Enhanced Autopilot vs Full Self Driving - Is there a difference?

Enhanced Autopilot vs Full Self Driving - Is there a difference?

Enhanced Autopilot vs Full Self Driving - the new pricing allows customer who bought their car without Autopilot or Full self driving to upgrade at a special low price. I bought my Model 3 in Dec with a $5,000 charge for Enhanced Autopilot. Does anyone know if Enhanced Autopilot includes Full self driving? They don't seem to use the term Enhanced anymore. I am trying to figure out if I have these Full Self Driving features or not? | 2019年3月2日

EAP is no longer sold. The two current options are AP and FSD, where AP has less features than EAP, and EAP includes some features now in FSD, but is not FSD.

Currently FSD offers no additional features over EAP, but that will change in a few months. FSD will also include new HW3.0 hardware retrofit for any HW2.x vehicle.

Daryl | 2019年3月2日

Right now FSD doesn't have anything that EAP doesn't have. Musk assures us that in the future that will change and FSD will have features that EAP doesn't.

EAP is no longer offered as an option, only AP and AP+FSD.

kcheng | 2019年3月2日

The EAP you bought has everything that AP and FSD, are offering now, except the Advanced Summon and the recognize stoplights and stop signs, with city street driving, that is coming. How useful those features will be is hard to say.

rxlawdude | 2019年3月2日

And the CURRENT features are the only ones that are promised (as in enforceable) in FSD. I don't read "Point to Point full self driving" anywhere there, and reasonably expect something like that will not be possible with HW 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0.

paul.kushlan | 2019年3月3日

I'm still confused. If you purchased EAP at full price last year will you have to pay to get the upgrade to Full Self Driving when it becomes available? Does not seem like we should have to pay since we paid 5K the first time around. Someone that didn't buy it gets to buy it at half price? | 2019年3月3日

@paul. - Yes, if you want FSD from EAP, there is an upgrade price (I think $2K right now) so your net cost is $7K. If you buy a new car, the price of AP+FSD is $8K, so you save $1K over if you buy a new car with FSD.

If you look at any order page, an click on FSD, you'll notice the AP turns on for a total cost of $8K. If you don't click on FSD, it may look like it's a $5K option, which it is not.

dgstan | 2019年3月3日

> FSD will also include new HW3.0 hardware retrofit for any HW2.x vehicle.

Does anyone have a link that this is the case? Other than conjecture, I mean.

kevin_rf | 2019年3月3日

If you want to preserve your future resale value, having HW3.0 instead of HW2.0 is one way to do it.

thedrisin | 2019年3月3日

@paul. If 2 people purchased the same car on the same day last year, prior to the price drop, the person who purchased no autopilot option can now purchase FSD for 5k , the person who already had purchased EAP for 5k has to pay a 2k upgrade for FSD for a total of 7k.

ivan | 2019年3月3日

Thanks for your comments. It sounds like i will have to pay $2k or $3k for whatever new features are introduced. Perhaps i can justify some additional cost if there will be some hardware added to my Dec 2018 model 3 car with EAP. Can anyone tell me how we can determine which HW version we have now?

ivan | 2019年3月3日

Well i am not clear whether additional hardware will be installed.. also i see that from Tesla’s post that it will cost me $2k. Their post says “those who previously purchased Enhanced Autopilot and want to upgrade to Full-Self Driving capability only pay $2,000“. Since i pd $5k in December, that makes my total $7K. That same Tesla post says someone can buy AP for $2K and FSD for $3k more. If they can pay $5K, why do we need to pay $7k? If this is true, they should give us FSD at no additional charge.

kjones | 2019年3月3日

I totally agree!!

ywang | 2019年3月3日

I ordered Model 3 in June 2018, paid &5000 for EAP, also prepaid $3000 for FSD, now it only needs $ 2000 for FSD after I paid $3000 for 8 months?

hfasah | 2019年3月16日

I bought Tesla X with EAP 1 week before the price change. I think Tesla should consider giving me FSD at no cost. I think people who purchased EAP have not been dealt with kindly. I was told that I should take EAP cause in the future, the upgrades for Autonomous will be done over the air and it wont cost me. Now they want us to pay an additional $2k for FSD. Its not fair to those who already have EAP. Everyone else is getting it at a cheaper cost. Like someone said, if you have the money, you can support tesla now, if you dont have the money, just wait, prices will go down when it becomes available. I was buying EAP because i was told prices will up if I buy after delivery. So the after delivery prices do not proof true in this case.

christopher | 2019年3月23日

I'm also confused. I bought a Model 3 with EAP ($5000) on Feb 10, 2019. How much will I need to pay for FSD? And what hardware version is in my Car?

