What exactly is the Early Access Program and would you pay money for it?

What exactly is the Early Access Program and would you pay money for it?

Some of us who paid full price for AP/FSD are supposed to be offered a chance to enroll in the Early Access Program. From those that are already in it, is it beneficial to you and what exactly does it do for you? Would it be something you'd pay for if you had the chance? Genuinely curious as what to expect.

RES IPSA | 2019年3月6日

I would never join it. You get the updates first, plus maybe some other benefits. I do not want the updates first. I do not mind waiting for updates. I would rather have other owners experience a higher chance at malfunctions due to an update rather than me.

RES IPSA | 2019年3月6日

I believe you sign a confidentiality agreement to join

ADinM3 | 2019年3月6日

Access to EAP is not something you pay for but are invited, and it does give you access to new software earlier than others. This is either good and bad depending upon your tolerance with software not fully polished.

However, I think there may be a bigger advantage going forward. I started a new thread an hour ago on this very point but it is not showing up so I don't know if the thead is lost or delayed so I will repost the body of it below.


Many have stated those early purchasers of EAP+FSD got the worst deal and that invitation into the early access program is but a small conciliation.

While I don't subscribe to this opinion myself, it occurred to me that invitation into EAP may have a much greater benefit for us early(ish) adopters than what may be initially apparent.

Specifically, while I believe HW3.0 may roll out in new cars relatively soon, Tesla will be unlikely to upgrade existing cars until the software has fully exhausted all the capabilities of the existing hardware for cost and logistics reasons.

Therefore, it seems clear EAP members would be prioritized first to get the HW3.0 as it would be required to test the new functionality prior to general rollout. And for a variety of reasons, I could also imagine some FSD features could be confined to EAP members for months prior to general launch.

Therefore, I think it is easily conceivable that we may have the HW3.0 and cool new FSD features that require HW3.0 for months ahead of everyone else.

...or it could be just wishful thinking; either way it is something to ponder...

VolleyballNE1 | 2019年3月6日

Or in the hands of an overconfident user, a trip to the body shop. Remember the summon issue with pillars? Wrong users for the beta feature.

ADinM3 | 2019年3月6日

True, but all things being equally, I suspect those early(ish) adopters are more likely to be the appropriate demographic than the later buyers. Either way, EAP members need to be up to the task, similar to sitting in exist row on a plane. (ok, maybe not the best analogy)

ODWms | 2019年3月7日

I’d jump on it in a heartbeat. New, “unproven” software doesn’t scare me at all.

M3phan | 2019年3月7日

I am an early access program member since last year and yes we signed a confidentiality agreement to not discuss any software that we may receive early to test ahead of other people, but I have yet to receive any software update or any benefit ahead of anyone else. Other EAP members on this forum have stated the same. Not sure how it does or doesn’t work but I have yet to see anything after 9 months. So it’s hard to say that this is valuable apart from the “honor“ of being a part of this group, but in terms of expecting you’ll be part of a group that always gets things first… That hasn’t happened, it’s not how it works, not all EAP members get everything at the same time to test, and so I hesitate to place a value on it apart from saying you’re a part of that group. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I was invited into the EAP, but so far nada benefit, nada testing.

wiboater4 | 2019年3月7日

I wouldn't pay $3000 for it.

derotam | 2019年3月7日

Add me to M3phan's statement...I have not seen anything that was an early release, being in the program as well.

WardT | 2019年3月7日

I’ve had my M3 for almost a year and even though I try to stay up to date and follow what is going on, I’ve never heard of the "Early Access Program”. If it cost $3k to join, I can see where I would immediately forget about it. This is not to be confused with the other EAP, “Enhanced Auto Pilot”, right? I did buy that.

AMAZEU | 2019年3月7日

I posted this in another thread but it probably should be here:
I called yesterday to find out what I get with the EAP. Had to go up the food chain about 5 levels but finally talked to a guy who knew. It is actually very exciting, and is a separate program from what people are getting now. We will be the first to get the new hardware of existing owners and will have the full use of it even before the new cars that will be built with it. I was also told that during the time I participate I would get free Super Charging. He looked and said I have always had free super charging. I guess that is why a charge never showed up on my card even though the car stated what I would be charged.

I am also glad that Tesla did not cave and issue refunds. I sold my TSLA when they refunded to the PUP people.

Today I will repurchase 1000 shares

At this point I have already made almost $7500 in 1.5 hours. Might sell. Pigs get fat but hogs .....

rkalbiarEV | 2019年3月7日

I was in EAP for a while. You DO NOT get updates first. It actually slows way down. This is why I stopped. I did get NOA a week or so before everybody else but then I was always behind everyone else on some other updates. Very strange system and very frustrating.

M3phan | 2019年3月7日

Once you’re in the program, you’re in. You only might get removed for breaking the non disclosure. The early access is tied to the cars vin. As is btw software updates (when people ask how they can force a download, for the most part it doesn’t work that way, updates roll out based on vin, and it’s not always the same vins that get things earlier or later the same way.) So far nothing earlier or later has gotten to me yet, all been random like many others.

jjaroundtheclock | 2019年3月7日

maybe someone put money on Roaster 2.0

M3phan | 2019年3月7日

PS: apart from getting kicked out for breaking the NDA on early releases, you can opt out of the program once you join, self select out. Getting in has been by Tesla’s invitation only, and I don’t think that has changed. In other words, you can’t/don’t pay to play, they invite and you can accept or decline.

