If you feel you're being cheated with new price reductions, DON'T!!

If you feel you're being cheated with new price reductions, DON'T!!

What Tesla did was actually pretty smart!
- Took out a few features out of base price and made them $3000 (AP)
- Reduced the base price by $3000
- So people would still be spending the same to buy a Tesla. Ex: AWD $50000 with basic AP vs $47000+$3000 with basic AP features
- In fact SR is actually $38000 (New pricing value)vs $35000 (old pricing value)
- For those who were not buying EAP or FSD thinking they were overpriced, now those features are merged into one.
- FSD is more attractive now and people would buy it.
- This would help Tesla accrue more FSD miles, will help Tesla avoiding retrofitting HW3 in all vehicles if people were to upgrade to FSD per current pricing structure.
- Closing of stores is actually an icing on the cake. There money being saved can be repurposed to expanding service.
- I don't think any of the stores with service/delivery centers will be closed. The store front could be repurposed as galleries.
- Only the stores with no service capabilities (like the ones in malls) would probably be closed.

Honestly the only people that are royally screwed are the ones who paid for FSD already. Their cars are $3000 cheaper compared to the new pricing structure since old EAP is the new FSD.

So, stop crying and get over it!! You were not cheated by Tesla.

M3DNP | 2019年3月1日

Elon also confirmed on Twitter that there would be no more price reductions. Hopefully it stays true for at least a few more months, lol!!

wiboater4 | 2019年3月1日

M3DNP I agree with you. Plus when I bought my model 3 the red paint was $1000 cheaper. and the AWD was $500 cheaper. So subtract that and I got the car sooner so that's worth something to me. Also the gain in the power boost that Tesla gave even though they didn't have to for previous owners. FSD was $3000 extra when I bought mine. Isn't it $5000 now?

PhillyGal | 2019年3月1日

There's also another way to look at it - we provided capital for the company to continue to succeed; to get more cars into the hands of others, have fewer ICEs on the road and cleaner air for our kids.

Yes, it's a bit of KoolAid, but it's true.

M3DNP | 2019年3月1日

Depreciation is a concern with new pricing structure. But that's going to affect only a small percentage of people who still decide to sell their car with all the OTA features in pipeline.

M3DNP | 2019年3月1日

@wiboater4 I bought FSD as well, but my current EAP features are now FSD and I still didn't get anything extra for what I paid. For me, considering the old EAP as the new FSD is the only way to justify the price reduction without feeling the burn off it lol!!
Plus I've been enjoying my car, and played my part as an early adopter in making SR a reality. Still a happy owner!

joe.lynn.atp | 2019年3月1日

“old EAP is the new FSD.“ um, no it is not. The new FSD takes some features that used to be in EAP and adds features that are not yet available... those in the old FSD. Those of us who purchased FSD will get AP3 hardware and those features when released. The new AP + FSD is $8000, the same as I paid for EAP + FSD last summer. Anyone who did not purchase that combo will be paying more to get the new FSD when available.

“The people who are totally screwed” How is anyone royally screwed? We all have exactly what we had before this announcement. In fact, we are all getting a free performance boost!

“Their cars are $3000 cheaper”. I have news for you sunshine, everyone who bought a Tesla last year has a car worth at least $3,000 less than they paid for it. Same goes for anyone who bought a BMW, MB, Audi, Volvo, etc. Cars are a depreciating commodity.

wiboater4 | 2019年3月1日

joe.lynn.atp Now take the $3000 and subtract the difference in paint price and AWD price plus half the 7500 Tax credit. Plus the time you had to use the car and being one of the first to get one. They did flip flop the price on the FSD and the TACC . TACC is now only $3000 when I bought it was $5000. and FSD was only $3000.

joe.lynn.atp | 2019年3月1日

@wiboater4: they flipped the price of AP and FSD, but also shifted features. EAP included summon, auto park and NoAP. AP does not — those features moved to FSD. I think it is a good move, many people said they wanted TACC alone at a lower price.

