Tire rotation on a Model 3

Tire rotation on a Model 3


I have a Tesla Model 3 and it is due for its first tire rotation. Do I need to take it to a Tesla Service center or can I take it to a local mechanic? Any suggestions? Also, what is the usual price for tire rotation for Model 3?

Fuzzball | 2019年3月8日

I paid 62.5+tax at Tesla,
I understand that Costco can do it for $25 - assuming they have the piece needed to lift the Model 3 in shop

patrick40363 | 2019年3月8日

Go to a local tire shop.

ILoveMyModel3 | 2019年3月8日

The Tesla mobile service came to my job and rotated my tires here in Dallas, TX. I was going to take it to discount tire but I changed my mind.

-TheJohn- | 2019年3月8日

I just had it done yesterday at our local place (Jack Furrier's). I opened up the manual to show them the proper lift points and 10 minutes later it was finished and for free.

rsingh05 | 2019年3月8日

At that price, I’d go to Tesla.

My local Costco installed 4 new tires on my wife’s Mini. That had the balance off and the car drove horribly. I had to take it back for rebalancing. If they can’t get a regular ICE car right, I wouldn’t trust them with my Tesla.

LRS1991 | 2019年3月8日

Does the car tell you when you hit the miles and need a tire rotation?

MRNot01 | 2019年3月8日

No, but the manual tells you.. (6250mi)

Dan45 | 2019年3月8日

Mobile service did our first one free.

Joho.keith | 2019年3月8日

American Tire rotated mine for free. 7,500 miles and even wear all around (7/32).

rjriker | 2019年3月8日

I was parked at the Super Charger when a Tesla Repairman pulled up. He thought for Oregon the price was around $75 for the rotation. He looked at my car with 6,000 miles on it and noticed I am basically at 8/32 for all tires, front and back , so he said I have no real reason to rotate at this time. He said they would come to my home to rotate the tires. Otherwise, what I have read on-line is that one can buy the "hockey pucks' that insert into the appropriate place, and then a tire dealer, or someone else or yourself could do it. They need to read the instructions first on how to do it, as trying to save a dollar could get real expensive if it were botched and messed up your battery.

dwejr99 | 2019年3月8日

I'm doing. Mine tomorrow in my garage.

SalisburySam | 2019年3月8日

Tesla service center did mine, along with a frunk adjustment for which there was a service bulletin. Less than an hour for both. No charge to me.

DougL66 | 2019年3月8日

Service center did mine. Around $70. Had it done there only for the experience and for my Dual Motor badge.

Danzer | 2019年3月8日

$27 at Costco. They didn’t have the actual adapter for the Model 3 but showed me what was a little wider than a hockey puck and it worked fine. I showed them where all the lifting points were for good measure. Balanced and then filled with Nitrogen.

qqaaplz | 2019年3月8日

Just had my first tire rotation done by Tesla Mobile Services. It is free for the first time depending on your VIN, then $68 afterwards. The mobile services also adjusted the frunk latch for me, which I guess is the reason why tire rotation id also my VIN (37XXX)

The rotation is straight front-back swap, only one jack at the front lifted the two tires on one side so it is very easy. Torque is 135 ftlb.

The process took about 25 minutes and very pleasant except we caught into rain on the last minutes.

Teslanene | 2019年3月8日

Those that get free rotation do you ask for a quote first or you just make an appointment and then at the end they don’t charge you?

dalesmith1962 | 2019年3月9日

I live 400 miles from the nearest Tesla service center. Mobile tech rotated my tires for free and said it would remain free as long as I was still 400 miles from a service center.

SC is scheduled to open in New Orleans this year. Once that one opens I’ll only be 100 miles from a service center. I expect I’ll have to pay after that.

AZTesla | 2019年3月9日

When I rotate the tires on my RWD (19" OEM), I'll be using the rearward cross pattern. The tires are not directional. I believe the 18" OEM's are also not directional.

austin.bishop | 2019年3月9日

Did mine myself for the first time last weekend--easy peasy. A floor jack and battery-powered impact wrench helped to speed things along. Maybe 30 minutes for a basic front-to-rear swap including a lookup in the manual for the jack points. And got a good look at the rotors, brakes, etc.