AMAZEU | 2019年3月7日

You can call and see if you are in the New program. If you are you will have a badge appended to your account. If you paid for FSD and EAP then instead of the $3000 refund you get in the new badge program. It is different than the program that you got a letter about when you bought the car. It is also different than the program that people got for referrals.

If you get the badge you will get the new hardware first. A ranger will come and install it and confirm that your badge is registered in the system.

Of course that could be a lie, like the lie they told about FSD would get more expensive

TAC | 2019年3月7日

This is all sounds pretty amazing Amazeu. Its what I presumed all along the way it would play out buying early which i did.

j.drenckhahn | 2019年3月7日

@AMAZEU, who do you call and where is this badge you speak of?

ggodefroid | 2019年3月7日

Will we keep all of the functionality of the current EAP when FSD becomes activated?

jimglas | 2019年3月7日


weluvm3 | 2019年3月7日

@AMAZEU Did you actually get a badge? I spoke with Tesla customer service this afternoon, and they were not aware of this.

M3phan | 2019年3月7日

@AMAZEU, no offense but I’m having a hard time believing that badge thing. Not out of the realm of possible, but doesn’t seem to line up with anything us early access folks have heard about...of course it’s not like things haven’t changed before. ; ) would love to see a screen shot of said badge.

EVolution | 2019年3月7日

I think people should get paid to beta test the EAP

rkalbiarEV | 2019年3月7日

You most certainly can opt out. I did. Just sent an email... It took like a week to actually happen though.

Yeah, I did not ask to join. I was asked to join by Tesla via email.

elecfan2 | 2019年3月7日

Amazeu is just trolling you. I paid for FSD at delivery, how do I get into the promised EAP? Remember EAP stands for Early Access Program, not Enhanced Autopilot.

ccash | 2019年3月8日

WHY on Earth would they start another acronym, EAP, with the same letters as an existing one, especially as closely related as they are? Crazy. As if it wasn't confusing enough already.

fazman | 2019年3月8日

Early Access Program, isn't that the same as the External Beta Program (EBP)? Youget to be the Tesla QA guy for free and potentially brick your car before others lol

AMAZEU | 2019年3月8日

I don't know what exactly the badge but it is attached to you account and the Tesla management and probably the service people can see it when they pull up your account.

M3phan | 2019年3月9日

Nice try. Already proven not true. Hahahaha.

weluvm3 | 2019年3月9日

@AMAZEU Not even sure why you keep posting here. Does your mommy wish she could afford a Tesla, or something?

AMAZEU | 2019年3月9日


I am sure that you are the kind of pussy who's ass I use to kick in high school. If you want to man up we will see who gets an ass kickin. If you don't want to man up then shut up and quit hiding behind a computer screen

weluvm3 | 2019年3月9日

@AMAZEU "I am sure that you are the kind of pussy who's ass I use to kick in high school."

"Used to?" What did they call security on you and tell you that you couldn't hang around there stalking the students anymore?

tesla3 | 2019年4月7日

I was invited to EAP 10/1/18... finally got a second email about it on 2/13/19. Have been in the program since then. Have been using some of the new features as they come along. Have not taken an extended trip to test them yet. Have been limited to a 110 mile round trip commute to work. But yes it did take a long time to get the first EAP update.

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年4月7日


First rule of EAP, not to be confused with EAP, is do not talk about EAP.

syclone | 2019年4月7日

And we don't need no stinken badges.

SalisburySam | 2019年4月7日

Purchased my LR RWD in July, 2018 with EAP (Enhanced AutoPilot) and FSD. To date, no invitation from Tesla to join anything, no badge on my account that I can see, and most disheartening, no personal call from Elon asking about my satisfaction with the vehicle. That said, I am on 8.5 after spending two entire days on 8.4. By the way, I didn’t use the car on those two days so never actually saw the car on 8.4, just 5.15 prior and now 8.5. Given this, I don’t really understand the value of the Early Access Program to a lowly user such as me.

weluvm3 | 2019年4月7日

"Given this, I don’t really understand the value of the Early Access Program to a lowly user such as me."

If you actually knew what the "value" was, then, by definition, you would not be allowed to talk about it. And, in fact, you might even be motivated to publically downplay any "value" to maintain the exclusivity of your "club." And, whatever you did decide to say publicly, there would be no way for anyone who hadn't been invited to dispute it, pro or con.

But, IMHO, it must be something more than just access to beta test software downloads. Because where's the capacity constraint, in that case? Bits are effectively free.

Now, if it ALSO involved Early Access to HARDWARE upgrades...then that's another matter. And surely most people can see the value in THAT, right? Don't you want the latest, greatest, fastest CPU installed in your car? I sure do. Abso-friggen-lutely I do.

shellbitt | 2019年4月7日


ndmlong | 2019年5月20日

Anyone ever get Early Access from the promise mags in February to those who bought FSD with delivery of their car?