As for difference in paint price, etc., I don’t care. I
Got the car I wanted st the price I agreed to pay, and I have no regrets.

gt100 | 2019年3月1日

Really "Dont Feel Cheated" . What kind of dumbass comment is that.
Did you do the math .
Did you ask people who just bought the car in last month or 2 who were being reminded that Federal Tax credits expire soon and it will be costly to get the same car?

Paid 60K for M3 ,
Delivery Dec 29,2018
Same configuration now costs 51K .
9K down the hole in just 1.5 months

Feel Ripped off and Cheated by Tesla.

Thanks Elon for sticking it to the existing customers.

Was thinking of buying one for Wife. Not sure I want to anymore or in future with this kind of treatment

alexiosp | 2019年3月1日

What Tesla did was actually pretty smart FOR TESLA. Tesla is a for profit company.

M3DNP stop trying to convince me, I feel cheated. But, that’s life and happens everyday. Also, your argument is wrong.

andy.connor.e | 2019年3月1日

Putting the federal tax credit aside, this basically devalues all 2017, 2018, and Q1 2019 Model 3's. Good news for used car buyers, but bad news for new car owners.

terminator9 | 2019年3月1日

haha... Yeah, they knew true FSD is highly improbable anytime soon so people aren't believing in it and buying it. So they put a couple of existing beta features in it and are calling that FSD. Now, they have more breathing room to roll out true FSD if it can even happen with the current camera/sensors.

Rt002k | 2019年3月1日

I must have missed the spot on the website or my sales agreement that said "prices will never change". You weren't cheated. You were offered a price and you took it. Tesla can't win - they raise prices, new buyers get pissed (all you that got "cheated" probably missed that episode last summer). They lower prices old buyers get pissed. Market price fluctuation. The market changed, they adapted.

Rt002k | 2019年3月1日

In fact - all of you that bought in the last 1-2 months, guess what? You paid less than I did! Waaaaah!

andy.connor.e | 2019年3月1日

I just thought of this.

If i apply for a mortgage today and get a 4.5% interest rate, and in 2 weeks the interest rates drop to 4.25%, was i cheated?

JAD | 2019年3月1日

Google cash back on basically any new car and see a price reduction from last month when the manufacturer didn't offer the cash back program. This is nothing new when buying a car, they are bad investments, but Tesla's have held their value better than any other car.

gcklo | 2019年3月1日

The same car I have LR RWD, Red, EAD is now a few thousand dollars cheaper even after tax credit reduction.

I also own a small amount of Tesla stocks so hopefully the stock price will make it up in a few years.

jordanrichard | 2019年3月1日

PhillyGal +1

People are quickly forgetting that Elon/Tesla said that the heavily optioned version of the 3 would be delivered first to help make it possible to get the $35K car out. Just as those of us that bought Model S's and X's helped pay for the 3 to exist.

Complainers need to look at what we got 5 years ago for "x" dollars compared to what you get today........

andy.connor.e | 2019年3月1日


You cant look back 5 years if you use the "move the goalpost" technique of the shorts

bearsfan | 2019年3月1日

Tell me again how i'm not cheated? I took delivery of my car 10 days ago. The same configuration is 2900.00 less now. I have contacted Tesla.

teddy.tseng | 2019年3月1日

I feel the same way, less than two months two price adjustment in the row.

Rt002k | 2019年3月1日

@bearsfan, if they raised the price, would you give them more money?

dbh | 2019年3月1日

The new prices are cheaper, at least not on a fully loaded car. A P3D with every box checked, in blue, was $67,400 two weeks ago when I bought one. I literally have 25 miles on it -- still getting ceramic coating. If you check every box today, including FSD, it's $67,500. That's $100 more, but with FSD. Now if I go into My Tesla, I can add FSD for $3k additional (you couldn't add it up front). So the car got $2900 cheaper in the past two weeks.

