose to this in valet mode.

Resist | 2019年2月18日

Hope you let Tesla know via a bug report in the car.

JAD | 2019年2月18日

Just to be clear, you have turned off valet mode, right? It is supposed to delete all that when on, but come back when off.

mrtoyman | 2019年2月19日

Yes, we did turn it off. We have to reprogram everything even our location.

roger.klurfeld | 2019年2月20日

Here's my guess: They could not figure out how to reset the tire sensors, so they disconnected the 12 volt battery. Options stored in memory were wiped.