Looking at available autopilot upgrade options for my car to it lists FSD at $5000...

raffidesigns | 2019年3月23日

@christopher Unfortunately at this time the autopilot upgrades have increased in price. Judging from your post FSD is $5,000. I was my original understanding a year ago that the after purchase FSD for existing owners is $4,000 so you will receive a $1,000 refund. I can not confirm if this is true or not as I did snag FSD at $2,000.

Since you took delivery on Feb 10th, your Model 3 comes with HW 2.5.

thedrisin | 2019年3月23日

Don't worry. The are no FSD features available yet. Wait long enough and you will get a free upgrade.

parkerhclay | 2019年4月9日

Literally a week before they updated site, I got EAP, now app store says upgrade to full self driving at $5k. So uncool if I have to pay as other say I paid already why pay again cause they changed their minds at least give me the option to know about change coming in 24hrs it will be better and cheaper. I was still gonna Buy could have waited a week.

Winikoffs | 2019年4月13日

I bought EAP but FAD upgrade on the Web site is still $5,000 not $2,000. How do I get my upgraded for $2,000? Thank you

Techy James | 2019年4月13日

@Winikoffs, that offer has expired. You may still be able to get a discount at a future time, or it may also go up.
Currently there is no advantage to FSD if you have EAP. It comes with all the current features that FSD. At some point down the road, they will release features for just the FSD, the only plus side if you already have FSD is you will get a free hardware upgrade to new Computer to v 3.

EVRider | 2019年4月14日

According to Elon, the price of FSD will go up on May 1 (I think he said to $8,000), so you won’t be able to get it for $5,000 after that.

jjgunn | 2019年4月14日

Right now FSD is $5k before delivery & $7k after delivery.

He didn't specifically say "$8k"

My guess is $6k (before delivery) on May 1 & $8k after delivery.

Stevemail96 | 2019年4月14日

I only found out that $2,000 FSD was temporary as a result of the recent article about May 1 increase. Now it’s back up to $5,000. How the hell is it fair to continually change prices without giving advance notice. So here I sit, a Day 1 reservation holder, bought EAP, supporting Tesla as a brand advocate and early adopter and I randomly get hosed. I’m out of luck on the $2,000 FSD? When did it expire?? This isn’t cool @elon

gballant4570 | 2019年4月14日

Stevemail96, you could have upgraded to FSD last month when I did for $2k+tax ($120 in my case). Your Tesla account provided both the communication and the opportunity. I would say you hosed yourself.

Carl Thompson | 2019年4月14日

"How the hell is it fair to continually change prices without giving advance notice."

They _did_ give advance notice.

synon2000 | 2019年4月14日

I too bought my M3 in October 2018 and paid $5000 for EAP. My account still show I need to pay another $5000 to get FSD. How can you say they did give advanced notice? We did not get any email notification or even a notification in your account. Waiting for Tesla response after letting them know about this. Will post the response once I hear back.

EVRider | 2019年4月14日

@jjgunn: According to Elecrek (, Elon said the FSD price would go up about $3,000, so that would be $8,000 before delivery.

Jagbagri | 2019年4月14日

Everyone who is complaining about paying $5000 for EAP, I (and many others) paid $8K when we bought the car and paid for EAP and FSD. Because I thought back in July 2018, the price will change later, it has and it will again. Stop complaining, the price change is not new and not first. You bought what you were comfortable with and happy to pay on THE day., So enjoy and appreciate the great car and all the good things that will come your way!!

Carl Thompson | 2019年4月14日

I imagine there are some people that bought both EAP and FSD after the sale and thus paid $10k or $12k depending on when they added it.

walnotr | 2019年4月14日

I’m glad I bought my car last August with EAP & FSD. Now I don’t have to be all upset about everything the rest of you seem to be. I got, and seem to be, getting exactly what I paid for.

I just wish this forum would stop being obsessed with this issue and get back to sharing experiences and observations about the car and not you.

synon2000 | 2019年4月15日

I am going to stay with EAP for now unless TESLA is fair to buyers to whom they promised EAP and FSD when they bought it in 2018. There will come a point when they will realize the price is too high and they will come down.

Daryl | 2019年4月15日

As I understood what Musk said, the price for FSD will go up on May 1, and will continue to increase as capability improves. When asked

"How much? $8000?"

He replied, "Something like that".