Rt002k | 2019年3月1日

By these comments, prices should never change. It sounds like the complaint is more "I bought it two weeks or a month ago and it dropped" than the fact that a price change happened - if it were another month or two later you would be less upset. There will ALWAYS be someone caught in that situation when any price change happens on anything. Sorry it's you this time. The only constant is shopping is that prices are never constant. Have you ever gone back to a dealer lot on a previous car you purchased to check prices again a month later? You may be surprised by what you would have found.

I guess this is the downside of Tesla's transparency in pricing. Everyone gets the same deal on any given day, no haggling. All of these reactions reinforce the dealership model of sticker price vs negotiated price. Since the "final price paid" is not advertised they can move their prices around without anyone being the wiser.

seherrell | 2019年3月1日

Well I am supposed to take delivery next friday and the call center said they are not lowering the price by the $1,100 for those pending.. and if I wanted to cancel and reorder at the lower price I would forfeit my $2500 deposit. Does this make sense to anyone?

M3DNP | 2019年3月1日

@bearsfan How is this different than any other automaker or dealership? Deals and discounts always change.
In fact, they change every month in a regular dealership.

Consider this scenario:
10 days ago, you had purchased a Buick for a discount of $3000 on MSRP at a dealership as a part of a deal that expires on 03/01/2019.
Now as a part of say a Spring sales event if the discount was raised to $5000, would you go back crying to the Buick dealership feeling cheated??

wiboater4 | 2019年3月1日

Maybe Tesla could offer a credit close to what early owners lost on a future purchase of a Model Y or Pickup to make up for it? Right now they are pretty tight on cash but down the road should be better. Credit on Trade in ?

ben | 2019年3月1日

@seherrell absolutely make sense. just need to wait for 2 more weeks.

kejohannsen | 2019年3月1日

I’m truly excited for Tesla’s new pricing structure on the Model 3 for many reasons but I bought my vehicle literally 2 weeks ago.... as of today I could have gotten FSD included for the same price. I’m completely bummed by this and hope Tesla considers offering a free (or reduced price!) FSD upgrade. My account still says I need to pony up another $3000 if I want it...

ENVUSM3 | 2019年3月1日

I spoke with TESLA customer service and they confirmed that if you paid $5k for EAP, you will get FSD complimentary. She said this record is tied to your VIN. I took delivery 1/19 on my LR AWD and paid $5k for EAP and Tesla conformed i will get free upgrade to FSD.

AFJAYMO | 2019年3月1日

ENVUSM3 I sure hope that is an accurate statement. I would suspect that we would be for the FSD HW 3 upgrade though. I'm not sure if they will wave the cost of that. But, if I get FSD for free, I'm not going to complain.

AFJAYMO | 2019年3月1日

^ edit function.

lordmiller | 2019年3月1日

Really ENVUSM3? I hope that's true, I've had my Dual Motor LR for just over 2 weeks. That would great if Tesla did that. Who did you call?

amardeep.matta | 2019年3月1日

I dont know man. I bought my car and picked up last Saturday, 5 days before this announcement last night. I chose LR AWD with EAP, so I missed out on FSD by 5 days which I think is total BS. I totally feel shortchanged. There should be some provision for the folks who just bought. I don't like the idea of shelling out another 3k for FSD. If I had waited 5 days I would be paying the same but would have FSD.

lordmiller | 2019年3月1日

amardeep.matta I hear you man. I think at minimum anyone who bought in 2019 and paid for EAP as you and I did, should get the FSD free. Let's see what Elon does, fingers crossed!

Ehecatl | 2019年3月1日

My wallet is a bit sore at the moment but in the end I agreed to the price when I purchased my LR AWD M3 2 1/2 weeks ago so I can't be too upset. What bothers me is the steep decline in resale/ trade-in value of my brand new car is much, much, lower than the same car that's two weeks newer. Trading in our model 3 for a model Y in a few years is way out of the question now. If Mazda comes out with a CX5 hybrid we might just go for a fully optioned one, who knows.
In the meantime I'm definitely going to enjoy the model 3, it's an amazing car.