Plan to rotate the tires on my wife's Model 3 this weekend when temps hit the 60's here in Maryland.

ALDONY | 2019年3月9日

As a first tire rotation. I went to tesla. Toole them literally 5 minutes, they didn't even check the pressure because I had to drive back and make them fix it.

Next rotation, it. Will. Be Mavis or costco

rcoffey1963 | 2019年3月9日

I took mine to Discount Tire at 11,000 miles. No charge.

rdoubleug | 2019年3月9日

Do any Tesla models come with a jack or a spare tire?

TSLA2018 | 2019年3月9日

Free at America's Tire, in and out in about 20 mins. with an appointment. If you go anywhere other than Tesla though, make sure they use proper jack pads, otherwise it could dent or damage the underside of the car - including the battery cover. Example:!/Jack-Pad-for-Tesla-Model-3/p/102...

jordanrichard | 2019年3月9日

Just putting this out there, you only need to rotate the tires if there is a need to vs by a set mile point. Go to your local auto parts store and buy a tread depth gauge and every 6,000 miles compare the fronts to the rears. If the rear tread is lower than the fronts, then rotate. On RWD cars, the rears will wear faster than the fronts. On the AWD versions, they should wearing evenly negating the the need for rotation.

Justaguy | 2019年3月9日

I made an appointment at the service center for this. They called me and recommended that I go to a local tire shop. I did that and got the tires balanced and aligned and rotated for $150.

Teslanene | 2019年3月9日

@justaguy Was there a reason that you got your tires aligned?

frisbee912 | 2019年3月9日

@acb189: Did you lift one entire side with one jack point and rotated front-rear? If so, which jack point did you use? Front or rear?

qqaaplz | 2019年3月9日

@Teslanene When I called Tesla service center for appointment, about 5 miles away from me, they asked for my VIN and said I qualify a free 1st tire rotation,and after about an hour or so they called to ask if I am ok to switch to mobile service. the mobile service guy did check the tread and said no alignment is needed.

charlie | 2019年3月9日

I drive circa 10-11K/year, and intend to get snow tires. I figure I'll be just about right if I swap tires when I rotate, and just mark where they should go next time.

007bond | 2019年3月9日

Just paid Tesla Cherry Hill NJ $95 for tire rotation.

I'm thinking that's a little much.

swilliams102 | 2019年3月9日

According to the owners manual lug nut torque is 129 ftlb

earlohm | 2019年3月9日

I did this this afternoon, in our driveway. Used SafeJack jackstands with their Tesla jack points and Harbor Freight 2 Ton "racing" jack. As @swilliams says torgue to 129 ftlb.

ODWms | 2019年3月9日

Rear jack point is what’s historically been used to jack up both front and back at one time. I’ve done mine on my cars in less than 20 minutes. I can’t imagine how this can cost upwards of $100. I wouldn’t even pay $50.

Justaguy | 2019年3月10日

I was asked if there was a reason to get my tires aligned. Yes. I did not trust the factory. All four wheels were rebalanced, and the alignment was off. This is after 6 months of driving. My daily commute is only 30 miles. I recommend that this be done as part of the first tire rotation unless you trust the factory to do that for you. Properly aligned and balanced tires matter for range in this car.

ODWms | 2019年3月10日

Never once thought of that. I guess I just assumed alignment is perfect from the factory when I buy a new car.

AMDPower | 2019年3月10日

Bought a second low profile jack and did mine in my driveway in about 15 minutes. Called the service center to ask for the pattern and they said front to back criss-cross. Jack paid for itself on the first try. Already had the torque wrench and breaker bar. Also have a 4-pack of jack pads that I used.

geno.kearney | 2019年3月10日

Hmm. Criss-cross? I would have guessed just front to back.

TeslAnh | 2019年3月10日

From what I've read on this forum, Tesla mobile service has been swapping just between front and back.