I interpreted that to mean that the price could be in the neighborhood of $8000 eventually, but I don't think he was specifically saying that it would hit that price on May 1. I would expect a more gradual increase, but I could well be wrong.

There is a big press demonstration on April 22, where they will show off some not-yet-released capabilities, and as publicity of those capabilities spreads demand will probably increase.

nkalousia | 2019年4月16日

I bought my P3D on 1/31/19 in a Tesla store on one of their computers with a Sales rep assisting in the process. There was no option to purchase FSD, only EAP. I was told by the sales rep in the store where I purchased my car that purchasing the EAP will make the car future proof.

I only found out recently there was something else called FSD while going through my Telsa portal under autopilot. And it now costs an additional $5k. Not happy about this.

Also how do we know that in the future they don't come out with a new software and call it Point to Point FSD and charge an additional $10k. Tesla needs to do something about this if they want to retain their great brand recognition. I can tell you if i have to purchase another software upgrade for $5k which now per Musk will go up to around $8k in May. I will not be happy. The reason I bought my Tesla is to be at the forefront of autonomous driving and I would have spent the total needed to purchase the full FSD at purchase date had I been giving the option. But it seems they dropped the ball on this and added it later.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年4月16日

@nkalousia For all your future needs might I suggest a crystal ball.


nkalousia | 2019年4月16日

@magic8ball when you have a sales rep push the EAP and there was no other option of purchasing the FSD, I wouldn't say I lacked due diligence. For all your future replies might I suggest reading the comments before trolling

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年4月16日

@nkalousia Have you ever heard of: Caveat Emptor?

There are some pushy sales people out there ( I personally never ran across one at TESLA, quite the opposite in fact). Of course you would not put any responsibility on yourself, why should you?

Techy James | 2019年4月16日

My experience was I bought my Model 3 LR RWD back in December 2018. I bought it at a Tesla Store on Model that already existed on lot part of push to make sure as many people that wanted the full 7500 tax credit could get it. I was offered both EAP and FS, but the FS was only option that store could add for you as it wasn't available if you used the Tool to Order your Model 3. I went with the EAP, and planned to add FSD after I got my tax incentive. Luckily for me, that was also about they dropped the price for a short period to 2000 so I jumped at the case. Was I upset you could buy the same car 3K cheaper than I got mine for after they release the SR, no because I was happy with the purchase I made, in addition I got the full 7500 tax credit so I saved 3750 based on someone buying it now. Plus I was able to get FSD for 2K versus 5K that I originally would have had to pay.
Now back to the topic at hand is there a difference in the original EAP and FS. Currently there is not, it won't be until Tesla actually offers FSD, where there is no input required from the drive that we will see a difference in the two. Will you be upset if the price of FSD goes up further than the current 5K to add it after the feature is released. I am sure that will be the case. Complaining then or now about the cost of FSD is fruitless. Companies offer sales all the time on Software/Product meant to spure the market for a product. Also more feature rich products in many times will increase in price. This is free market working at it's best. The question you must ask yourself, do I want the product at it's current price before the item is released or take my chances that price may alter after the FSD is actually offered?

nkalousia | 2019年4月16日

@magic8ball @TechyJames Guys to accuse me of not putting any responsibility on myself or complaining. Really?

You go to a restaurant, they give you a menu, you order, then see someone with a dish that was off menu, you ask the waiter I would like to order the same. The waiter says well you didn't order it when you initially ordered so now you have to pay a premium.

Get it.

And actually @TechyJames confirms that the FSD was not an option on the Tool to Order your Model 3 but only through in store at the time. And as I said I was in the Tesla store with the Sales Rep ordering my P3D and not only was there no option for FSD but the sales rep didn't tell me about it. It is not my responsibility to know all the options of a product I am buying in the store. It is the responsibility of Tesla and Sales Rep to put all the options in front of me so I can choose.

You want to defend Tesla great. But I am not saying I hate my car. Actually I love it. Best car I ever had. But In my specific circumstance I got short changed and punished for not purchasing an option I wanted because it wasn't presented to me as I was under the impression and so was my Sales Rep that purchasing the EAP was getting all the future updates to self driving that were coming.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年4月16日

Responsibility of TESLA to put all options in front of you?
You are amusing.

ADinM3 | 2019年4月16日

@nkalousia, I only skim most of these threads now as they are all the same and I have little pity or sympathy for most that just seem to want a free handout or didn't do their due diligence, but I will say the few folks in the situation like yours where FSD was off menu and the sales rep fell short (I'll take your word on that) is the one situation where I see Tesla possibly needing to step up to the plate to address. Not sure they will it sounds like the fault lies mostly with the sales rep which becomes a bit of he said she said, but the reps by extension are still a reflection on Tesla. BTW - I don't quite agree with your restaurant analogy and would paint it differently, but its moot as I get your point.