ENVUSM3 | 2019年3月1日

I called back again and spoke to another advisor and they confirmed that anyone who paid for EAP IN 2019 will indeed get free upgrade to FSD through over the air update. They also confirmed that there is no HW upgrade unles you had EAP 1.0

amardeep.matta | 2019年3月1日

lordmiller, do you know how to get in touch with customer service? The 888-518-3752 doesn't just take you to a generic customer support.
I really hope ENVUSM3 is right, but I would love to hear it from Tesla, as my car is less than a week old.

amardeep.matta | 2019年3月1日

Thanks ENVUSM3, what number do you call?

lordmiller | 2019年3月1日

Hopefully ENVUSM3 is for real. Which number did you call?

amardeep.matta | 2019年3月1日

Just called the 888 number again, and this time spoke to one of the sales folks. She basically said we would have to pay 3K for the FSD. I gave her my reservation number from 2/23 and said there is nothing that can be done. So EMVUSM3, would love to know who you spoke with.

bpaul | 2019年3月1日

ENVUSM3: "I spoke with TESLA customer service and they confirmed that if you paid $5k for EAP, you will get FSD complimentary."

Holy crap!

(I'm skeptical, since I'd assume this requires them to refund FSD payments to anyone to made them, but Tesla's made a believer out of skeptical me before.)

ILoveMyModel3 | 2019年3月1日

The price difference on my LR RWD, EAP, FSD, 19" Sport wheels configuration is only a difference of $3,450.00 and I've saved more than that on Gas, oil changes over the last 5 months. This does not include the estimated 6-year gas saving posted on the order site.

FYI, per Elon Musk's tweet back in August 2018, those who ordered FSD will get the hardware 3 upgrade at no additional cost

amardeep.matta | 2019年3月1日

bpaul, Who did you guys speak to? What is the number? Can you please send that to us all?

Wilber | 2019年3月1日

I think getting FSD complimentary for those of us who purchased EAP makes sense from a software perspective. Tesla moved two of the functions in EAP to FSD. So, to keep our cars the same they would have to maintain some old software, call it "OLD EAP" in addition to the newer AP and FSD. On the other hand, if they simply replaced our "old EAP" with AP and FSD, then they can let "old EAP" die. Anyway, i wont complain if i get FSD!

derotam | 2019年3月1日

I heard that they are giving free rides with Starman for prior owners. It must be true, I heard it somewhere and sounded legit.

ben | 2019年3月1日

I didn't pay for EAP, can I get AP?

sellery | 2019年3月1日

Rt002K and M3DNP, I am sure both of you defend oil companies when prices of gas go up and down drastically, right? Or do you call them greedy companies (and only on the way up)?

These price changes, happening this quickly are ridiculous and all the apologists on this board making idiotic analogies aren’t helping. And to the constant questions of “how about all the other car companies”, show me ONE that has had 3 price changes on the same car in the last 3 months. If it wasn’t bush league, Musk wouldn’t feel the need to make a statement about “no further price changes”. We all know cars are not investments and lose value immediately after delivery, but the price of the Performance model dropping by nearly $15K since Sept 2018 is pretty assinine. Sure you can say love it or leave it, the point is many will be leaving.

ncancilla81 | 2019年3月1日

I paid 65k for my LR3. I paid 87k for my P3D+. I’m thinking of getting the 35k model. Any price for the Model 3 is a good price:)

amardeep.matta | 2019年3月1日

Just got a call from the guys at Tysons Corner, where I got my car from. He is stating for those who purchased EAP will get FSD through a software upgrade. He says we should be getting an email eventually that states that fact.
He also said even cars that are being built now are HW 2.5.
I hope nothing changes, and I feel much better about not missing FSD by one week. :-)