Bulldawg | 2019年3月10日

Had mine done by mobile service last week. Just front to back. RWD mid range. $61.25 in Atlanta.

andrew | 2019年3月12日

Here is info I can provide:
2018 M3P with 20" wheels. OEM Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Michelin website says tread depth is 9/32 (.28125) new but not sure the OEMs have that much? Unfortunately I didn't measure them new.

First rotation at 5300 miles using Rennstand Jackstands, in my garage. Here are the tire measurements in thousands of an inch and approx treadlife left based on 3/32" (.09375) discard tread value:

Tire Out Middle Ins Avgerage Est. Life Left
LR .229 .231 .217 .225667 70.36%
RR .215 .223 .224 .220667 67.69%
LF .265 .269 .229 .254333 85.64%
RF .27 .283 .234 .262333 89.91%

Sorry can't get the columns on table above to line up but you should get the idea.

I know some have mentioned that AWD should wear evenly, as you can see my rears are wearing almost 2x as fast as the front. I performed a cross pattern rotation LR->RF RR->LF LF->RR RF->LR per the michelin tire guidelines. I will check on the measurements at 7500 and see where it is.

BTW the rennstand jackstands work great and aren't that expensive.

kevin_rf | 2019年3月12日

Tire Warehouse, Clinton MA $15 @8k miles

If we again see excessive inside wear on the front passenger, I'll look at an alignment.

Pepperidge | 2019年3月12日

Just make sure whether the tech knows how to lift Model 3 without damaging battery at non-Tesla SC.

Paul.r.freedman | 2019年3月12日

I just paid $87.50 for my first rotation at the cathedral city Tesla service location. A bit steep but I was already there for warranty work (repeater camera failing). A little late (16,000 miles) but it’s done. No free rotation for me, and my Model 3 is a 2017 year build.

ccash | 2019年3月13日

If not using a Tesla Service Center, are you finding it necessary to provide the jack pads? I suppose I should keep some in the car.

Syed.Hosain | 2019年3月13日

I paid $75 at a Tesla Service Center to rotate my tires. Now I have hockey puck adapters from Amazon, so will do it elsewhere or myself the next time.

I guess my other concern is that torque value of 129 ft-lbs. All my previous cars have been between 85 to 87 ft-lbs. So, I sure hope the metal of the standard 18" Tesla aero-wheel and the brake hub is strong enough to take this without damage!

Magic 8 Ball | 2019年3月13日

@Syed Why is the torque spec of concern to you? Seems like with so many on the road we would have seen issues by now. Do you think the TESLA engineers got it wrong?

teddy.tseng | 2019年3月13日

Tesla didn’t offer free tire rotation like Toyota or Nissan?

harmanx | 2019年5月10日

Tesla service center in Burbank CA quoted $40 to $50 for rotation. They said that it includes balancing each one and setting the pressure sensors for each wheel -- given their new locations. I don't see any comments in this thread about the pressure sensor position change. If it's not done, does the screen gauge show pressure for the wrong wheels?

Syed.Hosain | 2019年5月13日

@Magic 8 Ball "@Syed Why is the torque spec of concern to you? Seems like with so many on the road we would have seen issues by now. Do you think the TESLA engineers got it wrong?"

I don't expect that they got it wrong for the stock wheels! Certainly hope not!

But, I've been driving for more than 40 years now and have never seen that high a wheel torque spec on any car that I have owned. And, yes, over-torquing can sometimes bend wheel hubs, crack rotors, and wheels a the lug nut openings. My recent other cars (two Infiniti, two Acura and a current BMW) were all about 80 to 90 foot-lbs.

Also, *after-market* wheels also tend to have a lower torque requirement too. If people change their wheels out to non-spec Tesla wheels, and then torque to the Tesla stock spec, it could be a problem.

So, yeah. it is a bit concerning. Regardless, I plan to follow the Tesla specs, since I do not plan to change my stock wheels.

gmr6415 | 2019年5月13日

@Syed.Hosain, proper torque has much more to do with the bolt/stud size, number of thread per inch/mm and the grade or hardness of the bolt than what is being torqued down. There is no way to make a comparison from car to car unless you know all of the above.

Here is a standard bolt torque chart showing the difference between grade 5 and grade 8 in both course and fine thread.