If I were Elon, I would probably offer those who purchased EAP only, while FSD was off menu, a limited opportunity to buy FSD now at the same price it would have cost them to buy FSD at the time of purchase (not free FSD, or FSD today's pricing). This would provide a one time opportunity to give people the option they say they never had.

Problem is I honestly don't know how Tesla would pull this off without upsetting others who bought EAP, but not FSD when FSD was on menu as they would see this and complain they should have the opportunity also. And of course if you open it up to those people, they would piss off those who purchased FSD originally. I fear the hoards of people wanting something for free from Tesla is actually going to make it more difficult for Tesla address the legitimate situations going forward.

nkalousia | 2019年4月16日

@AdinM3 exactly! I am not asking a free FSD upgrade but I would like for the opportunity to purchase FSD at the price I would have paid when I purchased my car on 1/31/19. But like you said easier said than done.

But a point of conjecture here. I spent roughly $75k including Sales Tax for the P3D with EAP. Another couple thousand to get a future proof car with FSD wasn't going to break the bank and would have been the logical choice. I really don't think the rep knew about FSD it wasn't like she was hiding it from me. I just honestly think they assumed EAP was FSD.

Anyways we'll see what happens. Everyday it seems there are new price schemes with Tesla. So who knows.

CygnusX-1 | 2019年4月17日

Is there a way to tell - in the car - if the vehicle has FSD? I'm looking to buy my first Tesla and am looking at purchasing a used Model S (year 2017 or newer). I don't have an app obviously that I can check some random car against. So how do I tell if the vehicle includes FSD or just EAP? I don't want to trust a sales person (be it private or dealer) because, you know, people do lie sometimes...

tim.thompson1979 | 2019年4月23日

I reserved my model 3 on Jan 22nd of 2019 through the website. FSD was NOT an option during my reservation process, only EAP, at a cost of $5k (3k for Autopilot, 2K extra for EAP). Received my car on Feb. 19th. Just confirmed through website that EAP is not FSD being that I now have the option of purchasing FSD through the website for $5k. I just made up an order for another model 3, exact same loadout (long range AWD, black, premium interior, FSD for 5k). I will end up paying 5K more for FSD as a punishment for ordering my car 2 MONTHS before FSD was even an option. Kind of a kick in the teeth really.

ricardomcatarino | 2019年4月24日

I paid $5K for EAP (December 18). Recent software upgrade allows NoA to lane change without confirmation and traffic light recognition. Option to upgrade to FSD is $5K in my account. If I’m understanding this correctly, total price for FDF (for me as it stands) is $10K?

thedrisin | 2019年4月24日

@tim@ricardo. Don't panic, be patient. There are no FSD features beyond EAP at this time. There will be another "sale."

ricardomcatarino | 2019年4月24日

@thedrisin thanks man. not panicking at all, just a bit confused lol. Cheers.

btr2trvl | 2019年5月4日

I'll do you one better
I paid $5K for EAP (December 20) with the explanation on the website it would be $7K after delivery. Option to upgrade to FSD is $SIX THOUSAND in my account. If I’m understanding this correctly, total price for FDF (for me as it stands) is $11K?
Oh and a brand new Model X with these features sells for $6 less than I paid and mine has devalued $28,000 since December. I am seeing class action in my future.

Goose66 | 2019年5月4日

Just my 2 cents: Tesla should make FSD and FSD computer available to EAP owners at the original aftermarket $3000 price. Only seems fair. I was happy to get it during the sale for $2000 after the announcement of the new computer. Original purchased in August 2018 with $5000 for EAP. When they start retrofitting computers, I wouldn't be surprised to see another sale (or even EAP owners getting the computer for free).

alind | 2019年5月5日

@btr2trvl - I am in exactly the same boat. Hardly seems fair to pay $11K for something that is now sold for $5K. I feel ripped-off.

Techy James | 2019年5月5日

@CygnusX-1, currently All new Model 3 should have AutoPilot built into Features. The old Enhanced Autopilot is no longer available. The FSD is a 6k add on option. This is assuming your ordering a New Model 3 SR plus or above Model. If you request Model 3 SR (actually SR Plus software limited) or get older model that is on lot then Autopilot will not be included. As for how to tell what options the car starts with, the bill of sale and car details will list all options in the current build and any additional features like FSD.